Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Numbers

81 days until Baby B is here! Feels like a lifetime away, but not so much.
70 days until I think she’ll actually show up. Wishful thinking.
2nd last prenatal class tonight. Labour and Birth.
75 hours of work left? Maybe 150.
42 squares left to cut out for baby’s rag blanket that I plan on making.
37 stairs between me and the nearest bathroom. Not fun. Especially in emergency situations!
30 points, between my hemoglobin levels and “normal” hemoglobin levels.
7 times I’ve been kicked in the ribs since I started this post.
100% sure I love this kid unconditionally.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks friends!

Hey all,

Don't have a lot of time, but wanted to post a HUGE thanks to Melese and Annie for throwing Jo and I such a great shower. And another big thanks to all of our friends who showed up. It was a really nice evening with lots of things to talk about, and tons of things to say "so cute" about. All of your gifts were so thoughtful and Josh and I appreciate them a ton. I've already gone thru them again and again to google over them. I can't wait for baby b to get here so she can wear all the cute things and use all of the pretty stuff.
Here's a picture of Jo and I, and our tummies. I love that mine is so much bigger. I'd like to take the opportunity now to say that, yes I realize this fact, and it's all good.
And one of Melese Jo and I. I just love these girls so much. Oh, and yes, it's possible that I look a little drunk here. I promise I am not. Melese might be though :)

And some more of people who were there.
It was an awesome evening. Thanks again for making it special everyone.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is it too much to ask?

Hey friends,
Quick question. As most of you know, I love the sleep. I am like an early to bed kinda gal. The problem is, now that I am a small whale, I am having a hard time sleeping. I was always a stomach sleeper, and now that that is out of the question, it's almost impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep. Also, my legs don't feel it necessary to sleep at the same time as me, waking me up because they are jittery and restless. Do any of you have any tips on how to get a better night's sleep? Is there anything I can do or take in order to help me.
The following is a list of things I have already tried that didn't work:
- staying up later than normal so I am really tired when I lay my head down
- walking my legs out before I go to bed, and talking walks during the day at lunch
- reading in bed until my eyes are tired
- getting out of bed when I wake up in the middle of the night for a pee break, and not just lying there with my eyes open
So there you have it. I know everyone has their own little way to sleep, maybe you could pass on some tips? Thanks!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hillbillies and blankets

So, I took this picture of Josh when he decided it was funny to make a little fu-man choo moustache and keep it for a couple of days. And then we were eating Kraft Dinner ('cause we're classy like that) and he pulled his pants real low and look like an idiot. I just love him. Haha, I laugh everytime I look at this!

Here is a picture of the baby blanket I made the other day. I was getting tired of waiting to sew one with the sewing machine I don’t have yet, so I got some fabric and some scissors and just did a little of this a little of that and voila! I am posting this for Kristi, because I want her to see what a good job I did, haha.

So in other non-picture related news, Josh and I found an apartment for the valley. We’re signing a lease next week. It’s an old post office that they converted to a little house like thing. It’s going to be awesome. Expensive (we’re talking like a lot more than living in the city, which is just dumb) but it’s going to work, and I feel good about it. So yea, we don’t move until August, but I am glad it’s out of the way now.
What else…Josh had a job interview today, for a summer GIS position. Fingers crossed he gets it. That would just be awesome.
In baby news: Baby B is doing well. She likes to make me horribly uncomfortable at work by sticking her bum, or head, or something right up in my ribs. I feel like I cannot stretch far enough back to accommodate her under my freaking rib cage. Oh well, it’s all for the cause! Also, I got my blood sugar test yesterday. Cried like a baby (as per usual). Needles and I don’t get along and this one seemed especially bad, leaving a bruise and everything (and I don’t ever bruise). I have an appointment to see the anesthesiologist mid month about some problems I’ve had with prolonged sedation in the past. I am sure it won’t mean anything as far as delivering baby the natural way, but if I had to have a c-section, things might have to change a little. We’ll see what he says. And hey, if I am comfortable, a little bit extra groggy time is fine with me.
I hope you all are enjoying the sun out there. It’s still a little cold for my liking, but I’ll take the sun any day, and on Sunday it’s supposed to be warm and sunny. Yay.