Monday, December 31, 2007

Surprise, we're moving!

To the valley. End of August. Josh has to go to school there for 8 months. Ick.

Oh, and one other little thing, we’re pregnant!!! I am sure you’ve all heard the rumors by now, or maybe I even told you already, but I just wanted to make it official. Haha, make it official by posting on my blog :)

Our little bundle of joy is due July 18th, tho Josh has his fingers crossed for July 11th (his birthday). We’re like super stoked, and can’t wait to be parents.

So there it is…Julia finally gets her baby. Give Josh a pat on the back the next time you see him. Oh, and leave comments!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Charlie Brown Christmas?

I just had to post this picture of our holiday tree, because I just knew it would get a laugh! Josh is like the grinch around Christmastime, as he feels the trees and lights and decorations are just too much of a time consumer. I don’t agree, but I also didn’t want to decorate all on my own. So, we kept it simple…super simple. I wont lie, it’s cute, but it’s doesn’t quite ring "Christmas" like an actual tree would. In fact, April from work called it pathetic!
I suppose it’s not a big deal, we spend Christmas eve with his parents and Christmas day with mine, so it’s hardly like we need need our own tree. I do get a little sad when I look at all the nice trees up at our friends place. Karlee, Melese and Amber all have beautiful looking firs, I’ll just to go over there for caroling! Hope you all are feeling the Christmas bug, and are enjoying the lights and smells of the season.
P.S The Richard’s made my night last night by having us over for Café Rio. I loved it, and Josh did too. Thanks guys!
P.P.S I have all my gifts wrapped and ready to go, while Josh has yet to touch his...I think he is worried I will peak....I wonder wherever he'd get that idea... :)

Monday, December 10, 2007


So one of my favourite ways to get blog ideas is to check and see what other people are writing about. Since I can't top Jo's announcement, and since I haven't made over any dressers like Kelly lately, I've decided to do what Rhonda did this week. Just a little ranting. I think it's going to be better for me than the people reading it!

Rant 1: Um, gossip kills me. I know I am a repeat offender of this little thing, but sometimes it’s the worst when it’s about you. I’m not saying I heard anything bad about me, ‘cause I didn’t. I did, however, hear something that really gets me sour this weekend tho, and I know I’d be extra mad if it was about me.
So lets say two people are talking and they are like “So and so and so and so have been married for ___many years and they don’t have kids. I wonder why not?” Um, please. First off, as if it is any of their business! Second off, maybe timing is not right for them. How’s about people stop planning other people’s lives and just live their own. Heck!

Rant 2: I realize that planning a route for snow plowing must be tough stuff, but c’mon. If the weather person says it might snow, maybe you should get ready. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have the roads salted and plowed after it starts snowing. We all know how quickly it can come down and how road conditions change around here, so we need all the help we can get to make it safe. Oh, side rant: if it’s snowing, raining hard, below zero or foggy, drivers, please use caution. We’re not all idiots around here, but for those of you who are, please endanger your life somewhere else.

Rant 3: I don’t think you can call this a rant, but I suppose it is just a bunch of run on sentences put together about a common thing, so yea, a rant.
I love love love my family and friends. I love that they are so nice and awesome and caring and lovely. I love the way they make me smile and call just to see what’s up. I love family and friends that I know I can count on, who will celebrate happy moments in your life, and who will be there when I need a shoulder to cry on. I love having moments of one on one where you can tell and keep secrets, where you know they guard and value your opinions, and not judge. Oh, so many things I love about each family member and friend I have. So thanks to all of you. I just love you.

I suppose this is the end of my ranting for today. My eyes are buggy from the computer screen (I don’t think I got enough sleep last night). Thanks for tuning in, or maybe tuning out by now…haha.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

You can all blame Karlee for this one... I saw the one she did, and had to do one myself. Kar, Jo and Melese, I hope you don't mind!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear friends

So, I know it’s been a while since I posted, and honestly, I am so cranky I don’t even care. But I know what it’s like to check someone’s blog and have nothing new going on, so for my ol’ faithful readers, this post is for you!
Not too much going on in my neck of the woods. Oh, ‘cept our landlords put up the NO PARKING signs for the winter (they do it the second it starts snowing out!).
So if you are coming to visit, you have to park on the main road. Sick, I know. And what’s worse is that they hardly ever salt the driveway, so chances are if you are coming to visit me, after parking on the road, you will not make it to my door, because you will have broken your back first. Good luck with that!
In other news, Josh and I celebrated American thanksgiving with the Taylor’s and Sorensen’s. It was quite lovely, thanks to Jo for having us. Here we are at the supper table enjoying our luscious food. Oh and then we went to the Allred’s for pie, and Karlee made this awesome pecan (PEE-CAN, not PE-CON) pie. It was awesome, even if it didn’t set right. It all goes down the same way!!
Um, what else is going on? I am getting excited for Christmas. We put up our decorations at work, so it’s quite festive in here. We have our nice tree in the lobby.And our badness tree in the lounge. We all got together and made ornaments, it was nice for a Friday afternoon. Also, we have Christmas movies playing on the screen behind me, so I get glimpses of Charlie Brown, the Grinch and more, hanging out in the office. It’s really great.
Other than that, Josh and I are just hanging out in the evenings when we have time. He has exams the next two weeks, so he’s studying. But his classes are all over, so that means a little more time for us. I can’t wait for my Christmas break from work. 10 days and I’ll love every minute of it.
Anyone else super stoked for vacation?

Monday, November 19, 2007

I was tagged!

I know Jo tagged me before for “then and now”, and I have yet to do it because I want to get a picture of me as a kid, but Jaci tagged me to list 7 random things about me. So here they are:

1) I wear my socks inside out. It used to be a “no matter what” kind of thing, now it’s just with non-patterned socks, but yea. It’s more comfortable for sure. Plus, since they’re plain, no one can tell, well unless I take off my shoes.
2) I love when my hair is long. However, I love getting my hair cut in new ways; so long hair never seems to work out. I just got my hair cut to my chin, 4 inches…gone. Long hair is definitely very far away. Also, I love my long hair, but I don’t love the work that goes into doing it. When it takes an hour to dry and straighten it…it’s not worth it.
3) In January I will be celebrating my 3rd year as a member of the Church. It’s weird because it feels like yesterday that the sister missionaries were teaching me, but at the same time, I feel like I have been a member forever. I love being who I am now because of what I know.
4) I think farts are hilarious. No lie. I know it’s disgusting and a bunch of you are like “I don’t want to be friends with Julia anymore”, but you’ll just have to get over it! Farts are funny, ‘cept maybe when they stink.
5) Twins run in my family so ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted them. Twin girls, so they can wear matching dresses. Now that I think about it I am not so sure if I could handle it. But like Jaci said, 2-for-1!
6) I work for an advertising agency and know absolutely nothing about advertising! Seriously, the lingo gets me, the way things work from a piece of paper to the final product gets me. I am lost about 90% of the time. I am glad my job pretty much entails sitting here and looking pretty (tho “pretty” may not be the word you would use some days!!).
7) I used to think that getting married at 30 was ideal. For real. I used to make fun of people who got married so young because I thought they were missing out on so much. Turns out I was the idiot! I mean why would I want to hold off marrying someone I love and want to be with? I am lucky to have Josh in my life, and that I knew we were supposed to be together. And I am glad we didn’t wait. Oh, and I thought I wanted to have kids only after I turned 35. Um…maybe not so much. 35 is like 12 years from now! Haha. Oh, how we learn.

So that is my 7 things. Now it’s my turn to tag people. Melese Sorensen, Amber Richards, Karlee Allred, Jessica Smith, and Kristine Smith. Gals: 7 random things about you….GO!

Friday, November 16, 2007

So behind.

It’s so weird how I can be so on the ball one month and then the next it’s like…oh man, so far behind. So I have decided not to recap what’s been going on, only because we all know how good my memory is, and well, I don’t even remember what I did the other day normally. I think today’s post will be just a random collage of stuff. All good?
So I was going thru pictures that I had uploaded from my camera, and I came across this one from a bit ago. Like back when the R.S had a PJ Party. It was lots of fun. We had some great lessons from the ladies and then we got to eat le food and paint and chat and it was just a great time. I got this picture taken specifically so I could post about my awesome time, but then I forgot and blah blah blah. So here it is. I just want you all to note how green/gray mine and Melese’s faces are. I don’t know what happened, since it’s only the two of us, but weird huh?
Also, I found this picture of Josh and I when we were celebrating our anniversary. We had to try this pose like 4 times because I just had it on auto timer and obviously I am an idiot, since it didn’t work the first 3 times! This is as good as it got. We need a kid so they can take the pictures for us. Kel, is Emma any good at picture taking, we’ll have to borrow her next time.
Um, what else is new?…not too much. I am stoked because tomorrow Melese and I are going to get our hairs did. Honestly I wanted to grow my hair out, but I just have this little addiction to getting it cut all the time, so it never works out. Oh, and my parents are coming over for supper tonight to celebrate mum’s birthday. That should be fun because I am not actually cooking, dad’s getting pizzas! Score.
I suppose that’s about all. No wait, I forgot. Kristi was home for a bit and the other night Karlee hosted a girl’s night and it was so fun. Thanks to Kristi for thinking of it, and Kar for putting it on. It was nice to see a bunch of the ladies out. Sadly, I have to report that I am the BIGGEST dork and left at 9 pm (you know, bed time and all!) I’ve just been super tired lately and need all the rest I can get. I think it’s the whole you wake up in the morning and it’s dark and then you get home from work and its dark and dang it’s so depressing. I just keep thinking that summer is on its way…like…in 7 months, but lets be positive, for my sake ok?
So um yup, that’s all I got. Don’t forget to comment you punks! Josh was saying he knows a bunch of people who read and don’t comment and it just makes me want to drop kick someone down an elevator shaft…off my bike (stolen from Gill, nice one). I don’t own a bike, so you’re all lucky. Tho Josh has one…that sits in our living room. Taking up precious space, but that’s another story.
Ok, done. Ciao.
Oh, one more thing. The Spice Girls rocked their first concert the other night. I love them. I wish my husband made bank and could fly me around the world so I could go see them. Twice!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Love him!

So, the other day at church we were in nursery and I just had to snap this picture. Josh is just so cute with the kids. They all love him, and for some reason flock to him when he's reading a story. If you ever get a chance, pop by the nursery and see him in action!

In other news: I am behind on my blogging, I know. I am just so lazy lately. But it's been a good week. Got to hang out with friends a lot, and I just want to thank Melese and Jake for letting us come over and hang out while our power was down. You guys are great, thanks so much.
Hope you all are with power now and that the storm didn't hit you too hard :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first show!

Hey guys, well I finally caved and made a slide show. No word of a lie, I love it. I am going to do it way more often from now on.
I promise this doesn't count as my post, I hope to find time to update this afternoon.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pancakes and crafts

This is what my night consisted of. I came home from work and I decided to make pancakes for supper, since Josh doesn’t like them, we don’t eat them often. He was at work so it was all me. So I made 2 nice big fluffy ones, and went out with my bacon and pancakes to watch tv. It is possible that in all of my syrupy excitement that I forgot pouring the 3rd one into the pan…and leaving it there.
I didn’t notice the smoke in the kitchen, and neither did the fire alarm (the battery went dead yesterday, how convenient). So there I was, chowing down on my awesomeness and then I go to clean up my dishes and get into the kitchen and it’s all like foggy and sick and it was at that point that I remembered…oops. Does apartment insurance cover stuff like that? I wonder. So I was laughing at myself for being such a dork, and I just had to take a picture to show you how great of cook I am really. As you can see on the box, my pancakes were just a tad overcooked! After that whole fiasco was over, I trotted over to Karlee’s place to make some more “Utah signs”. Jo was supposed to come, but she got caught up v-teaching. Melese got to drop by with Jace tho, which was cool, since I feel like I haven’t seen her forever! I think Karlee and I did pretty good, making 2 signs for myself and 3 for her, amidst the gossip and chatter. Josh came to pick me up around 9:30 and we ended up talking some more until about 10:30. It was nice just to talk with friends, and I wish there were more time in the day for it. If only everyday was a weekend, huh Karlee? Haha.
So that was my evening. It was good, but since I wasn’t in bed at my usual 9:30, I am tired out already and it hasn’t even hit 10 am!

Monday, October 22, 2007

And the weekend is over?

Well, I just have to say that I feel weekends should be 3 days long, not two, mainly because Sunday’s don’t really count as a day off if you know what I mean. But yea, it was a great weekend and Josh and I had lots of fun!
It started with a Friday evening with the girls. The guys wanted to go to a SMU football game so the ladies got together, ate chips and chatted. It was lots of fun, and there were lots of kiddies to steal, Emmy, Jace, Chloe, Gracie, Tate and Ilie. They all looked 100% cute in their jammies, and I wish I would have worn mine too. I think the cutest moment was when Chloe came down the stairs with my high heals on! I was like “aw, I want a kid so she can steal my shoes!” So I had to take a picture of that, and then Gracie with my phone, her little cheesie hands loved it. On Saturday Josh and I woke up to begin our day of anniversary celebrations! We went to a couples massage at the Interlude Spa for 10:15am, which was super awesome and relaxing. It’s too bad it was raining so hard that all my tension built back up by having to drive in it. But yea, it was so nice.
Then we got home and just “hung out” for a bit. We put in the movie Transformers and relaxed on the couch before heading to supper at the Keg. Supper was pretty much stellar. We had so much to eat that they practically had to roll me out afterwards. The steak was amazing and the dessert (however small it was) was delicious too. Here is a picture of us all full and happy (and my flowers, with the lillies open, so pretty).We then tried to go see a movie, but the one we wanted to see wasn’t playing at the theatres we were at, so we went home. Once home, we opened up our wedding cake topper and had a few bites. Josh was super surprised to find out that it actually tasted just as good as it did on our wedding day. I won’t lie, it was pretty darn yummy. We saved half of it so that our first baby can have it on their first birthday. I don’t know if that’s a tradition, but I am making it one.
Side note from my publicist: There is a nasty little rumor going around that I am pregnant and I just want to put a halt to that now. I am not sperminated. End of story.
So after we finished eating our cake we went to lay on the couch and then I was like “I am tired” and Josh was like “want to go to bed” and I was like “yes”, I then looked at the clock where it promptly reminded me that it was only 9 pm…but did that stop us…NO. We were asleep by 10! I know I know, we’re not very exciting, but I loved it.
We woke up the next morning and got ready for stake conference, where we sat with Josh’s family and the Taylor’s. I think we all agreed that it was warmer than a sauna in there. We could hardly concentrate because we were too busy boiling.
When we got home we had planned for naked nacho Sunday but then we ended up at the Calder’s (fully clothed) playing Settlers. It was pretty awesome, until Kevin won. A few others showed up and we hung out for a bit before Josh dragged me out since he had a midterm to study for. All good. I was in bed by 9:30 again, which was awesome. And that was that. Oh, and the Bronco’s won over the Stealers. Yay. (Haha, I am not really excited but I pretend to be for Josh!!) Yay babe, your team is the best!

Side note #2: Here is a picture of the happy Morris Family! Mummy and baby are doing great. I am excited to see more pictures, and will post when I get them.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I love my husband

So pretty much, and you can argue all you want, I have the best husband! Tomorrow is our one year anniversary and I am pretty stoked to spend the whole day with him. But, because I have the best husband, he started the celebration today. He sent me this AMAZING boquet of flowers to work this morning. I was sooo surprised that they were actually addressed to me!
Of course I took a picture, so enjoy that. I am happy because I am enjoying the smell of them right here in front of me! Yay. I love him. I'm all giddy now!
Hope you all have a super spectacular wonderful fantastical day!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A quickie

Um, so don’t tell anyone, but I seriously think I love knitting! I went to this knitting thing on Tuesday and I had tons of fun, and I brought my work in progress with me to work today. See, we started this “club” called the Kinky Knitters (dorky and I love it), where we are going to meet every second Tuesday. Really I think it’s a great idea, since a bunch of girls get together and knit and socialize and it’s great. Here is a picture of Jo, Renae and I enjoying our time together. Also, that evening before I went to the knitting thing, I went out to supper with my cool friend Kiel. It was cool! Haha. We went to Lonestar, which I hate, but he’s good company so I got over it. We got to chat for a bit and he and his friend drove me to Eileen’s afterwards. I just had to get a picture of us enjoying my flat bread meal, since that’s practically all I ate (seriously, I don’t love it there at all). Finally, yesterday, as part of my mental health day off from work, I went to lunch with Melese, Jo and Karlee. It was nice to get out with them and by the time I got home that evening I was feeling 100% better and ready to go back to work. Of course, I got a picture of us at the restaurant too. So I am pretty sure this blog is all over the place and may not even make sense, but I’m over it! Hope you all have a good day, and all you bloggers, don’t forget to comment you fools.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another post so soon?

I am quite impressed with myself for posting so much recently. I think it's because I was used to posting everyday for my Utah trip, that now I feel lonely without blogging. Haha.

Not much to report, 'cept that my cool bestest ol' roomie ever came to visit me at work. It was a nice surprise, since I was not having a very good day. We went to Freak Lunch box and that made my day. We walked along the waterfront for the rest of my lunch hour and then parted ways. Of course, not before I snagged a picture of our time together! Here we are eating some very large malt balls (which we're not that good). Good times Devin, thanks!
In other news, tonight I am going out with some girls to learn how to knit. I don't know how that's all going to turn out, but I am happy to be spending time out of the house while Josh is at work. Hopefully I will get a few pictures from tonight so I can blog once more tomorrow!
Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine today, from the inside, cause it was a little colder in the wind!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Updating because of updating.

Lots of stuff that has been going on since I started my Utah updates, so now I am behind on that, so I'll do a quick recap.
1) Went to the beach with the Allred’s, Buxton’s and Taylor’s. It was good times with the toasty fire to keep us somewhat warm. Josh didn’t have a problem with the cold tho, he and Donny went into the water. It was darn cold! Such silly boys. I just have to post this picture because I think they look like backstreet boys don’t you think?

I would have to say my fav. part of the evening was the roasted marshmallows I got to eat. I am a huge fan, so that was great. And of course it didn’t hurt that I got to be there with some of my cool friends. Thanks for the invite Karlee!
2) Celebrated Dave's b-day at the Stag. It was like October somethingth and we got to eat on the patio. That's pretty great.

3) Thanksgiving just passed us. We got to go to my parents on Monday to eat lots of food.I tried to get a family picture out of it, but mum and dad weren’t havin’ it, so Nicole just took some dorky ones of Josh and I. We also had conference that weekend, and bonus, we got to watch it at home on our new tv. That was exciting. I think I listened more at home than I ever did at church. It was great.
4) We got to make Halloween signs at church the other evening. Mine turned out ok, but my sparkles didn’t go on like I wanted. Everyone’s signs looked super good, and we had a lot of fun doing them. But seriously, it took me like 2.5 hours to do my sign. It was nuts, but I was glad to have friends like Jo and Jes to chat with. Haha, just hit me, the 3 J's, Jo, Jes, and Julia. Hahahha, I am a dork.
5) I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLYNNE! I am so glad that you moved up here to cold ol’ Canada. Hope it’s a good one friend.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Making Popcorn

Ok, so I have to say, popcorn is one of my favourite snacks and the other day I was getting groceries with Ashley and she said that her and Chad just pop it on the stove, since a big bag of kernels is like 2 bucks and I usually pay like 6 bucks for 12 servings, so here I am like...alright, I am going to try this, and you know what, it was darn good (not as good as Melese's cause she's got a popper and some yummy butter) but I try. So pretty much every night when I am craving a snack I just pop some good ol' corn. Yay.

Ohh the anticipation kills me!


Only thing, does anyone know how to make it taste buttery without soaking the popcorn in melted butter from the microwave?

Let me know.

Utah #7

September 27th
My last day in Utah. It really hit me when I woke up that it was my last full day of fun, and that Sharee didn’t have her baby yet, which sucked. Aubrey and I knew that it was going to be mall day, as we had yet to hit up Gateway! We also hadn’t done a session at the temple either. So we got our Sunday best on and made our way (after checking to make sure it was open this time) to the SLC Temple. We did a 9 am session and it was awesome. It’s a totally different experience that everyone should try to do at least once. I had a good time, but honestly, I think I like the way we do it here better. Just a personal preference.
So after that we met up with Sharee at the Olive Garden where I wolfed down the best pasta dish ever. We totally need an OG here. No lie.
So then we went to Gateway. It was a really nice warm day which was perfect for shopping. My first store was Forever 21, which I found some really great stuff, but I think I’ll prefer shopping online to in the store, it’s crazy in there. P.S They are going to start shipping to Canada soon, yay! Then we did all the other stores that we don’t have up here. I decided that I don’t like Hollister and Abercrombie’s atmosphere. The music is WAY too loud and it’s too dark inside to appreciate the clothing on the shelves. It was more annoying that inviting, but I still bought stuff. Well for Josh, cause he likes their jeans.
We ended the day with a trip to Ben’s Cookies where they have these yummy warm cookies and ice cream and it was awesome and I couldn’t eat it all and I had milk to wash it down and it was totally fantastic and I am drooling thinking about it now. Yum. We were totally tired after our long day out, and so we picked up some Café Rio and headed over to Aubrey’s aunts house to watch the season premiere of Grey’s. It was a perfect way to end my vacation. Maxin’ and relaxin’. Just wish I had one of these love sacs to lay on all the time!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Utah #6

September 26th
Alright, so this morning we drove home from Cedar City and all of its shenanigans. We dropped Meghan off at her parents place and then went to Aubrey’s friend Nancy’s house for a visit. Nancy has a little boy, Zach, and he’s pretty much the funniest little man ever. He LOVES BYU and plans to go there “when he grows up”. We then met up with Melissa for lunch at the Brick Oven and it was really yummy. Tragically, I wasn’t super hungry and couldn’t eat everything I had wanted to. Darnnit! So we finished eating up there, Melissa was on her lunch break so we didn’t have all the time in the world to hang out, but it was still fun, and then we headed to the BYU Bookstore where I purchased the one thing I truly wanted, a BYU sweater (which I am wearing in the picture below, totally posing as a "y" to match the one on the mountain!)I was so stoked. I love wearing it now, like all the time, I am sure you can all attest to that. So yea, and I thought it was cool because the bookstore was also like a clothing store and it had shoes for 20 bucks and it was awesome and I want to go back now just thinking about it.
On our travels from Provo to SLC we stopped at the Provo Temple, the MTC, and Mount Timpanogas (sp?) Temple to take pictures. I really liked the Mount T one, and hope one day to do a session there.
Finally we made it back after all that side tracking (thanks to Aubrey and her excellent guide help, I was able to do plenty of touristy temple stops) and we met up with Nancy and Zach at the Olde Spaghetti Factory. It was also super yummy (I wasn’t very hungry there either, since we ate at the Brick Oven not too many hours earlier) and so Aubrey and I just split a meal. Also, we were trying to conserve our calorie intake for our trip to the Roof restaurant for the all you can eat dessert buffet, which is where we went after we finished saying our goodbyes to Nancy.
Now, I must tell you that our visit to the Roof made me feel super special. See we have a friend Jeff Van Houlten (who actually served here as well) who is the evening manager there, and so he reserved us a very special seat (the seat where they filmed the movie Charley as well as many others). Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but I wanted to get the temple all lit up, so no flash!So we got there and he seated us and told our waiter that we were VIP so it was cool. And cooler still, the King and Queen of Portugal were eating just a table over. It was crazy! Rumor is that they were in town to meet with President Hinkley, but who really knows. If they were though, I am super jealous. But yea, Aubrey and I spent some good quality time talking over 3 trips up to the buffet, each time filling out plates with some new tastes. It was insane. By the end of it we were feeling quite ill and had to be rolled to the car! Oh and there was a piano man in the restaurant taking requests and when it was someone’s b-day as they brought over the dessert he would play Happy Birthday and it was so cool.
So yea, it was awesome, and I loved looking out over the temple, and the city. It was just spectacular. It was an awesome day full of….eating mainly!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Utah #5

September 25th
So today we traveled to Cedar City, which is like a 3 hourish drive from SLC, well I think it was that long, but it seemed longer, not sure why. Maybe it was because I was super excited to be going to Bryce Canyon to see all the red rocks. In any case, we finally got there and we went to check into the hotel we had looked up online, and it was a dive, like super dive and the woman wanted to see our id’s before we even asked questions, so we were like…no way.
We decided to continue the hunt for shelter after getting back from the canyon. So we drove up and it was an awesome drive and the leaves on the trees were all yellow, which was nice, but I have to say I love all of our different colors here more. We got to take some fun pictures (in the picture above, I was sure I was going a over tea kettle into the great abiss!) and I have to say my favourite part of the day was when we got to go horseback riding. I got to pick out the horse I wanted and I was stoked, but then not so stoked when I found out that mine was lazy and didn’t want to keep up with the others and would get down on it’s knees and eat the grass, not listening to me telling him to get up and oh my! Lol. The girls kept telling me to kick him so he’d get a move on, and I tried, but he was not having any of that! It was all good tho, we had an amazing tour and got to see some great sites. I got this wicked picture of me riding into the deep blue and I asked them to take the picture and they were like “are you ready” and I was like “yup” with this big grin on my face for the camera…only realzing afterwards that I didn’t need to smile because it was a picture of my behind! Meghan (Aubrey’s sister) thought it was funny. I am a dork! So we got back down the mountains and decided to check into the Quality Inn since it had a pool and Aubrey invited boys over for her to flirt with! We had a good time in the pool and then we got hungry so we went to Denny’s and it was awesome. Mainly because I had never been to one before and because our waitress was crazy and had her guitar and started singing REM and it was funny. Hahaha, I think about it now and laugh. Wish you were there to see it. And one of the guys I met was from here in NS (guy in red sitting next to me) and it was cool because he knows Ashley and it just proves that it’s a small world after all. Especially if you’re a member! So yea, that was our night. I was tuckered out from the hiking and the riding and all, so the three of us didn’t even mind that we shared one king bed. It was awesome.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Utah #4

September 24th
So it was raining today, again (but it later got sunny). Aubrey and I got up early to go to a session at the SLC temple, but quelle surprise, they are not opened on Monday’s. At all. I thought maybe for the morning, but I guess planning for FHE takes all day! So we were a little sour about that, since we had gotten all dressed up and had our temple bags etc. The anger was short lived tho, because the rest of temple square was still open. Bonus! So Aub and her roomie Natalie took me around. So we got to do all the touristy things (‘cause that’s what I was) and I think my favourite part was seeing the Christus. It was flippin’ big!The whole day was great because the Spirit was so strong and again I was glad I was there with Aubrey. Everyone was asking where I was from and Aubrey was like a proud mama telling them she taught me on her mission, and that she got to be my “mum” in the temple. I just love her.
In between our Temple Square tours, we went to….CAFE RIO! It was amazing, you people are right. I miss it now just thinking about it. Mmmmm. Ok, enough. But seriously, good times. I even had Aub take a picture of me and my excitedness!!! So then after my long day being a tourist from Halifax (Nova Scotia? It’s about as far east as you can go in Canada….oh, lightbulb!) we went to Sharee’s for supper. Honestly, I can’t say I was excited to go, but only because I wanted her to be in the hospital having a baby! But oh well, supper was still cool lol. We didn’t get to hang out too long after supper because we had made plans with Jason Hainsworth (Elder Hainsworth?!) to meet up. So we did. And we ended up going to Aubrey’s aunts place because she has a hot tub. It was fun, but as Karlee already said, it was weird seeing a post-missionary (the one who did my baptism interview!) outside of a suit. It was fun tho. He and Aubrey are friends, so it was all gravy, and it was a nice end to the night. I ended up in bed still prune-y from the hot water! So yay, another post done! I need a kick in the pants for taking so long!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Utah #3

September 23rd
So on Sunday we did the church thing and I have to say, it’s so different down there. Aubrey is in the University 15th ward!!! It makes me laugh haha, 15th!!! We’re lucky to have two (not that the singles even really counts ‘cause there are like 20 people!)
So there were 2 speakers, one from the ward, and then Elder Larson was #2. I don’t know if you all know that name, but he used to be in the 70 and maybe even the 12. He was amazing and I really enjoyed his talk. He spoke about giving back to your community (in their case, university) and really just living it up. He was the cutest old man and he had a similar air about him as President Hinkley. That twinkle, you know the one I am talking about. I wish we had more visitors like that up here in Halifax.
After church we went to Sharee’s parents house for her brothers homecoming. I am not going to lie, it was the best food ever. They had thai food brought in and I ate it right up! Talking about it now makes me crave it. Mmm. We got to do a little photoshoot of the three of us in Sharee’s beautiful backyard, which I don’t have the good pictures from because Sharee couldn’t send them to be because she’s all pregnant and stuff. Correction: she WAS pregnant, and now she’s a new mum!! Brady Lamar was born yesterday (Thursday, October 4th) weighing in at 9lbs 9oz. Holy quarterback!I will post pictures as soon as I get them. For now, back to my Sunday events. So yea, we left Sharee’s and then went to Aubrey’s friends place for some more food (enchiladas) and conversation before the fireside. Now, firesides here are like nothing compared to out there. Like as in, there were over 6000 single university students attending this one, and we’re lucky to get like 60 on any given thing. And we had an awesome speaker…Elder Holland!!! He was awesome. I never thought of him as one of my favourite to listen to, but he was funny as all get out! I felt very blessed to be there.
After the fireside a bunch of people were getting together for dessert, but I was so tired I got Aubrey to drop me to her place before she went. I wanted her to go because this guys she was dating was there, but I couldn’t handle it. So I popped in a movie and fell asleep before her return.
That was my day three. I wish I could still be there. Every time I think about something fun I did there I miss it more! I miss the girls, we had some good this moment. "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little" Haha. Inside joke...
Thanks for checking in dudes.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Utah #2

September 22nd:
So upon waking up at Aubrey’s parents place, we ate some breakfast and decided we should plan our activities for le jour. I really really wanted to spend some money, so we knew shopping was on the agenda. However, it was raining so we knew it wasn’t going to be a Gateway day!
We settled on the University Mall, which was all good with me. Oh and before we did that we got to go to a distribution centre and it was cool. I wish we had ones around here so I didn’t have to order things and pay shipping. There was also a Deseret Books and so we went in and Aubrey bought the coolest picture ever. I wish I had taken a picture of it cause it was so nice. So yea, by the time we were done there we were hungry, so we went to this place called Noodles and Company. It was sooo yummy. Here’s a picture of that. I pretended I was super good at eating with chop sticks..but I wasn’t. So yea, then we went shopping and it was super good times. My new favourite store is Charlotte Reuss (thanks Karlee for mentioning it!) It super cheap there and I LOVE their jeans. I also bought my first ever Wonder Tees. It was the highlight of my life. I ended up bringing 4 back with me, and I want more!
After our day of shopping we decided on the Garden for dinner (in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg) and it was awesome. I got some great pictures of the temple and the food was stellar. On our way out we decided to watch the Joseph Smith movie (the one that replaced the Testaments). Aubrey handed me a Kleenex on the way in and I was thinking “I wont need this”. Boy was I wrong. I was like a baby in there. The spirit was sooo strong. I have never felt that way before. It was intense and I was appreciative that I got to share that with Aubrey (she’s the sister missionary who taught me). Even now I am thinking about it and I just can’t explain how much it meant to be for her to be there.
So yea, after the movie I was done for the night. We made it to bed around 12, which with the time difference made it 3 am!!! WAY TO LATE. But I was having fun, so who cares! Check back later for day 3!