Monday, November 19, 2007

I was tagged!

I know Jo tagged me before for “then and now”, and I have yet to do it because I want to get a picture of me as a kid, but Jaci tagged me to list 7 random things about me. So here they are:

1) I wear my socks inside out. It used to be a “no matter what” kind of thing, now it’s just with non-patterned socks, but yea. It’s more comfortable for sure. Plus, since they’re plain, no one can tell, well unless I take off my shoes.
2) I love when my hair is long. However, I love getting my hair cut in new ways; so long hair never seems to work out. I just got my hair cut to my chin, 4 inches…gone. Long hair is definitely very far away. Also, I love my long hair, but I don’t love the work that goes into doing it. When it takes an hour to dry and straighten it…it’s not worth it.
3) In January I will be celebrating my 3rd year as a member of the Church. It’s weird because it feels like yesterday that the sister missionaries were teaching me, but at the same time, I feel like I have been a member forever. I love being who I am now because of what I know.
4) I think farts are hilarious. No lie. I know it’s disgusting and a bunch of you are like “I don’t want to be friends with Julia anymore”, but you’ll just have to get over it! Farts are funny, ‘cept maybe when they stink.
5) Twins run in my family so ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted them. Twin girls, so they can wear matching dresses. Now that I think about it I am not so sure if I could handle it. But like Jaci said, 2-for-1!
6) I work for an advertising agency and know absolutely nothing about advertising! Seriously, the lingo gets me, the way things work from a piece of paper to the final product gets me. I am lost about 90% of the time. I am glad my job pretty much entails sitting here and looking pretty (tho “pretty” may not be the word you would use some days!!).
7) I used to think that getting married at 30 was ideal. For real. I used to make fun of people who got married so young because I thought they were missing out on so much. Turns out I was the idiot! I mean why would I want to hold off marrying someone I love and want to be with? I am lucky to have Josh in my life, and that I knew we were supposed to be together. And I am glad we didn’t wait. Oh, and I thought I wanted to have kids only after I turned 35. Um…maybe not so much. 35 is like 12 years from now! Haha. Oh, how we learn.

So that is my 7 things. Now it’s my turn to tag people. Melese Sorensen, Amber Richards, Karlee Allred, Jessica Smith, and Kristine Smith. Gals: 7 random things about you….GO!

Friday, November 16, 2007

So behind.

It’s so weird how I can be so on the ball one month and then the next it’s like…oh man, so far behind. So I have decided not to recap what’s been going on, only because we all know how good my memory is, and well, I don’t even remember what I did the other day normally. I think today’s post will be just a random collage of stuff. All good?
So I was going thru pictures that I had uploaded from my camera, and I came across this one from a bit ago. Like back when the R.S had a PJ Party. It was lots of fun. We had some great lessons from the ladies and then we got to eat le food and paint and chat and it was just a great time. I got this picture taken specifically so I could post about my awesome time, but then I forgot and blah blah blah. So here it is. I just want you all to note how green/gray mine and Melese’s faces are. I don’t know what happened, since it’s only the two of us, but weird huh?
Also, I found this picture of Josh and I when we were celebrating our anniversary. We had to try this pose like 4 times because I just had it on auto timer and obviously I am an idiot, since it didn’t work the first 3 times! This is as good as it got. We need a kid so they can take the pictures for us. Kel, is Emma any good at picture taking, we’ll have to borrow her next time.
Um, what else is new?…not too much. I am stoked because tomorrow Melese and I are going to get our hairs did. Honestly I wanted to grow my hair out, but I just have this little addiction to getting it cut all the time, so it never works out. Oh, and my parents are coming over for supper tonight to celebrate mum’s birthday. That should be fun because I am not actually cooking, dad’s getting pizzas! Score.
I suppose that’s about all. No wait, I forgot. Kristi was home for a bit and the other night Karlee hosted a girl’s night and it was so fun. Thanks to Kristi for thinking of it, and Kar for putting it on. It was nice to see a bunch of the ladies out. Sadly, I have to report that I am the BIGGEST dork and left at 9 pm (you know, bed time and all!) I’ve just been super tired lately and need all the rest I can get. I think it’s the whole you wake up in the morning and it’s dark and then you get home from work and its dark and dang it’s so depressing. I just keep thinking that summer is on its way…like…in 7 months, but lets be positive, for my sake ok?
So um yup, that’s all I got. Don’t forget to comment you punks! Josh was saying he knows a bunch of people who read and don’t comment and it just makes me want to drop kick someone down an elevator shaft…off my bike (stolen from Gill, nice one). I don’t own a bike, so you’re all lucky. Tho Josh has one…that sits in our living room. Taking up precious space, but that’s another story.
Ok, done. Ciao.
Oh, one more thing. The Spice Girls rocked their first concert the other night. I love them. I wish my husband made bank and could fly me around the world so I could go see them. Twice!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Love him!

So, the other day at church we were in nursery and I just had to snap this picture. Josh is just so cute with the kids. They all love him, and for some reason flock to him when he's reading a story. If you ever get a chance, pop by the nursery and see him in action!

In other news: I am behind on my blogging, I know. I am just so lazy lately. But it's been a good week. Got to hang out with friends a lot, and I just want to thank Melese and Jake for letting us come over and hang out while our power was down. You guys are great, thanks so much.
Hope you all are with power now and that the storm didn't hit you too hard :)