Thursday, August 30, 2007

Le Bebe

So, I was waiting to post about Joyce’s new baby until after she came in to visit to the office with Sidney, but I don’t know when that is going to happen so for now, here is my post.
Basically a HUGE CONGRATS to Joyce and Duane on the arrival of their new baby girl Sidney Jane, on July 3rd. The little print out that Joyce was giving out, basically says it all.

Isn’t that a cute idea? I guess one of her sisters’ friends’ works for a printing company, so she made them up for her. Nice!
I don’t have any newer pictures of Miss Sid, so here are ones from her first day’s home from the hospital. So tiny! Her mum and dad are soooo happy!
Joyce was by to visit, sans bebe, at work the other day and I got to give her the diaper cake I made. I am not going to lie. I was quite impressed with my efforts, and let’s not lie, Ashley helped me out quite a bit (she’ll be a diaper cake pro yet!). Joyce said that she liked it so much she used it as a centerpiece for one of her baby showers. I was proud.
Little post…sarry.

P.S Dear friends, I am aware that the layout of my pictures on this entry are a Honestly, I get quite fed up with Blogger when it shows me a preview and it looks good, and then I post it and it looks like crap. Grrr...Seriously, I am pissed right now! Gosh.

Friday, August 24, 2007

We conquered the hill!

Hey all,
So I am just writing you a quick post, because last night was Extreme’s 10 year anniversary party, and I just have to say how fun it was!!! It was awesome. No lie. See, honestly, I wasn’t really excited about going because it was going to be a bunch of clients and I don’t know them, ‘cause, well, I don’t work with them so much, but I was super wrong, and had a blast. Let me break it down for you.
So, I left work at 5 and got home and ready for 6 so I could go pick up Joyce. I got to see her new baby too (still waiting on pictures for that post), and she was awful cute! Then we left and made our way to Citadel Hill. When we got there we went in and got our name tags and mingled for a little while (eating what I would say was the best pasta ever). Then the speech began. Paul rocked the house with a nice video, remembering where we came from and what we do. And then Andrew said some nice things about Paul, yadda yadda yadda, and then we watched a video. It was sooo cool. See, we got this company to go out and interview people, asking them what Extreme Group was, and their answers were super funny. Also, they interviewed employees and they all had something interesting to say too. It was really well put together and everyone really liked it. THEN, right after the movie was over, we heard drums coming from the distance and we see like 15 guards in full uniform marching towards us (the theme of the night was “ Attack on Citadel”) and they came up and were like doing there little yelling thing and then shot off 10 guns, and then a cannon!! It was awesome. Everyone was stoked, and thought that was it, but then these other guys come down other stairs and we look and it’s SQUID, the percussion band. I was like peeing my pants, cause I had wanted to see them earlier, but I didn’t buy tickets in time, and now it’s free and it was just wicked. So they did a little set for us, with lots of fun drumming stuff and bagpipes and wow. And then, after they were done, we had a dj brought in with turn tables and we clubbed it up. Yea, it was awesome. I don’t think you’re getting the awesomeness of it. It’ll be better when I get pictures from the photographer. But yea, good times had by all. I left quite early, so I could get home to Josh, but I heard people were there well after 1 am. The end.

Oh, here's a copy of the invitation that was sent, just to give you an idea of what the theme was.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ballet, Buskers and more

Well, as promised, I’m posting a little blurb before the weekend. I won’t lie, I don’t have much to say, but I’ll do my best to entertain for a few minutes.

So this week the Buskers were in town and I got to go a few times to watch the goods. Last Friday evening I went with Ashley and Renae and her girlies. We watched a few good acts, but we were all tired and left in the middle of one to head home. Kristen and Monica enjoyed themselves at the drumming act, getting up and dancing to the rhythm, and then almost passing out in their stroller. The next day Ashley and I went with the boys. We didn’t actually get to see a whole act, it was so hot and packed that we gave up and went to my parents place to swim. We got some Chinese take-out and it was the highlight of my life.

What else happened this week? Oh yea, last week I think it was, a water thing broke in Clayton Park and so all the dirt got in the pipe and we had dirty water for like a week. We still have soot that finds its way to the bottom of the toilet overnight. It was pretty gross the first night though. I was going to have a bath and I ran the water and immediately changed my mind. As I let the water run out the dirt stayed in the bottom of my tub, which wasn’t super fun, but yea, whatever.Josh and I had to take an unplanned trip to PEI on Sunday afternoon, so that turned into a mini adventure. We had to cross that darn bridge that I hate (I’m not particularly fond of any bridge, but one that lasts for 12 mins…I mean, that’s a little excessive!). We made good time there and back. It was a quick trip, like we got there at 6pm and drove home at 5 the next evening. A quality 23 hours on the island to meet Josh’s grandparents. I think the biggest highlight of our trip is our baby car hit 10,000 km!!! I was so excited that I wanted to take a picture, but heck, I was too late. So here it is 10,001 kms on the odometer, haha.Finally, I just wanted to thank Valerie from work for buying me the coolest keychain ever. See, her mum sells point shoes and I told her I wanted a pair and she said no cause I could hurt myself since I wasn’t properly trained, and I was all pouty and the next day she came in with this point key chain. Sooo nice of her eh? Thanks Valerie!

So that’s all I got dudes. Hope this weekend gives me some quality Kodak moments (heck yes I can say that, my camera is actually a Kodak, I just checked!). Ciao.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Returning tomorrow.

Hey kids,
I know I am behind, but I promise a new update tomorrow.
Sarry for the delay!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Long Weekend Funness

So I finally felt like it was summertime this past weekend. Not so much because of the weather, but because it was a long weekend and I got to do some fun things instead of just catching up on cleaning, laundry etc. from the week.
It started on Friday night when we went to Karen's last night bash. A bunch of Karen's friends got together to play Cranium and our team won!!! Little Ethan was there and just so cute it made me want one! This picture is of the winning team, we're so awesome.

Saturday morning I did some shopping with Ashley (ok, you caught me, I needed to buy a gift for the wedding, and an outfit). Then Josh and I went to the sealing ceremony (the first one we’ve been to since our wedding last year). After that was over, we went to lunch at Wharf Wraps with Kristine and Davis. The food was yummy and it was nice to hang out with new friends (not that I don’t love my old ones, guys, I love you!). Josh and I had some time to waste before the reception so we went to his parents place and had a little nap (much needed). We went to the reception and it was all fun. Josh is proving to be a baby stealer just like myself. We sat at a table with lots of our friends, so that was fun. And I think my favourite Josh/Julia moment of the evening was when we made out in front of everyone so that Karen and Brandon would have to kiss! I flippin' love my husband.
On Sunday we did the church thing, and it was our week off from nursery so I actually got to go to R.S which is so important to me. I love that hour of church. I love all the sisters, and the lesson is always amazing. Oh, and I got to be Auntie Julia to Morgan, which, of course, was lots of fun. She’s such a good girl, I hope that my kids are as well behaved.
Afterwards we were invited to a potluck at the Allred’s and no word of a lie, the food was the most amazing stuff ever. Clearly Josh loved it...finger lickin' good.

Shaved pork, beans, corn, treats, mmmm. So good. Karlee said she’d teach me how to make the pork stuff. Little does she know, I am not so good in the food department. Well, I am good…at eating it, haha. We went to my parents on Sunday evening to hang out with my sister who is home alone for the week. We spent the night and did some laundry (ok, more like 7 loads or something ridiculous like that) and we had a little midnight swim in the pool, which is super scary when you can’t see the deep end.

On Monday we lazed around (loves it) and then had the MacLean Veinot’s over for a swim and supper. I got in the pool for the second time this season. Emma and Morgan seemed to enjoy themselves, but maybe not quite as much as Pops (Rob). So, to end off the weekend we went home and watched a movie and fell asleep. It was awesome. I hope that I have a few more fun weekends before the fall sets in (like it feels today…um, cold!)
I hope you are all enjoying your summers, whether or not you are on vacation. P.S. if you are on vacation, I am totally jealous and I am not sure if we can be friends anymore!

Karen & Brandon's big day!

I just wanted to write a quick congrats to the new Bing’s! They got married this past Saturday and Josh and I were honored to be guests at their sealing and reception. Karen looked stunning (as if there was any doubt) in her poofy fairy tale wedding dress, and Brandon looked dapper in his tux. The sealing was amazingly special and the reception was lots of fun. Karen’s eye for design and craft was apparent throughout the evening, from the children's gift bags, to the centre pieces, to the cake. All and all, it was a great time had by all I am sure. The best part is now they live across the street from us so Josh and I look forward to some quality bbq’s and hanging out. Right Karen?

Friday, August 3, 2007

3 S's

Well, it was a fabulous day yesterday, both weather and event wise. It was sunny which made me happy and it starts with an “S” so really, it’s 4 “S’s, and I got to do some fun things.
1) 1st “S”:Sugah!:
So there is this wicked little candy shop on Bishop’s Landing and Lynds and I decided to take a little stroll over in the morning (yay field trip) to get a bird’s eye view of the yummies. They have all kinds of fun interesting things like hand folded ice cream where you can pick the stuff you want to put in your base flavor. They have random flavored caramel corn (like white chocolate and cinnamon), chocolate balls, different flavored brittle and wickedly expensive, highly creative chocolate bars. Lynds and I were like…mmm. We decided we’d split a white chocolate/ skor bit bar. It was so tasty. I was glad we got to get out of the office and just take a walk, even if it was no more than a ½ hour.
2) Second “S” of the day was supper:
Josh and I got home, both really tired, and decided we wanted to make something fast and easy pour la dinner. So we had eggs!!! Now, I am not sure if you are aware of Josh’s talent, but he can make some darn good omelets. Last night was no disappointment. It was impressive and so I had to take a picture. That's like 4+ eggs. He also made smoothies, of which I did not partake cause unless they are from Pete’s Frootique, I feel they lack quality (sorry hon!).
3) Finally, the 3rd “S” consists of sand and surf:
It was like 7:30 and we wanted to get out of the house, so we hopped in the car and drove to Rainbow Haven beach. Josh had gotten a skim board for him b-day so he wanted to test it out, and I, well I just like walking in the dirt…sand…same thing. We were only there for like 30 mins, but it was beautiful. It really made me appreciate where we live. The view is amazing, we have water and land and it’s just so lucky. Josh enjoyed attempting to skim…and I even tried it, which no success. I'll just be the skimboard "poser" from now on.All good tho. It was a perfect end to the day.
This evening I am going to Karen’s for a last night bash, and then her wedding is tomorrow, I am so excited for her! I will have plenty of pictures upon my return, promise.
Oh, and I got to hang out with my friend Amanda on Wednesday, and I just love her. I am so glad that she is home for good!!! We’re going to do some serious scrap booking coupled with girl talk I am sure. Loves her! P.S Yes, I am aware that my sunglasses are too big for my face, let's have a little laugh and move on! Ok, I’m out. Ciao.