Thursday, May 31, 2007


Congrats to Kathy and Jeff! They welcomed baby #4, a girl, into their lives. I don't have the details (Karen's blog is sure to give you a rundown), but I stole some pictures from Jackie O'Hearons facebook album.
Congrats again Kathy. Hope you and the baby are doing well.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dingle berries or Dingle tower?

So I don’t know who of you have been to Dingle tower, but it’s sorta become like a “Josh and Julia” spot for us. Josh and I used to go there all the time when we were dating and he took me there the day he proposed to me. We really like walking along the path and then climbing aboard the big ol’ lions. We’ve never actually been in the tower (the hours are during the daytime and we’re more evening and night time visitors), so one day our plan is to get there when it’s open.
On Sunday evening Josh and I were feeling quite antsy and so we asked Meaghan and Jason if they wanted to go for a stroll. They had never been to Dingle so we went there. We had a nice time minus the grossness of the garbage strewn across the beach parts. It’s disgusting. It really makes you think about what we flush down the toilet and what we swim in. I am glad that the city is trying to step up with their Harbour Solutions Project (thou I don’t know if it will work like they want it to). So in the picture with Josh and I on the rocks, I realize we look dumb cause he has his arms around me and we're all "titanic" but he seriously thought I was going to fall (I'm a big girl, I totally could have handled it on my own) but he refused to let me go. So protective. Probably cause he wouldn't want to be married to some girl who got her teeth knocked out by jagged rocks and scars from the branches and more rocks. :)Meaghan and Jason, on the other hand, look like pros. They are one sexy couple!And here we are with the trademark Dingle tower picture. Why is it that in almost every picture Josh is making a face...?

So that was our outting, and it was good times in the maritimes. Thanks Meags and Jason.

Monday, May 28, 2007

It's been a while...i know.

So I have not been up on my posting skills lately, sorry for that. But here we are, a nice new post to start the week. The pictures are a little old. They are from our trip to NB for the funeral. Dad was driving, so he was sure to make some of it fun, even though we were going for a crappy reason. On the way up, against my will, we stopped at the silver fox and Irving Big Stop.Josh has some weird fixation with said restaurant and it grosses me out. The food is so greasy and just ick. I got the all day breakfast cause I didn’t like the sounds of anything else on the menu, and afterwards I was all like…grease ball. It was a good thing I had shot gun or I would have lost my cookies in the backseat (and I don’t mean literal cookies). So I am sitting in the front with dad, so Josh and Blake are in the backseat watching movies, and after like 2 hours I get so cranky. I can’t stand driving; I think it’s a huge waste of time and honestly would rather gnaw off my arms than go on a road trip. Seriously, hate. So back to the trip, we get there, we do the funeral thing (which was a horrible experience, I think dead people are scary and no matter what people say, they don’t look like they are sleeping) and then head home the next day. Whirlwind trip I’m telling ya. Thank goodness Josh is such a stellar guy. He was nice and caring and helpful the whole time. Plus, he put up with my crankiness, which truly is an amazing asset. He didn’t even complain when we didn’t have time to use the pool at the hotel. So, I suppose to reward him, and I suppose me too, Dad took us to Chrystal Palace (yea, we’re like 5 year olds). Josh had never been so dad and I challenged him to a game of mini-golf and then a ride on the roller coaster. Here we are on the “ship” on the course. Josh and Dad mapping the way home, and me at the helm (is that even what it’s called?).It was a nice little break in the driving time. Oh, and I suppose we went because Dad felt bad for being a jerk. He should feel bad, what he did was horribly mean. See, I am a bit of a worrier. Ever since I was little (I don’t remember doing it, but Mum tells me about it all the time) I have always been worried about running out of gas. It never mattered where we were going; I was always asking if we had enough gas to get home. Well, we left from the funeral reception to come home and Dad didn’t stop for gas before we got on the road. So we’re going, and the gas light comes on, and I am saying we should pull over and he says we’ll be fine, so we drive some more. Finally, the gas gauge is on empty and I am starting to panic, but I see an exit up ahead. So I am like, ok dad, pull in, but he keeps going…then we pass a sign that says no gas for 70 kms… I near started crying. The gas estimation thing on dad’s car said we could handle like 23 kms. I was screaming at him and Josh for telling me we’d be ok, and then I start estimating how long it will be before the gas runs out and we have to wait for a tow truck. Then I said a little prayer. I didn’t even care if it made dad brag for making it to the next exit without gas, I just wanted to get there. Thankfully, we did. Grrr. Boys are always pushing the limit. I am the type who would rather be safe than sorry. Josh is always riding on the brink of the last drop and it drives me mad! But yea, so we got home safe. So yea, the final pictures are of Josh taking Mocha for a pee break. He looks so cute with her! He always said she’s ugly, but secretly I know he thinks she’s great. She is a super dog to travel with, she doesn’t get sick or cranky or anything. Probably better to travel with her than me.

So cute eh? And that is that. I have more pictures from this week, but thats another post for another time. Perhaps tomorrow eh Kristi? Ciao.

P.S Congrats Karen and Brandon on graduating. You are some smart cookies! So proud!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hey guys,
I am sad. I am sad cause either people are reading my blog and not leaving comments, or no one is reading at all (other than my ever faithful Kristi).
Honestly I am hoping that for some reason my blog comment thing isn't working and that's why people are ignoring me!
Either way folks, let me know whats up...
(I thought for sure my post with all the pictures would have warranted more chit chat!)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Uncle Tom

Hey all. I just wanted to write a quick post. More of an ode to my uncle, who passed away this week from a heart attack. It’s more just my thoughts on the situation, probably more for me, therapy, than for my fellow bloggers.

Tom Hanson.
The quiet uncle. Never said too much.
2 kids, 13 &16, much too young.
Loving wife, my aunt Joy.
Always ate all his supper before pouring a glass of water to wash it down.
Flower girl at their wedding.
Threw up in his car after eating a pink popsicle. Sorry.
Loved the Blue Jays and the Montreal Canadiens.
Hands on kinda guy, tradesman.
Heart attack.
6 hour drive to Woodstock NB to see relatives.
Horrible circumstances.
Funeral tomorrow, lots of tears.
Burial at the cemetery across from Nana’s house.
Next to Granpy.
Both good men.
Bye, for now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cell phones and Ogres

Again, horrible blogger. It’s been a week since my last post and I feel awful. Mainly because I know Kristi has been checking and I’ve been failing her. However, I am going to try and make it up by providing you all with a wonderful array of pictures. How does that sound? Good.
So let’s see, where to begin. I suppose I could talk about the fact that I have been sick for like almost 2 weeks now. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Josh for that. He gave me his cold, and his cough. For fun, I added two ear infections. We’re talking good times here. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and she hit me up with some good ol’ antibiotics to take care of my ears. Too bad there isn’t a remedy for coughs (yea, I tried cough syrup, but I am not going to lie, it made me throw up L). Josh is finally over his cough, which kept us awake at night, and now it’s my turn. I feel so bad because I get these wicked spells at like 3 am, and I hate that it keeps us both up. Oh, and I got Joyce sick too. Well, technically it’s Josh who got her sick, but in any case, she has what I have and she’s pregnant so she can’t take all the meds like I do. What kind of friend am I?
What else can I report on…oh, Josh and I got new phones. We decided we might as well get a family plan for a couple bucks more a month. He got a cool phone that slides up to open. I got a cool one too. I tried to take pictures, but as you can see, they didn’t turn out very nice. My phone came with a kit with a memory card so that I can use it as an mp3 player. It’s super cool.It took me a bit to learn how to use it right, but I’ve got it down now. The memory card can fit like 500 songs on it, so I am thrilled. The thing I hate is that the memory card is like as small as your pinky nail and I am worried that I might loose it one day. Eeekkk. I wish I could tell you if the sound quality is as good as an iPod, but I can’t. It’s actually kinda funny, see my ears are plugged and stuff so they make everything sound weird. When people talk to me, they all sound like robots, and when I listen to music, it sounds like creepy carnival music, you know the kind you would expect to hear if you were like drugged…it’s warped. I have a hard time listening to anything because it makes me feel dizzy and tone deaf (it’s interesting to try and sing when you can’t hear the right tone!)
Um, Josh and I went to see Spiderman 3 the other day. I am not going to lie; it was the dumbest thing I ever saw. I mean, I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea, but it was really just…horrible. Could be that I dislike Kirsten Dunst, and that I don’t have an imagination when it come to comic book re-creations. We did get to snap this cool picture in the theatre lobby though. Josh thought it was super fun. He wanted to send it to Jeremy who undoubtedly already saw it at some sneak preview or something. Josh was joking that he probably went to Japan to see it over there before it came here. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not into the Simpsons, I was more of a Care Bear fan, but whatever! One movie I am excited to have out is Shrek 3. I am a total Shrek fan. I loved the first one at the end for the Karaoke Swamp Party. I still know all the words to it, much to Josh’s disapproval. It’s catchy, what can I say? So, after my doctors apt. yesterday Josh and I went to MacDonald’s to catch some fast lunch and I got a Happy Meal. I opened the box and there was this little Shrek man looking back up at me. Even better, it talks! It says 3 phrases, more like 2 phrases and one burp. I was so excited. I am sure Josh was jealous, he just didn’t show it! So, this morning before I went to work, I had a little photo shoot with it, just so I had more pictures to post. I am not a loser, I promise.
Finally, last night while Josh was at work, Amanda and I hung out. It had been a long time since we got to see each other; we’re both busy little beavers, so I was glad we could fit each other in. We didn’t do anything to exciting; we went to Jack Astor’s and chatted. Here we are at our table. We had some yummy chicken appetizer things, from their new menu, and then had some pasta (the kind I always get). I was a stuffed piggy after that. Then I got to see her new apartment. It’s in a really nice new building and it’s quite big. They have ceramic flooring, laminate hardwood and carpet. The walls are a nice yellow instead of bleak white, and the kitchen is nice and open. I am thinking Josh and I might have to look into something there (though I really hate the idea of moving).
So, that is basically all that is new. Ashley and I went to the mall the other day while Josh and Chad were in a meeting. There were lots of sales at Gap Kids and I couldn’t control myself, so I bought some baby clothes. Now I am not saying they are for me, they’d make nice baby gifts, but I’d like to keep them for myself. As Kristi and Ashley and like every other girl has told me, it’s never too early to start collecting! Oh, now, before you read into this, I am NOT pregnant, nor do Josh and I plan on trying anytime soon…and by soon I mean for like years. So, let’s just squash that little possibility of a rumor right now.
Yup, that’s it, my rundown is complete. Satisfied? Or do I leave you wanting more? Wink wink.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hump day (I hate when people call it that, and here I am...conforming...)

Well folks. Here it is, middle of the week, thankfully. I actually shouldn’t be complaining because I took yesterday off (not really like a vacation day, more like a “I am so sick if anyone comes near me I am going to kill them” kinda day). I’d like to thank my hot husband for the sickness that he gave me, truly hunny, thanks a lot. It was not good. I am like the biggest wimp when it comes to being sick, so when I felt it coming on this past Sunday and even more on Monday, I was like, sooo upset. I whined to Josh (lucky guy) all Monday evening about not wanting to have to take Tuesday off. But, in the end, I did. Some might say “at least it was sunny” but seriously, I couldn’t enjoy it, not one little bit. First, I felt bad for having to call in sick, and then, I was so icky that when Josh decided we should go to Dairy Queen to ease my sore throat, I took like one lick and was done. I don’t think dairy is that good for a sore throat, I am almost positive I remember my mother telling me that. Josh also told me that a spoonful of honey is good for it. Not so…I had a hard time even swallowing the stuff. I almost lost all of the dry Corn Pops I had been eating all day. Not good.
It’s Wednesday now, and I am back to work. My throat is still a little sore, and my head still kinda feels like someone is stepping on it, but I am much better than yesterday.
Tragically, I only got a few pictures this week. My friend Lisa needed a drive to the airport (she's gone to visit her mummy for a week) and so Josh and I took her. Of course, her gf Pam wanted to see her off, so she got in on the goodtimes too. Here are the hotties in the back seat (I feel like shotgun is like a permanent deal when your married, so I never have to sit back there). And here we have my hot husband Josh, studying the road hard so he doesn’t get us into an accident. And a nice shot of Lisa going into security. I had my camera out, and people were looking at me like I was nuts (“why is she taking a picture of this?”, “is something special going on?” “is that someone famous?”) See, I told you, good times! Oh, and the highlight for me was when I got to buy a new pashmina. I got a pink one, which I don’t immediately regret, but am now thinking I need a black one. You can never have too many I don’t think (Karen do you have more than one?).
Other than that, nothing too big has been going on. Oh, I did have something fun happen yesterday, amidst my icky sickness. Josh was flipping thru the channels and the shopping channel had a 8500 piece scrap booking kit for sale for like 40 bucks. Now, I am not known for my scrap booking capabilities, but you wait…I will be! I am stoked. It will be here in 10 days and I am counting it down. Maybe then I’ll be able to feel like a true Mormon wife (haha, it’s gonna take a lot more than that, aren’t LDS wives like…nice to their husbands? Mmm quite a concept). So, enough talk for today (I need to get some more meds pumped in me before my head realizes that it needs a rest!) Ciao dudes.

P.S I forgot to sent out congrats to Lisa who graduated from NSCCAD this term. Good job pal! She'll be setting up a studio for her art sooner than later. I'll post that info as it becomes available. That girl has got some true talent. This picture is from her grad ceremony. Hot outfit!

Monday, May 7, 2007

And the verdict is?

So, I have figured out how to change the layout of my blog. I must say, it wasn't that hard at all! The only hard part is deciding what colors to use for stuff. I decided, for now, to go quite simple. I had tried a few other things and colors, but I couldn't make up my mind. I couldn't fit colors together was a mess.
I imagine I'll be back at it soon, I just needed to give my head a rest.
What do you all think about it now? Too boring?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Les V.T's

Well, I am not in the best of moods today, but there is one thing that makes me happy. Babies…not my own…just ones I can borrow! I was looking through my pictures and came across some recent ones from a visit I had with my visiting teachers. I loved that they came to see me. It always means a lot when people find time in their busy lives to drop by. So, I suppose the question is where the connection with visiting teachers and babies is, well, Kelly is my v.t and she has a new baby (Morgan, as if you all didn’t know that!). So I just wanted to post some pictures of that. Thanks Kel and Kat for being so stellar. Oh, and thanks Morgan for hanging out!They look so peaceful when they sleep. If I ever have kids, I hope they sleep all the time...and when they are not sleeping, I hope they don't cry. What do you think my chances are?And how cute is she with her little pink vest on? Her hair is growing out blonde, so the brown on top looks like she's got a tupee And now, for the final picture, thanks to kelly's talent and steady hand, we got a group shot. I don't think Morgan wanted to be part of the fun though. Look at that face, it's priceless. This is the point where I would hand back the kid to its mum. So, that's my post. I am a cranky pants today so sorry that I am not more entertaining! Caio