Wednesday, September 23, 2009

and my kid is actually 14 months

wow. thank you ariel for pointing that out.

i am an idiot.
don't tell lyla.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And my kid is 15 months old.

She can:

say lots of words (mum, dada, what's that, tickle, ball, baba, hi, bye)
go up stairs, and about half way down
answer yes and no questions by shaking her head
brush her teeth (tho i get to them before i let her have at it)
feed herself with a fork, but prefers her fingers
help put her shoes on
help mum get her dressed
crawl out of the tub
get out of bed in the morning to find mum and dad getting ready for work

she loves:
to sleep
mum and dad
playing games
eating ice cream
bath time

she dislikes:
car rides
being told no
being ignored

Work and Play

So, we (Extreme Group) just got back from White Point. Translation: one major stress in my day to day work is over! Yay.

I am hoping to get some pictures soon.
It was awesome. Our meeting was wicked. My massage was awesome. The party that night was stellar. The cold I took with me couldn't keep me from staying up way past my bedtime. Gosh. I love my job, and my bosses and my co workers. Ice Awards are next, bring it on.

PS. No one understands me at this point, except Kristi, Lynds and Cav. But that's cool.