Monday, December 31, 2007

Surprise, we're moving!

To the valley. End of August. Josh has to go to school there for 8 months. Ick.

Oh, and one other little thing, we’re pregnant!!! I am sure you’ve all heard the rumors by now, or maybe I even told you already, but I just wanted to make it official. Haha, make it official by posting on my blog :)

Our little bundle of joy is due July 18th, tho Josh has his fingers crossed for July 11th (his birthday). We’re like super stoked, and can’t wait to be parents.

So there it is…Julia finally gets her baby. Give Josh a pat on the back the next time you see him. Oh, and leave comments!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Charlie Brown Christmas?

I just had to post this picture of our holiday tree, because I just knew it would get a laugh! Josh is like the grinch around Christmastime, as he feels the trees and lights and decorations are just too much of a time consumer. I don’t agree, but I also didn’t want to decorate all on my own. So, we kept it simple…super simple. I wont lie, it’s cute, but it’s doesn’t quite ring "Christmas" like an actual tree would. In fact, April from work called it pathetic!
I suppose it’s not a big deal, we spend Christmas eve with his parents and Christmas day with mine, so it’s hardly like we need need our own tree. I do get a little sad when I look at all the nice trees up at our friends place. Karlee, Melese and Amber all have beautiful looking firs, I’ll just to go over there for caroling! Hope you all are feeling the Christmas bug, and are enjoying the lights and smells of the season.
P.S The Richard’s made my night last night by having us over for CafĂ© Rio. I loved it, and Josh did too. Thanks guys!
P.P.S I have all my gifts wrapped and ready to go, while Josh has yet to touch his...I think he is worried I will peak....I wonder wherever he'd get that idea... :)

Monday, December 10, 2007


So one of my favourite ways to get blog ideas is to check and see what other people are writing about. Since I can't top Jo's announcement, and since I haven't made over any dressers like Kelly lately, I've decided to do what Rhonda did this week. Just a little ranting. I think it's going to be better for me than the people reading it!

Rant 1: Um, gossip kills me. I know I am a repeat offender of this little thing, but sometimes it’s the worst when it’s about you. I’m not saying I heard anything bad about me, ‘cause I didn’t. I did, however, hear something that really gets me sour this weekend tho, and I know I’d be extra mad if it was about me.
So lets say two people are talking and they are like “So and so and so and so have been married for ___many years and they don’t have kids. I wonder why not?” Um, please. First off, as if it is any of their business! Second off, maybe timing is not right for them. How’s about people stop planning other people’s lives and just live their own. Heck!

Rant 2: I realize that planning a route for snow plowing must be tough stuff, but c’mon. If the weather person says it might snow, maybe you should get ready. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have the roads salted and plowed after it starts snowing. We all know how quickly it can come down and how road conditions change around here, so we need all the help we can get to make it safe. Oh, side rant: if it’s snowing, raining hard, below zero or foggy, drivers, please use caution. We’re not all idiots around here, but for those of you who are, please endanger your life somewhere else.

Rant 3: I don’t think you can call this a rant, but I suppose it is just a bunch of run on sentences put together about a common thing, so yea, a rant.
I love love love my family and friends. I love that they are so nice and awesome and caring and lovely. I love the way they make me smile and call just to see what’s up. I love family and friends that I know I can count on, who will celebrate happy moments in your life, and who will be there when I need a shoulder to cry on. I love having moments of one on one where you can tell and keep secrets, where you know they guard and value your opinions, and not judge. Oh, so many things I love about each family member and friend I have. So thanks to all of you. I just love you.

I suppose this is the end of my ranting for today. My eyes are buggy from the computer screen (I don’t think I got enough sleep last night). Thanks for tuning in, or maybe tuning out by now…haha.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

You can all blame Karlee for this one... I saw the one she did, and had to do one myself. Kar, Jo and Melese, I hope you don't mind!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear friends

So, I know it’s been a while since I posted, and honestly, I am so cranky I don’t even care. But I know what it’s like to check someone’s blog and have nothing new going on, so for my ol’ faithful readers, this post is for you!
Not too much going on in my neck of the woods. Oh, ‘cept our landlords put up the NO PARKING signs for the winter (they do it the second it starts snowing out!).
So if you are coming to visit, you have to park on the main road. Sick, I know. And what’s worse is that they hardly ever salt the driveway, so chances are if you are coming to visit me, after parking on the road, you will not make it to my door, because you will have broken your back first. Good luck with that!
In other news, Josh and I celebrated American thanksgiving with the Taylor’s and Sorensen’s. It was quite lovely, thanks to Jo for having us. Here we are at the supper table enjoying our luscious food. Oh and then we went to the Allred’s for pie, and Karlee made this awesome pecan (PEE-CAN, not PE-CON) pie. It was awesome, even if it didn’t set right. It all goes down the same way!!
Um, what else is going on? I am getting excited for Christmas. We put up our decorations at work, so it’s quite festive in here. We have our nice tree in the lobby.And our badness tree in the lounge. We all got together and made ornaments, it was nice for a Friday afternoon. Also, we have Christmas movies playing on the screen behind me, so I get glimpses of Charlie Brown, the Grinch and more, hanging out in the office. It’s really great.
Other than that, Josh and I are just hanging out in the evenings when we have time. He has exams the next two weeks, so he’s studying. But his classes are all over, so that means a little more time for us. I can’t wait for my Christmas break from work. 10 days and I’ll love every minute of it.
Anyone else super stoked for vacation?