Thursday, May 15, 2008

The last...

So it hit me this morning while I was getting a new tube of toothpaste out to brush my pearly whites, that this tube of paste would be the last one I would open before Baby B comes. I am pretty sure we can use a tube for like...2.5 months and she comes before that so there you have it. I got pretty excited. And so this whole morning I have been thinking of random ways to measure the time before Baby B gets here.

For instance: this morning was the last Thursday I will work before she comes, then I have 60 Thursday's of no work, 52 of them with a baby.
Our car will only drive like 2000-3000 more km's until we add a baby seat to the back, and then we'll travel as a family of three from then on.
I have no more paycheques coming in, today was my last one. EI doesn't start for 28 days. Sad state of affairs!
I am sure I will think of a million more today, but I just wanted to give you an idea. I think it's fun to count down to the most exciting life altering day of my life (aside from when I got married, but that's old news now).
So, maybe you all should pick something you are looking forward to and start counting down in weird ways too. Good luck, and have fun.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Momma's Day

So, Mother's Day, as you all know, was yesterday. Because Josh and I are lucky enough to have both of our mother's within 20 minutes of us, we got to celebrate twice.

On Saturday we took my mum out to China Town in the Bedford Highway. I wont lie, it's not as good as it used to be, which is tragic because my whole family used to love it there!

Anywho, Nicole and I snagged a picture of our momma. Mum and I aren't looking top notch, but we're all happy with full bellies.
On Sunday, we had Josh's mum over for Taco Soup (Melese's recipe is awesome). All and all it was a nice relaxing weekend, full of naps :)
Hope you all had a nice break. Oh, and next weekend is a long weekend (for all of your workers out there!) Let's just hope the sun comes out.

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's official

Drum roll please.
My last day of work is May 16th.
My doctor wrote me a note citing complications due to pregnancy, so EI and poverty, here I come.

Actually, I won't lie. It's kind of sad to be done work. But I am glad that it means I can finally nap during the day (since I don't sleep at night). Hopefully this will bring back some sanity before the baby comes. Oh, and my perscription for my oxygen levels is helping a bit, hopefully with more time it will get better.

Ah, the joy of pregnancy. I know I complain about it a lot, because to be honest, I don't like being pregnant at all, but I am excited for the finished product. She's going to be just the greatest little gift ever.

Hope you all are doing well, and enjoying the peeks of sun during the day.