Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well, I am actually super stoked to post this week. I have tons of pictures for this update. Some of which you may have already seen if you are on facebook. I stole some from my work website, some from other blogs, and some from my friend’s camera. Only a few more days until I hopefully get a camera of my own! The birthday countdown is on: t – 5 days. I am excited for this Saturday because a bunch of us girls are going out to supper, not just for my b-day, more just to get out! I wanted to start by saying thanks to Kristi for posting! She is the original blogger to me, and I missed her updates! I stole some of these pictures from one of her posts a bit ago. They are from the going away party that Annie had for her and Matt. It was fun, and the room was filled with kids! Oh P.S Kristi, my friend said her friend met you guys out there, and that they live near by? How wierd is that?

This is Kristi and Matt, and their cake! In case you can't read it, it says: We'll miss you Matt, Kristi and Baby!
Ashley and I enjoying some friend time!The boys, all sitting at the kitchen table. It's like the girls had run of the rest of the place or something! A few of us girls saying goodbye to Kristi (Megan, Meaghan, Ashley, Kristi, Me, Celine). It was a good nite, and the munchies were yummy too.

So, here we go, my weekly rundown. (I kept little notes of what I did during the week so I would remember what to write. Yes, tragically my memory is THAT bad!
Thursday: I was so excited to get home and watch a brand spankin’ new episode of Grey’s and quelle surprise, I fell asleep before it came on. It was supposed to be on at 9, but it didn’t come on until 10 and my little eyes just couldn’t stay open!
Friday: Worked all day, had a nice lunch for Joyce’s birthday (thanks April!) at Tomasino’s. I had their spinach cheese manicotti. It was really good. And the bread they served it with was awesome too. That night I went up to visit Kellie and watch my missed episode of Grey’s. as usual, it was stellar. Too bad this week there isn’t a new one, I don’t know why they do that. I hope it renews for another season, but something tells me it won’t (because of all the drama with the actors etc.)
Saturday: I was soooo ready for the weekend this week. I was excited to sleep in, which I didn’t really get to do because my in-laws called at like 8:30 in the morning. I was uber sour about that, since I couldn’t get back to bed after. That evening Josh and I went to a murder mystery party at Adele and Jessica’s. It was so much fun. We got to dress up like our characters and act like them. Greg White even had an accent down, complete with local sayings (“well butter me up and call me greasy!”). I was trying to post picture of this event, but I can't get it to work. If you are on Facebook, you can check them there. Side note: the guest list included: Chris Bungay, Robbie Brown, Greg White, Rachel not sure of her last name, Jess, Adele, Josh and myself. When we got back from the festivities that evening, Josh and I went right online to see if we could buy a box party set as well. We found one from Target, but they don’t ship to Canada. What kinda bummer is that?!
Sunday: After that wicked good time on Saturday, I had a hard time getting up for church. It was a long day, we were in nursery again, which I still don’t fully love, but atleast the kids are cute. I just feel so dis-included (I don’t think that’s a word, but that’s how I felt) from R.S. It makes me sad L That evening we got invited to Meaghan and Jason’s for supper. Jason made some wicked whipped potatoes and some nice chicken. Kellie was there too, and she brought spinach salad. Josh and I brought Nanaimo bars for dessert. I love hanging out with my friends. Everyone is so busy all the time that its hard to get a moment. When we do, it’s always so great.
Monday: It was not too warm out that day, like it should be for spring time. Joyce knows of a nice spot down on the waterfront where when you sit there, it blocks the wind and the cold, and it can be like really cold out, and you’ll still be warm there. We went there for lunch and it was nice. I didn’t want to go back to work for the afternoon.
Tuesday: I went to work, as per usual, and walked up to Pete’s Frootique on my lunchtime. They have these really wicked oranges right now. They are like really really tiny, but soooo sweet and juicy (check out Regina Spektor’s song “That time”, it talks about tangerines, good times). I don’t even like citrus things but I loved these. Josh was working that evening, so I called Adele and Jess up. We hung out for a while and then I came home to bed (no shock there). Wednesday: Oh yesterday, what happened. I was sick. I was sick on Tuesday as well, but yesterday was worse, and today is the worstest. Unfortunatly, I can’t go home early because Lyndsay is sick as well, and is already at home L We’re just not doing well down here on the first floor! But back to Wednesday. Josh picked me up from work and we went grocery shopping (which I flippin’ love, no, I am serious, I do!). We bought a nice rack of ribs and are can’t wait to get that done on our bbq (which Josh set up this week, I don’t remember which day, but we already used it twice and I love it). Then we had to go to a meeting for nursery at the church. I didn’t get home until almost 8. I was not a happy camper about that because it was a super long day and I wasn’t feeling well and well you get the point, no sense in me whining.
So, as I said, I am still sick today. Its just a cold, but I hate it. I am thinking I am going to be better tomorrow, I don’t normally have colds for more than 4 days, fingers crossed. I figured I would leave you with some pictures of work. I love it here. Its like the coolest place, as you’ll see. If you are ever near the brewery market, stop on by and I’ll get you’re a slushie! Here are the pics:This is the entrance. We're in the brewery market. People can never find us, but I promise, if you look at the picture, we do have a sign above the door.
This is the lobby, with what must be the worlds longest desk! 6 metres, all fun! We always have old shows like Gilligan's Island playing in the background.
And this is one of the team rooms.
The mailboxes, the greatest challange of my day. It's hard to find even my name, let alone someone elses!More mailboxes, and staff picture wall. Some of the pictures are quite funny. Wish I could show them to you better.Oh, and a hallway. No office is complete without atleast one.The boardroom. The boardroom? Couches? TV's? I love it.The gym. We're obviously not friends...I pass it sometimes, and look into the room, longing for the tv on the wall...not so much for the equiptment tho.Lastly, the cafe. I think it's my fav place in the office. Slushies, beer on tap (for the non-mo's), tv, video games, library, pool table, what more could someone want?
Well, that was a mouthful. I am sour that I can't get the murder party pictures on here. I'll hopefully be able to post them later. Until then dudes...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mon Week Madames et Monsieurs

Hey dudes and dudettes. I don’t have too much to write about this week (tho I always say that and then end up leaving a rant about something!). It’s only middle of the week and I am ready for the weekend. I don’t know why, but this time change this hasn’t settled with me too well. Since it happened, I have been a space cadet. And I haven’t been sleeping through the night either, I feel like I should be a small child. I have had nightmares, and one night a woke up after Josh yelled because I clawed his face in my sleep (I think I was dreaming about something, cause I remember waking up and thinking it was ok that I was hurting him!) Lets see now, what has happened since I last posted…I’ll give you a rundown of my week.
Friday: David Hunt, one of the coolest guys here at Extreme Group, left. We had a little party for him, with an ice cream cake! The pictures below are from that. David is the one drinking the beer out of one of our awards (the two other guys are both execs here) And, the other picture is just some of the cool people I work with. That evening, Josh and I went out for dinner with Ashley and Chad. We went to Jungle Jims. It was the second time we had been there, and Josh decided that he didn’t like their food. I got the quesadillas, and I forgot to ask for no peppers in it, so I didn’t eat too much of it. Their fries were good though, and Chad got the “kitchen sink” and shared his mozza sticks, which of course were most sweet and desirable to the taste (as Josh likes to say).
Saturday: Was nice. As far as I remember, it was so long ago now, I slept in while Josh went to work (it was a nice reverse in role) and then Dad took my sister and I out for brunch. We went to Kempster’s. Tragically, it wasn’t that good at all and for fun, Dad spilt my chocolate milk all over me! Then we went to check out the million dollar home for the QEII lottery home. It was very pretty, for a show home. Not very practical though. Dad said if he won it, he’d keep it for a year and then sell it. It’s at the back of this dirtish road, in the middle of nowhere really. I have come to find I am a “mid-city” kinda gal. I don’t want to live right downtown (plus I cant afford it) and living outside the city is too much of a drive for me on the bus. We do have a car now, but I still take the bus to work in the morning. I don’t like having to think that early in the morning so driving just wont work!
Sunday: We went to church and had our first nursery experience. It was, well…interesting. Actually I didn’t really like it at all. It was the most unorganized thing I have ever done. The kids were cute, but I didn’t know what was going on as far as the lesson and stuff. Josh and I weren’t even told to go to the nursery until the last hour of it…no one had mentioned that we wouldn’t be receiving any direction. We don’t have any manuals and so I hope they don’t expect us to teach a lesson on Sunday! We went to my parents for supper, which was nice. Free food and cribbage with daddy-o.
Monday: Oh back to work. Nothing exciting happened during the day (not that I remember, I’m a space cadet so I don’t really know anything). Bobby Peters came home that evening. I didn’t really know him, but Josh and him are friends, so he was excited about that. I got to see Erin and Jason’s baby, and she’s is growing into a real little person! She was very good, even late at night.
Tuesday: I got to sleep in for a little while longer than normal. Josh drove me to work and picked me up, yay no bus! We had some supper and quality Josh and Julia time. Movie and food. Wednesday: Well that was yesterday, so I think I can remember that! Work was, again, uneventful, which I don’t mind at all! We went to a movie in the evening. Actually, Josh and Chad went to see “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” (I had free tickets from work), and Ashley and I saw “Because I Said So”. Ashley had free admissions to that as well, so it was a free movie night all around. I think Ash and I got the better end of that though, I hardly wanted to see a war movie. Mandy Moore’s movie was good though. I just love chick flicks. Josh refuses to see them in theatre, thinking its not worth the money! I was glad that Ash wanted to see that movie or I would have had to go alone.
And that my friends, is the recap for the week. Stay tuned for next weeks update. Full of fun and adventure I am sure. Ciao.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

From congrats to peanut sauce...

Firstly, I have to send out a HUGE congrats to Karen and Brandon. If people don’t know why they deserve this, head on over to Karen’s blog and check out the good news. Or, keep reading, and I am sure you’ll get what I am talking about. Karen, I have some words of advice for you, not that I am a super hero wedding planner, but honestly, have fun. Whatever you are doing for planning, or when you are organizing something or whatever, just have fun. I found myself getting stressed out a lot (it didn’t help that Josh was in Texas at the time) but there isn’t a need for that. You are only engaged once and so make it worth your while. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from people who offer. When you feel yourself getting frazzled, remember the feelings you had when you got engaged. And if that doesn’t work…counting to 10 is supposed to. Again, Karen, if you need any help at all, call me and I’ll be there.
Hmmm what else happened this week? Josh and I went to the valley for an overnight retreat. It was nice, I wish we would have gotten there a little earlier than we did (9pm) but it was still nice. We stayed at the Tulip Tree. It was so cute there, and the breakfast was amazing, with fresh fruit, pancakes, warm scones and cereal. We went to church in Annapolis and I have to say, I am glad we belong to the Halifax ward. It was quite small there, and I just like having a big group of women in Relief Society, so it wasn’t quite for me. We didn’t do too much else this week. Josh has had quite a bit of homework lately, so I’ve just been watching movies at night and going to bed while he does that. We did have a nice supper on Tuesday with leftovers on Wednesday and Thursday. I love this recipe of Jewel’s (Josh’s mum). If anyone likes curry, I would recommend it. I don’t have it right here, but if you ask me for it, I’ll post it, or send it to you. On Monday I went for lunch with Pam and Lisa, wait that may have been last week, but it was fun whenever it was. I miss working with them at Stats, but I don’t miss the actual work.
I am very excited for tonight; GREY’S ANATOMY is finally a new one. I hate that it is on so late (yes, 9pm is late for me), but there is no way I’ll just tape it and watch it later. I think I am going over to Adele and Jessica’s to watch it. If anyone likes a little spoiler, you should go to and watch the preview. Oh, and Jess is having a Murder Mystery party that’s coming up soon so I am excited for that too. Hopefully Josh will be able to come (poor guy has to work…one shift a week!!!).
I am going to lunch today with the admin team, as David (my boss) is leaving us tomorrow. I think we are going to the Argyle so I looked up their menu and everything looks so good I don’t know what I am going to get. I really like things with peanut sauce (I think I love peanuts and stuff so much because I could never have it when I was younger because my sister is allergic), so I may go for the peanut chicken thing.
I keep thinking that today is Friday, so the weekend seems so far off when I realize it’s only Thursday. Anyone have any ideas on what to do to make the time go by faster? I already look up Perez Hilton and his gossip like 3 times a day, thanks to Ashley. Oh, and I email people like crazy, and I wont lie, I do check Facebook sometimes too. But does anyone have suggestions? It needs to be something that can be easily interrupted so I can work as well (maybe!).
I got an email from Dustin who is in Korea serving his mission. He is having an awesome time. But I was looking at his pictures (below) and some of the food he eats… I am not so sure about… he’s a bigger man than I for finishing his plate.He sent me a video of him fooling around and if I knew how to post a video I would. I’ll see if Josh can teach me. But I mean look at this stuff... I just am not into fish.
But, that is all I got. Hope you all are having a good day. Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend!

Friday, March 9, 2007

My entry turned into a rant!

Hey dudes! How is everyone doing today? I am doing fine, mainly because it’s Friday, but also because I love my hubby. He is just the cutest. This week he picked me up from work a few times (gosh I love having a car), and one of those days he bought me flowers. It was a total surprise, as most of you know from my v-day post, seeing as Josh doesn’t really like buying flowers. He bought me the same flowers that he did when he proposed to me. It was very nice of him, and it made my day.
Also, I am excited because my birthday is coming up and guess what that means…no, it doesn’t mean I inherit some awesome amount of money. But it does mean that I have a good reason to ask for a gift! Generally I ask for no reason at all, but it doesn’t quite work out! See, I really, really, want a digital camera so I can take pictures so I can have some fun ones for my blog (like Karen does). Josh has one, but something it up with it because I can’t get it to work very well. Plus, I want my own. Then I’ll be able to tote it everywhere with me and be all like cool, snapping pictures all over town. People will be like “oh, here comes Julia with her flippin’ camera!” It’s gonna be awesome, well, if I get one. Fingers crossed (dad…).
In other news…there isn’t too much news. I can direct you all to Kristi Drennan’s website though, she always has “fun” stuff going on! Wink wink! Oh and always check out Karen’s blog, she is such a little…blogger. Josh also has a school blog going on; its part of his mark, so he has to post new stuff all the time. You could always visit there, and leave a comment, just to make him feel special.
Um, what else…I am going away this Saturday night with Josh and his family. It isn’t anything special like I had originally planned though. But I guess it will be ok, since Josh will be there. We are going to the valley, because Josh and Barry have some stake business to take car of. Sunday evening I have been asked to speak (only for like 5 minutes) for the YSA Fireside. I am sure it will be a good time, I miss my young single friends.
Now, lets talk about Facebook for a second. It’s more of a rant actually. Now, here is my concern with this little “lets find our friends” website. Ok, people go on about how they have like a ka-ba-zillion friends blah blah blah, but seriously, can you call them your friends? Do you even know half of them? Probably not. Probably some of the people on your list are just there because your boyfriends best friends sister introduced you to someone one time in grade 3, and now you are all like “oh, I know them”. Well I got news….no you don’t. You probably didn’t even remember their name until some explained who they were. Attention all Facebook whores: these people are not your friends. Another thing, and this is more of a “Julia is totally computer retarded”, but I have no clue how people can be on Facebook all day. There really isn’t that much to do there, or is there? I will check it from time to time during the day, but I don’t spend hours, I don’t think, on updating and adding and stuff. Although, I will admit that yesterday I learned how to tag photos, so that did take a good ½ hour. I don’t know, I just think I am blind to the idea that I am in fact going to become a Facebook addict as well.
Oh, and one more thing about this: STOP sending me updates about Facebook to my email. There is nothing worse than opening my hotmail and seeing that I have 22 new emails…all from there. And you only really need one to click on the link and then you’re all good to facebook it up. So then I have to go back and delete all of these msgs that are not necessary “so and so wrote on your wall, and he or she tagged this”. Yea, see, the thing is, Mr. Facebook, that I will see all this the next time I find five minutes to log on and check. Please stop harassing me!
Ok, I am done. Now I have work to do…no, for real, I do.

P.S Fedex and I do not get along!

Friday, March 2, 2007

We got a car!

Oh my gosh. I am so excited about this. I am practically peeing my pants. Ok, it might be because I have been gulping back slushies all morning, but still, lets blame it on excitment. So, as per the title of my blog entry today, we did infact purchase a car. It has been signed, sealed and delivered. I drove it to work this morning. It was awesome. Most of you know it was a long process trying to decide what kind of car we wanted, and if we wanted to go brank spanking new or just new to us. Obviously (you can see in the picture) we decided to go with the 2007 Mazda 3. I've got to say, that for a bit I was partial to the 2007 Hyundai Elantra, but Josh wanted the Mazda. In the end, I hate to say it, but he was right! I was driving it this morning, totally in love with it. And with him.
I've got to tell you about the process tho, cause it wasn't easy to get to the happy place I am at now. In fact, you should have seen both of us last night, and the night before. It was like a boxing ring. Josh and I had gone in with a figure in our head, and we didn't plan on budging. We were wheeling and dealing for a good 2 hours on Wednesday night. At the end of it, we wern't happy with what they were offering, and so we walked away. As we were waiting for our drive to come get it (sad that we didn't have our own car to drive home in) they stopped us and said we won! We had weasled them into giving us what we had wanted. It was awesome. I felt really good at that point, thinking it was all over. Tragically, the car we wanted wouldn't be arriving until the next day, so we would have to come back and sign for it then. So we did. They said we'd meet at 8pm (it was their only appointment time left) and so we had to take the bus to get there. This is where it gets fun. The bus was supposed to be leaving at 6:55 so we could catch the connecting bus at 7:35 to get there for 8 on the nose. Well wouldn't the universe have it so they bus didn't even seriously we had to wait for the next bus to come a half hour later. It was dumb. So we clearly missed the connecting bus to get there, so we had to pay for a taxi to take us. 15 bucks later, we get there, right on time.

They took us right in where I thought we were just going to sign the papers and go, but they were like, trying to sell us more crap and change the pricing around. I was not happy. Thank goodness Josh was there, I would have lost it and cried. (Which I had done earlier in the day over insurance crap, cause seriously, it's like you have to have the car # in order to buy insurance, and then you need to have insurance in order to by the car, and it's all like "what do you do first". plus insurance companies only work until 5pm, and I work until 5 so I had to go on my lunch hour, borrowing Barry's car (thank you fav. father-in-law) and running over to sign crap). So, finally it was over, we got our new car. Josh convinced them to throw in the iPod adaptor, so he was happy. We were both so tired. AAAAnd, when we came home Josh had to work on a paper that was due today. He was so stressed out, I felt so bad. Luckily he got it done (well atleast I think he did). He is such a smart boy. Honestly, he's got some map and graph making talent!

So, that's the story. It's funny, cause now I am sitting here wondering if the car is's my small child. I'd even cuddle with it.