Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa comes to Greenwood

And I wont lie. I think he may have been the real thing :) He was an awesome Santa. Real beard, real hair, real glasses, real belly. Oh man it was magical. I think I was even more excited than Lyla.

I just wanted to post a picture of her sitting on his lap. She didn't cry, which was awesome, but we couldn't get her to smile either. Maybe next year?!
Anyways, I hope you all get your kids out to meet Saint Nick before this Christmas, especially all the new babies of this year.
Also, as promised, here are a few pictures of Lyla's first bites of rice cereal. No, she is not 6 months yet, but it was the right time for us. First one I believe she is saying (to quote Britney Spears) "Gimme gimmie more".
And this one, with a little more class "Please sir, I want some more"
Anyways, there are plenty more of Lyla and her time here in Greenwood, so check them out on facebook.
In other news, Josh finally got released from his Stake YM calling. Now he just has the YM President one here. I don't know that I like this one any more than the last, but I am his wife, and I support him haha.
I just got called to RS Secretary today. Not a hard calling by the sounds of it, but they ask a lot less of that calling down here compared to Halifax. Maybe I'll offer to take on a bit more (since I hace the extra time!)
Well, Christmas is nearing, and we put up our "christmas tree", a la last year, can you rememeber what it looked like? Look it up. I would love to go on about more of our going on's but Lyla desires some prunes, so I am off. See many of you soon :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Long time

It's been such a long time since I posted. And so much has happened. I don't know where to begin, and it stresses me out! I know you all know where I am coming from.

Anyways, all I can do is recap what I remember, and hope I get all the good stuff. I am also behind in Lyla's baby book and I have lists all over the house of dates and times of important things, but I am too lazy to work on that now.
So, as many of you know, I just got back to the valley after 2 weeks in the city. It was so nice to see friends and do stuff, but you know what it's like when you feel your welcome is warn out at your parents place and you just want to get back to your own bed? That was us.
We did a lot of things while in town, I can't even rememeber where to start. I guess the first thing important to blog about is that I read Twilight, and the other 3 books. In a week and 2 days. That's pretty darn gross. I couldn't help myself though. I wanted to keep reading, while feeding Lyla, when I should have been sleeping, while eating, anytime I could. It was annoying when I had to put my book down for something else. I really liked the books. I look back now, after reading the 4, plus the 1/2 one online, and there are things I would have like to have seen differently, but as Beckey reminded me, this was Stephanie Meyer's story, not mine. I found while I was reading, that I would be annoyed with the way the story was going, and I'd have to take a step back and breathe. Now I look over it all and say, "you know what, it was nice, but a little overly unrealistic". I think the thing that kept me going was the love story. I tried to take that away from the "experience" more than all the bogus things that were going on, and I am satisfied. I also saw the movie twice. It was pretty ok. I went into the movie not expecting much, and making myself not compare the screenplay to the book, so it wasn't a dissappointment (like it was for poor Nancy). That Rob Pattison and Kristen Whats-her-face...not the best actors, or the best chemistry I have ever seen, but it's all good. Again, I was satisfied.
Enough about that darn book though. I have more of a life than that (tho Josh disagrees!) Lyla went in for her 4 month check up and needles. She did awesome, and only cried for like 2 seconds for each prick. She weighed in at 14 lbs 10 oz, and was 25.5 inches long. 75th percentile. We know she must get her height from her daddy!
She is doing so many things now, that I feel she is no longer a baby, but a little person. She is rolling all over the place, talking like its her job, and eating like it's going out of style. In fact, we started her on rice cereal the other day. It was so fun! I have pictures of it, but Josh has yet to load them. I promise to post them when we get them up.
I do have a fun picture from the other day when we went to dinner at the Wentzell's. Lyla is the best baby. She finds a way to sleep anywhere, and their place was no exception. To make Nancy feel better (no, it wasn't your bad hosting skills that put her to sleep) she fell alseep in her exersaucer the other day while I was reading her a book.I wish I could get away with sleeping anywhere.
What else is going on. Not too much. I am feeling alittle overwhelmed these days with the holiday's coming. It's always a big ordeal to make sure both of our families are included in the festivities. Also, shopping isn't as easy now that we're not near a mall, and I have a baby to tag along with me. I think next year I may consider all online shopping!
I am also a little concerned with our future. See, since Josh and I have been married, we have always had a plan. We always knew we'd be in Halifax, until school in the valley. We had planned for the move here. Now, after school is over, we have no clue where we're going to be. It really takes a toll on my head. I cannot plan for anything, because I don't know what the future holds for us. Oh man, thinking about it now makes my heart pallipitate. Let's talk about something else.
Um, I got to go to see Four Christmases last Wednesday with a bunch of girlfriends. It was a special Reel Babies event, with free goodie bags for all the moms. I love free stuff, so that was good. I also got to hang out with a few people here and there. It was just so nice to do stuff instead of sit at home with Lyla all day, bored. The valley is definitly not my idea of fun. So really, I should be happy knowing that even tho I don't know where we'll be after May, I do know it wont be here!
Well, my kid decided to wake up, so I have to go tend to her (it wont be long before she doesn't need me, I have to cherish the time she does).
Hope you all are well. I will post more pictures soon.