Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pregnancy Tag

This comes from Rhonda. Cute things to think about. Enjoy.

5 Things that make my stomach turn.....
1. when josh spits in the sink when brushing his teeth
2. pretty much all food from restaurants (tho I eat it anyways)
3. the smell of garbage (especially after I cut up fruit and put it in the bag)
4. needles
5. the smell of broccoli and onions together

5 Things I Absolutely Love/Crave.....
1. cinnamon buns
2. double cheese burgers from McDonalds
3. sleeping for 3 hours or more at one time
4. when Baby rolls over
5. candy of all sorts

5 Things I worry about....
1. my water breaking in public (tho statistics show it’s not that common)
2. josh never being attracted to me like he was before I got pregnant
3. not knowing what to do with the baby when she cries
4. moving very shortly after baby comes. Stress!
5. not being able to breastfeed

5 Things I Am Excited About....
1. meeting Baby who I’ve known for a long time now, but not at all.
2. getting my body back to a somewhat pre-pregnant shape
3. introducing the baby as my very own daughter
4. getting to have a more comfortable sleep, with no jabs to the ribs or head buts to the cervix!
5. not taking all kinds of pills like I do now to regulate everything baby throws off wack.

5 Names that I love...
1. Lyla
2. Lyla
3. Lyla
4. Lyla
5. Lyla

If You Don't Know What You Are Having What Do You Hope It Is....
We know it’s a girl, but I hope that she is healthy and beautiful inside and out.

Pregnant People I tag....
So lets say:
1. Sonja Nelson
2. Amber Richards
3. Melese Sorensen
4. Jaci Udy

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer days

Can I just say that I love the sun? It makes me happy when I wake up and the sun is shining and even happier when I realize that I don’t have to go to work. It’s a wonderful life this homemaker stuff. I was totally made for it. Now, that may change when we throw a baby into the mix, but I don’t think it will.
Josh and I are quickly approaching d-day and getting quite excited about it. I am doing little things here and there to start the process like bouncing on my yoga ball, and thinking positive about the due date. I truly believe that Baby B is going to make her entrance before July 18th, but even if she doesn’t, it’s all good. I mean worse case senario, I go a week over and they induce me and she’s born on the 25th. That’s only 37 days away. I can totally handle that.
I can’t say I loved the whole pregnancy roller coaster, in fact, it may be a while before I want to do it again, but it’s all for the cause, and I am just so excited to be a mum. I’ve set up her temporary nursery (until we move to the valley) and I have her bag packed for the hospital. Mine isn’t done yet, but I did go out and get some things that I’ll need. Mum had a baby shower for me at the beginning of the month and it was nice to see people I hadn’t in a while. We all just relaxed on the deck and enjoyed some yummy food that mum prepared (shown here!)I want to send a big thank you out to Ashley Q for coming with me. She’d already been to the shower the Melese threw, but I asked her to come and I just love her. And of course, thanks again to you Mum, you're awesome.
Tonight Josh’s mom is having a little get together for me as well. It should be fun, I mean food will be involved, so I can’t see it not going well. I just love food. It’ll be sad when the baby gets here and I have to start watching how much I eat. If I had to pick out something I like about being pregnant, it’s that I just eat what I want and don’t care. Mmm.
That brings me to my next topic. Marshmallows. Ok, so I love roasted marshmallows over the campfire. I could eat a million, get sick, and then eat a million more. Usually the craving for these is in the back of my mind (since I never go camping, it’s not like I have lots of opportunity to satisfy myself). However, the other day Jake Richards mentioned that they went camping and had marshmallows and since then, I just can’t stop thinking about them. So I got this idea (and I am sure everyone else already thought of this but I am super not smart sometimes and it takes me a while) to turn on a burner on the stove and use my fondue sticks to roast some yummies. And I did it, and it worked. It was the best day ever. Now I do it everyday after lunch. I try and limit myself to 4, so hopefully that’s not too out of hand! Seriously tho, it’s awesome and I am in love.
Oh, two more little things. Some people wanted me to take a picture of the rag quilt I made, so here it is. I have to say, I am quite impressed on how it turned out and I have been really enjoying sewing other things (burp clothes, bibs, hemming pants etc). I wish I would have gotten into this sooner. Last thing. I love opening the windows when it’s sunny out. It’s so refreshing. However, one of the windows doesn’t have a screen and so a hornet got in and I had to catch him before he caught me. (does anyone remember my post about a wasp last year? I caught it and then put a chair on the container so he couldn’t get out?) Well this was a similar fiasco but the bug was on the window so I had to get creative again. This is what I came up with.In case you can’t really see it, I took a plastic container and stuck it to the window with packing tape. It worked, and so I am happy with that. Now if I could just get Josh to dispose of the exoskeletonish thing that remains, that would be awesome.

Anywho, I don't want to end this blog with a complaint, but I just need to ask you all a question.

Please help, if you can. Ok, so heartburn...um, it pretty much kicks my butt. I am up every hour at night taking tums like they're candy and all day I sit and think about ways to ignore the burning sensation in the back of my throat. Does anyone have any remedies that they use (non-medical)? Dr. Robinson said she'd give me a perscription for something, but I am really just trying to wait it out, only a few more weeks left, right? So yea, let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sick computer

Hi friends,
Just a note that our computer is down, and I am not sure when we'll be getting it back. Hopefully by the end of the week. So if you've written me on facebook or anything, I promise I am not ignoring you, I just have limited access to the internet :(
Hope to talk soon.
P.S Kelly and Rob's baby is super cute. Her name is Ruby June. Check out their blog for pictures and more info.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Long time coming

Oh wow, I am like horrible blogger extraordinaire! Sorry about that friends. I will try to be more on track. Honestly, I don't have much to post about. I stopped working a few weeks ago and have just enjoyed relaxing at home really. I have a picture from my last day of work. It's funny because Kristi and Joyce were both pregnant this time last year, and I was not, and now they both have their kiddies and mine is on the way. How time changes things.
Oh, an exciting thing happened in our household. Josh graduated! I am so proud of him. He didn't go to convocation (can't blame him, how boring!) so he picked up his degree the other day. We're going to get it framed this weekend. I also wanted to get him a little something for all his hard work, so I went to the DMV and got our plates switched to the conservation ones. Josh thinks it's super cool. Whatever floats his boat I suppose!

What else is new? Um, well Baby B is continuing to grow. She swims around all day long, and night time too. I can't get too mad tho, I love knowing she's alive in there. I can't wait to meet her in 45 days give or take. I still have a feeling she's going to come early, but who knows. It's probably just wishful thinking.
Oh, so a lot of you have been asking if I have been bored since being home, and seriously, not at all. I love it! I can wake up on my own (which still happens pretty early since I am uncomfortable, but atleast I don't have to get up for work) and then I always have my days planned. I go to quilting on Tuesday mornings, and I've already learned so much. I love sewing (tho I should try and be more patient), and have a few fun projects on the go. Also, I have been able to go and hang out with friends. It's nice not to have to worry about the time in my day, and I think I was made for not working! I usually have a nap mid-afternoon, which is nice since sleeping at night is hardly sleeping at all. I don't feel as run down as I used to at work, so I am in a much better mood, which Josh likes!

I think I am rambling now, see, not much going on. Oh, 'cept this weekend Josh is going on a golf vacation with his dad as a grad gift. I am totally scared of the dark so I will be staying at my parents house. I have the car tho, so I can still get out and about (thank heavens!). Mum is having a baby shower for my work and school friends this Saturday, so that should be fun. Anywho, hope you all have a great day. And I promise to post more. Maybe!