Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally, some pictures

I love getting email, and I love when it's from a friend who recently got married. This means pictures! I am sure most of you reading this know Sharee (Sister Martin) who served in the Halifax Mission. She and Aubrey Fullmer were the ones that taught me. Well she got married in December, and she just (finally!) sent me some pictures. I wanted to show a few of them off to you all. Wasn't she so pretty. They looked like they belonged on the top of a wedding cake they were so perfect. She said it was an awesome day. If it was anything like mine, it must have been perfect. I wish I could have gone, but lets be serious, do you think I had the money for that? Nope!

BUT...I am so excited because I am going to get to visit Aubrey and Sharee in September. I have never been to Salt Lake City, and it's like one of my dreams! I know all you "moes" think it's no big deal, but it's a huge deal to me, and I cannot wait.

Also, Aubrey works for an airline down there, and she gets to travel all kinds of places. I am hoping she is going to get a chance to come visit me soon. I have missed them both since they've gone home from their missions. They both were back for visits with their families, and they both came up for my wedding, but that just doesn't seem like enough. I suppose it is my turn to go visit them tho. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can go in September, no problems.
So, now I am just rambling, and I am sure you are all getting bored, so I'll end it here. Thanks for reading, and commenting. Blogging is like the highlight of my day!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I can't...

Unfortunatly, after meeting with the people at the Artritis Society, I have come to the realization that I will not be able to run the marathon in Athens this year. Between working at two jobs and spending what little time I have left with Josh, I wont be able to commit the hours needed to train and fundraise. Its a lot to ask for someone to train 5 days a week, and fundraise 6100 bucks. I do hope in the future that I get this chance again. For anyone who has extra time and is looking for something awesome to do, you should check it out. www.arthritis.ca

Enough talking about what I can't do, lets talk about something else. Um, I basically don't have too much to say. Josh and I are enjoying the time we have to hang out during his reading week. We find it really hard to spend the time we want to because after a long day at work the last thing I want to do is go out. I am usually in bed by 9:30. Josh is great, and comes to bed with me, and then when I am asleep he'll get back up until he's tired. We're trying right now to be better at scripture study and so we take turns each night picking something to read and discuss. Its not much, but I feel much better knowing that we're trying.
I guess thats all i have to say for today. I wish I had some fun pictures to post. I'll try to get some to my work computer (which is where I am writing this from) for next post.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hey folks, so here's the story (you're going to laugh by the way). I think my sister and I are going to sign up for a marathon. Whats more fun is that we run it in Athens, Greece.

I am so excited at the idea of this. Its for Joints in Motion (for arthritis) and it's a super cause. I personally don't know anyone who is suffering from this horrible problem, but I know the money raised will go towards finding better treatments and possible cures. I am so excited at the prospect of doing this, especially with my sister. The only downfall, and it's a big one, is that I have to raise $6100 in order to be able to run. It's a huge task, and hopefully both my sister and I can do it. So, we haven't signed up yet, but if anyone knows of fundraising ideas, would like to donate, or knows someone super wealthy who would be willing to help my sister and I out, it would be much appreciated. When I find out more about this (if we decide to do it) I'll post updates on it. Training begins in May, and the event is in November. Can we do it?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Can you kill the star?

Um, so I don't know who of you fellow bloggers watch Grey's Anatomy but I'm looking for peoples reactions to last nights show. This was mine: "um, did that just happen?" The answer, my friends, is yes. Yes it can happen, and it did. However, I think we can all assume that Mer is not going to be dead forever. Although I was thinking, maybe they'll turn all "Passions" and have her living in an alternate universe or where she'll come back as a ghost a la "Lake House", and Grey's will now refer to Mrs. Grey, after she miraculously recovers from years of Alzheimer's. Who knows? I do know this: I will stop watching the show if there is any voodoo "I'm dead, but I can still live on earth" crap. Seriously though, we all know what's going to happen. Meredith was seeing flashes from beyond the grave, but they will revive her. It's Seattle Grace after all. If they could freeze Joe's body repair him and then bring him back to life, then I am sure they can handle a little hypothermia and drowning. Can't they?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Extreme looses a good man...

I mean woman!

I am sure that you have all seen these pictures by now, since Kristi had them up first, but I wanted to re-iterate the fact that while there are fun things to do at work... like eat food, there are some not so fun things that go on too. Kristi is the only one who truly understands my pain and anguish towards the slushy machine. As you can see in these pictures, Kristi is excited (doing a dance actually) about passing off this reception duty to me...I am clearly not as thrilled. I will keep you all updated on the escapades that go down at Extreme Group. For now, ciao.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the highlight of my day!

Ok, so it's valentine's day, and I am going to write you about the highlight of this lovers day. I got to change the slushie machine. Ta-da...the most exciting part of my day! And to make it better, I mixed some flavors together, creating a lovely combination of cherry and banana. It's actually, I wont lie, the worst tasting stuff ever. Cherry is the only flavor I like, and we ran out, so I had to put them both together. I was not happy about that. Also, because of this flavorful change, I had to make a sign, so people would know what they were getting themselves into when pouring a nice cold glass of sugar.

Talent beyond compare I know. Could you guess that I work at an advertising agency, ripping of other companies illustrations?

In other news, it's 12:30 and so far 4 deliveries of flowers, none to me of course. Don't get me wrong, Josh is super, but cut flowers are not his strong point. Kissing however, is! Haha, I am sure you all wanted to know that. Hopefully, if the weather holds out, Josh and I, along with Chad and Ashley, are going to the movies. That is all we can afford right now, seeing as a new car is in our near future. Another thing in my near future: delivering the mail. I got to get to that. Ciao

Friday, February 9, 2007

I'm a model you know

Ok, so most of you know that I recently started my new job at Extreme Group (thanks to Kristi and how cool she was for getting me the job, well her and my charm of course). It's a really cool advertising agency and all the people here are brilliant, which makes me wonder why they hired me :) Anyways, one of the things that you have to do is get your staff picture taken. So after work one day I went over to the photographers house and we had a little mini photo shoot. They picked two final ones that will make it up on the wall. Here they are.
I had sent the proofs to dad, who said "I was expecting the Halo to be a little more tarnished!" Funny man...So, today is the last day that I will be training with Kristi then it's all me. She is taking pictures of her last day, which I am sure I'll post, or you can check out her blog (in my friends list). Hopefully I have retained most of the information she gave me. I somehow doubt it, seeing as I have the worst memory of all. So, I guess thats all I have to say. Check back in a couple days and I'll post the pictures from Kristi's last day, and my real first day!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Might as well talk about Dustin.

Seeing as that is the only news I have comes from Korea, I might as well write about that. Dustin and I have been emailing more often in the past couple weeks, and this time he sent pictures. For those of you who don't know Dustin here's a little history:
Dustin is Josh's cousin, and since Josh and I are "le married" Dustin and I are all tight and stuff! He is currently serving his mission in Korea. Holy far away! He is loving it tho. He says that he gets along with his companions (which is good!) and MacDonalds is a restaraunt that he hits up quite frequently. You have to know that before he left, he had the cutest little doggie and I really wanted to take care of it while he was away, however, I lost that bid to his mother. Flippin' mums win everything. Anyone that wants to email Dustin, I am sure he'd love it.