Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer time lovin'

So it was such a busy week, and great weekend that I have lots to write about. Tragically, I don’t have all the time in the world so I’ll re-cap the highlights.
This Monday a big ol’ group of us decided to have family home evening. We went to Ocean’s 13 and then to Second Cup. We had Chad, Ashley, Jason, Meaghan, Katrina, Whitney, Dan, Josh and I. I am sure the people at the cafĂ© weren’t to happy about us all in there, but whatever. We were good and put our seats back when we were done. I got a Skinny Chocolate, quelle suprise, and it was yummy as per usual. Clearly, since there are like 3 straws in the cup, there was some sharing going on, and they all loved it too.It was a nice time to just sit and relax and talk. The movie was good too. I loved the other two Oceans movies, and this one was just as good. I recommend it for sure. Plus, worse case, you have to look at Brad, George and Matt for a few hours, sigh!
The rest of the week is a blur to me, all I remember is it rained and I hated it. I don’t remember doing anything too much, but I could be wrong (my memory is disgusting I know!). Kristi is in town for a bit, and stopped by work on Friday afternoon. We went out for some lunch and stuff. It was good times. It was sunny out, which I hope can be my excuse for why the picture looks overexposed.Friday evening I was supposed to hang out with Amanda before she moves, but it didn’t work out, so Josh and I rented Click (Adam Sandler). It was ok, but not really my type of movie. We both fell asleep before it was over, confessions of the working-class heros I know.
Saturday was so rainy and gross I didn’t want to get out of bed. Thank goodness for fun times at Kristi’s baby shower. Ashley and I went together and we had a nice time. As always, I am in my element when I am mingling and baby stealing (it’s become somewhat of an art you know). Ashley is a baby stealer too, so we can't point fingers soley at me.After the shower was over (Tanya and Karlee, you did a great job planning, it went super well) Ash and I went to Old Navy for a bit and then I dropped her off and went home for an afternoon nap. I had to pick Josh up from work at 7:30 so I picked up some groceries before and then got him. We are in the midst of furniture shopping, so we stopped by a few places to look, but nothing jumped out. We, thank heavens, made it home for Flip This House, Josh’s favourite show, and then went to bed.
Sunday, as normal, we went to Church. We had a week off from nursery and I got to go to Relief Society. It was so nice to be with people that can speak and NOT fight over toys (tho maybe if we had toys in R.S that would be a different story). I got to be mummy to Morgan for the hour and it was so fun. She’s such a good girl. And Kristi had Hunter, so it was like baby city. Good times in the Maritimes there. Sunday evening we had our new friends, Whitney and Dan Rock, over for supper. Josh was, as always, a superhero with the bbq-ing. Then Ashley and Chad called and we went downtown for an evening stroll. We all forgot our cameras, so dreadfully I have to report that I have no pictures from that. To end the night, we had a few rounds of the Newlyweds Game. Josh and I won both times, thank you very much! We’re in love.
And today is Monday, and guess what?! It’s sunny! I am peeing my pants over the fact that it may be sunny all week. That would just be stellar eh? Either way, grateful for the sun today. Thanks for checking in, leave a comment and I’ll consider being friends with you forever. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps I could interest you in a slushie?
PS. Beckey Buxton is a doll. She bought me UNO cards (I’ve never played before), so just to let you all know, I am brushing up on my skills…Jealous? Thanks Beckey!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Quickie #3

So, I have discovered (this isn’t the first time) that I am kind of one of those people who loves her pets too much. I was at my parents place for Father’s Day and I couldn’t get enough pictures of Mocha. She was super cute, since she just got her hair cut, and looked just like a brand new puppy (even tho she’s like 5). She and I spent the afternoon on the deck soaking up the rays (my soul totally needed it). So, here are some pictures from that. Oh and Josh had to get in the pool to try and get some ripples out before we open it for the season. It was quite cold, so he thought it would be best if he wore his wet suit. Um, he looks like a dork eh? A like winter wetsuit in the swimming pool. Nice. And my dad was up on deck giving orders, which he is totally good at. I can’t wait until he opens it and starts the heater up…mmm…swimming. Pool party anyone? More pictures on Facebook.

Quickie #2

I love hanging out with friends. This week Meags and I got to hang out while our husbands were out making the money. We did a little shopping (sans Ashley cause she was not feeling well, next time Ash), and then went to Second Cup. I like introducing the Skinny Chocolate to people I like. It’s pretty darn good, and pretty darn full of points, but on the “Julia Program” liquids don’t really count as much, so there. I wanted to capture the fun we were having on camera, which Meaghan didn’t so much like, but here we are. H.O.T I know! We also went to Superstore and bought some yummies and then made our way home to Josh, who was like “Where have you girls been?”. I was so proud cause I got to tell him that I didn’t buy anything from the mall, and I wasn’t even lying. Yay self control.

Quickie #1

Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it rains for like over a week straight. Sometimes I hate that. So, in order to make myself feel better I get junk food. Actually, this is from before I started Weight Watchers Point System (in which Pizza is like a kabazillion points) but yea, so Joyce, April and I ordered pizza from Tomasino’s and it was flippin’ good. I couldn’t eat my whole one, so I ended up sharing. Not too many people were up for the green olives though.
April, Jackie, Joyce and Valerie at the (pool)table. Lunch is definitely the highlight of my day. Fun times.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Wasted weekend

So normally the weekend is my favorite time of week. It’s a time to sit back and relax after a long week of work. It’s a time to tidy the house that has somehow throughout the week become a pig sty. It’s a time to hang out with Josh and sleep in.
None of these things happened this weekend, so now I am predisposed to have a miserable week. Gr.
The weekend didn’t start off poopy. It was actually nice. Josh worked on Friday evening and so Ashley and I went out to Second Cup for some Skinny chocolate drinks and treats. It’d been a long time since we got to hang out, so it was nice to catch up. Josh was done work at 9:30, so Ashley dropped me off at the grocery store and I met up with him. We did our shopping (which was nice, no lineups) and made it home around 10:30. It went downhill from there. I was putting the groceries away and all the sudden felt dizzy. I had been feeling dizzy on and off at work all week, but chalked it up to the ear infection I had battled a few weeks earlier. So yea, here I am putting my popsicles in the freezer and WHAM, it hits me. I was like totally disoriented and nauseous. So, I just stopped what I was doing and went to bed. I figured that I’d sleep it off, but no. I woke up on Saturday still dizzy and sickish. However (looking back on this now, I probably should have just stayed in bed) I went with Josh to work for 9:30 where I was to meet up with Kelly and her kiddies for a workshop put on by Home Depot for kids. The ride over was horrible and I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn’t feel as sick. Once I got in H.D with Kel I was feeling a little better, but still dizzy. I was like telling myself to get over it. So we hung out until about 2 pm and then got her to drop me off. I went to bed and had a nap until Josh came home at 7. I was still dizzy…gr. We had supper and I was feeling a little better so we went to the driving range, which was nice, ‘cept the fog was rolling in and got a little cold for me. Then we came home to watch Flip this House on A&E (Josh is really into it, it’s funny) and I was just sitting on the couch talking to my mum and I got this wave of super dizziness again, and I got a hot flash and started dry heaving (I was super attractive). So we decided to go to emerg since my doctor wasn’t going to be available until like Tuesday this week. So we got there at like 9, got registered and checked by a nurse (who didn’t seem to care that I was throwing up at all), she said it was my ears causing trouble and then she sent me out to the waiting room. I didn’t really like the nurse cause I was like explaining my symptoms and she was making them into something else, it’s like she wasn’t listening. So yea, waiting room, waited there for like an hour and we were getting tired (and no where on the list, since my ailments were hardly life threatening) so we went home…what a waste of time.
SIDE NOTE: These are flowers that Josh bought for me that I love. I figured with all this negative talk you'd need a break. So there you have it...pretty back to my whining.
Sunday morning wasn’t much better than Saturday, but we got up for Church and went anyways. I only lasted through sacrament and then we headed to the walk-in clinic (which I really didn’t want to do cause I feel like they don’t know what they are talking about). The doctor took my blood pressure and determined that it was low…writing me a prescription and sending my on my way. I didn’t fill it, cause I don’t think that’s what it is. I am going to have to try and get in to see my doctor about this cause it’s Monday and I am still feeling ick, and I am in a bad mood for feeling sick. Gr. So, um, sorry for the rant.
Ok, now for the little bit of funness which I didn’t think was fun until I talked about it later…I caught a wasp. In my house!! It was just hanging out on the floor, walking around, looking for innocent people to sting, and I saw it. First I screamed a little bit, mainly cause I don’t like bugs and then I decided it was my place and mr. wasp had no right being there, so I devised a plan of action. It wasn’t rocket science or anything, just a whole lot of precision and guts (if you ask me). I grabbed a mixing bowl (a glass one cause I knew I was going to have to take picture of my victory) and got down on my hands and knees. I waited for the right moment and BAM, I got him…little bugger didn’t even know!! So after I got him in the glass bowl I realized that the floor might not be exactly flat, and needed to put some weight on top of the bowl so he wouldn’t escape. So I grabbed a chair…it was a stellar performance on my part I think (I realize this picture would be 10 times better if it was posted right side up, I'm just too lazy)So there you have it, the highlight of my weekend. Ciao dudes.

Friday, June 8, 2007


I am so glad that the internet finally agreed to let me upload some pictures. So here they are :)
How cute is this? Sarah and Georgia are both so precious. Sarah is such a little helper. When this picture was taken Jessica was at the table working on a project cause she was student of the day!

Me and baby. Karen caught me mid sentence. I was probably saying how cute "G" was. She was awake for some of the visit too, which excited me (as you can see in the picture below).
And then auntie "Ka-ka" got to hold the "new toy". Karen is going to be good with kids, wink wink. I think she and Brandon should get right on that, so I have another baby to borrow.
Now for some pictures of the MacLean Veinot girls. Morgan just loves Emma. When Emma talks Morgan gets all smiley (though it doesn't look like it in this picture, I am not lying).
So, I made Josh take pictures of me and baby #2. She's just so loveable and she was in a super good mood the whole time I was there.
Tee hee hee. Look at the hair...she's gonna have curls like her pops.
I am more into her than she is to sad.
Even Josh had a good time with her, tho he isn't suffering from this baby fever thing. Thank goodness really, one of us needs to remain level headed!
And more Emma. She's so funny. The stuff she was saying to Josh last night was hilarious. If you're ever talking to me, remind me to tell you. It's priceless, but I am lazy and don't want to write it all out. :)
What a joker! It's either a funny face, or jam on the face (she had it on her cheeks, but you really can't tell from this picture).
And some last ones of Morgan. Look at those blue eyes, just like her big sister.
Want to eat her right up eh?
The end. See, hard to resist.

Baby fever, I need some medicine to get rid of it.

So you read the title right, I have baby fever. I felt it coming on for a bit now, but I tried to keep it under wraps, but now it’s full on…intense. I thought for sure that nursery would keep me grounded, but no. So I resorted to full on newborn baby visiting and infant babysitting. It was an experiment of sorts, to see just how much I could take before cracking. Tragically, the results were less than what I had hoped for. For fun I am going to make this post in sort of a “science experiment” way. Let’s see if I can remember the layout.

Title: Operation no baby
Objective: To increase awareness/stress of subject of having child/children around under her supervision.
To decrease the desire of subject to have a child of her own.
Materials: Babies, diapers, wipes, bottle, and siblings of the babies
Hypothesis: It was predicted that after spending “quality time” with babies, the subject (Julia Blakeney) will want to run far away from babies and have no appetite for a child of her own for years to come.
Procedure: The first part of this experiment was conducted at Kathy Nelson’s house, under the watchful of Kathy herself. The subject (moi) went with Karen to visit the new baby Georgia. We took turns holding her and also hung out with Kathy’s girls, Jessica and Sarah (coloring and hair detangling involved). Hours spent visiting: approx. 2.5.
The second part was conducted at Kelly Veinot’s house, sans parents, with the help of Josh. The subject (me again) went to babysit Morgan and Emma while Kelly was out and Rob was working. Baby needed to be fed, changed and cared for. Older child needed to be fed and put to bed. Hours spent visiting: approx. 3 hours.
Observations: In both situations the children we were behaved. They listened and were helpful and loving towards other children in the room. Subject did not feel stress or strain during experiment times. She also felt comfortable in the presence of diapers and poop.
Conclusion: Baby fever did not end. Subject actually had fun and felt a stronger urge for child then when the experiment commenced. She volunteered her efforts regarding childcare once again and will be returning to assist Kelly on Saturday. Experiment was a failure.

Seriously tho, am I not the biggest dork? So yea, I love babies. Let’s get it straight though, Josh and I will not be having kids any time soon. We just like them. End of story.
I'd like to post some pictures of this experiment, but the flippin' internet wont let me right now. I promise they are on the way. Thanks to the mums who let me hang out with their kids :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Behind on the posting

Sarry....I am the worst. Unlike Karen, some days I dread writing in my blog. Mainly because I am lazy and know that once I get started I don't like to leave things out. But I don’t have all day to do this, so I’ll just give the important stuff. Like… the weekend rundown.
So on Friday evening Josh and I went to see Knocked Up. It was super funny and I love Katherine Heigel, but there was quite a bit of swearing. Josh and I are used to potty mouths because of the environments we work in, but it still hurt my ears :( It would have been a perfect romantic comedy if it was more like PG.
Saturday we went to my parents for the community yard sale. Josh and I (more like I) had a lot of clothes and junk to sell. I though it would be the perfect place to do it because it would be high traffic, but it wasn’t. I was kinda mad. We were there at like 8 am and were out until like 2 and we only made $25. I still have like TONS of stuff left and I am not sure what to do with it. I could give it away to charity. Not to sound selfish, but I was hoping to sell it so Josh and I would have money for bills. Nothing too selfish I don’t think. So yea, here are some pictures from that. My sister and brother had stuff out too. No one made a lot of money, ‘cept for my dad, who was selling more expensive things like lawn tractors and stuff…so he doesn’t count. Plus, we were all selling junk (as you can tell from the pictures) so people aren't really into that. We had a LOT of stuff, and as I look at the pictures, I feel like it doesn't do the yard sale justice :) Oh and the best picture of the day, I think, would be when I caught Josh and Mocha hanging out. Seriously, he loves the idea of a pet, I know it. Note to Josh: give up the tough guy act…you love my little rat dog.Sunday was nice. I love when it’s sunny out. So we went to church and did the whole nursery thing. I won’t lie, I have a hard time wanting to go to church when I know we have to go to nursery. It’s like “why am I getting dressed up when someone is just going to pee, mark and crawl all over my nice clothes”. Thank goodness there are some cute kids in there who, when they speak, say the funniest things. I am just looking at it like I gotta do my time. I never held a calling with kids before, so it’s my turn. I just hope its over in a “fair” amount of time…nothing like 2 years like I’ve heard some people have…I’ll purposely move in order to get out of it! Josh, I’ll even go to the valley with you if I means getting away from it a year from now. Harsh but true.
Sunday afternoon was nice. We had another Jason and Meaghan day. We decided to hit up Point Pleasant Park this time. I had lots of fun. I even visited the outhouses!I think everyone else was super tired, but they were good sports about spending the afternoon walking the trails. They were even greater when they let me snap a couple shots. I am always like “it’s for my, c’mon guys, one more. Kristi needs to see pictures, my nana loves it”. So thanks guys for humoring me.Sunday evening we went over to Kelly and Robs for dinner. It was wicked good. Rob like pulled dinner out of his bum (he didn’t know we were coming over until like 3 pm. I know I wouldn’t be able to think of something to feed everyone). We had bbq chicken and potatoes that I don’t know what he did to them but yum. Kelly let me hang out with Morgan, which gave me my baby fix, and Emma and I had a mini photo shoot. I will post those pictures when I get them.
So, that was my weekend. Wish it was longer, I have more fun on the weekends than during the week, wonder why?! Hope you all have a luscious day and stay tuned for next post…pictures of Karen, baby Georgia and myself. “Ka-ka (as known by her nieces) took me to visit Kathy and family. Yay!