Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My first post

Hi guys,

It's Lyla. I thought I'd just introduce myself, since I'm new here.
Let's see, what can I tell you about? Well, I like to sleep, and eat and poop, but really who doesn't? I love my mum and dad a lot, and like having staring contests with them. Sometimes I even crack a smile (don't tell dad, but it's not because of his jokes, I just have gas).
Anyways, I have to go and get pretty for the day. We're off to our first doctor's appointment, and then to Julia's work. Can't keep my fans waiting.
P.S My parents like taking pictures of me, and mum snapped this one of me to send to my dad yesterday while he was at work.
She didn't think I looked too comfortable, but I totally was. Mmm, sleep.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Making up

So, for the lack of baby in our life, we decided (quite on impulse actually) to purchase this. A Sony Alpha DSLR200.
Josh said he really wanted one because he was jealous of all the nice pictures people have on their blogs. I just wanted to spend money because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Let me just tell you the story. So Josh works during the day and I like to hang out and do stuff with him in the evenings. I convinced him to take me to Mic Mac to look for dresses for our still unarrived little girl. I tell you, it's hard to find nice Sunday clothes for a newborn. I was actually getting kind of ticked but that's another story. Anyways, so we walk into the mall entrance where Black's photography is right there. They have their SLR cameras in the window so Josh just takes a peek. We find one we think is nice (but really, we have no idea, since neither of us know a thing about photograhy and stuff). We walk out of the store, Josh with his tail between his legs because he's let down that we cant buy it for money reason. Then we go to Babies R' Us and I am looking around at their outfits and asking Josh which ones he likes and I have to ask him like 50 times, finally he's like "Julia, I can't focus on you, I am trying to work out money so I can justify the camera!" And I am thinking in my head "this kid is a nut case!". So yea, I finish at Babies R' Us (purchasing nothing because I can't find anything I love) and Josh says "Let's check the Sony Store and see if they have a better price. That lead to Future Shop and Best Buy. Finally, after 2 hours of humming and hoeing in Josh's head he decides to do it. So we do. It was thrilling really. Neither of us know how to use it yet. We took a few shots last night (this belly shot included), but we don't know all the technical stuff. There are so many buttons and oh my. Maybe one day I could take a class or something. Anywho, until the baby comes, this is our new toy.
P.S Josh graduated back in May from St. Mary's with a BSc. We finally got it framed and I wanted to post a picture of it because I am just so proud of him.

Monday, July 7, 2008

When is she coming?

Well, it's 11 days until Baby B is scheduled to make her appearance into the world. It's about 4 days past when we thought she'd be here. And I am about 7 seconds away from going crazy!

No, honestly, it's not that bad. It's just that our doctor told us to expect an early arrival based on signs and stuff, so Josh and I have been hanging out patiently for the past almost 2 weeks, holding our breath for this so-called "early arrival". So far, nothing! I know she's going to come out when she's good and ready, and I am ok with that, but the fact that I know my body is ready for her like nowish...so annoying. Oh, and I don't care to hear about overdue babies at this point, why do people feel the need to share their stories about being 3 and 4 weeks late? I don't really want to think about that. Maybe selfish, but it intrudes on my finger crossing and positive thinking, so go away.

Aahhh, deep breath. Worst case, I'll be induced on the 25th. Even that's not too far away. Tragically, we're to move our stuff to the valley on the 26th, so that could be interesting. Maybe we could all cross our fingers for our "early arrival". Thanks.

(Yea, I am pretty sure this whole post is just rambling, and I think it's more for me than for you all to read and get bored. Haha. Sorry. Hopefully next post will be good news!)