Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I told you all that Lyla showed no signs of rolling over... Wrong-o. She accomplished this awesome task on Sunday, rolling from her back to her front. My sister, mum and I got to witness. It was so amazing...and then I shed a little tear because she's growing up so fast. Gosh I love this little girl. Here's a picture of Lyla after she rolled. I think she's like..."so what now?"

In other news, we're in the city this week, visiting all we can before going back after the Hallowe'en festivities end (I have pictures of Lyla and a pumpkin but they are on my home computer, check them out on Facebook). I got to go to church on Sunday for an hour to see some friends, and then to a little potluck put on by my friends Leah and Dave. All the kiddies got to wear their costumes. Lyla gave hers about a 10 minute test drive before puking on it! Hopefully we have better luck on Friday. I will post pictures of her costume after Friday. I made a cheese ball spider and I think it looked pretty darn good. It's simple. Cream cheese, shredded cheese and roll in poppy seeds.Monday was a relaxing day with my mum, we just watched t.v and chatted, and picked my brother up at the airport late that night. Here are a few pictures to show how much fun Lyla is having with my mum. She fell asleep with her twice when mum wasn't even trying. This one shows that mum was going to lay her down to change her, but Lyla was asleep before she even hit the couch. And this one is when mum went to burp dice.Oh, and I bought my first pair of jeans since having Lyla. It was not fun trying them all on, but I found a pair I liked (thank heavens) and now I just need to get them hemmed.
Tuesday was a rainy day, and I wasn't feeling the best so we laid low again. I love visiting because I can just hang out all day long and not feel like a slob.
Today, along with Nancy, Leah and Jo, I went to the Reel Babies at the Empire Theatres in Dartmouth. They were showing HSM3. It was so cute, not a disappointment at all (how could it be with dreamy Zac Efron! Haha). Lyla was such a good baby the whole time, not making a peep. She loves t.v just as much as me. For those of you who can, you should go. They have change tables, wipes, diapers, toys, bottle warmers. It's all very cool, and you can win prizes too. I am going to try and do it once a month, just to get out (Bayer's Lake and Dartmouth are the only theatres that do it, boo New Minas). Let me know if you're interested and next time I'll let you know about it.
After the movie we ordered some pizza and went to Jo's for a photoshoot compliments of Helene. She's a little photographer in the making and I am so looking forward to seeing how the shots turned out. She was so good at giving direction and put up with my whiny baby too. Thanks friend!
I guess that's all that's gone on so far this week. Josh comes up on Friday for Hallows Eve, and Lyla and I miss him, so we're getting excited for that.
Hope you are all well. I'll post pictures from the shoot when I get them. Love.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look who's 3 months today!

I can't believe it was July 22nd, 3 months from today, that Lyla joined our little family (in a less-than-ladylike way). I feel like it was yesterday, and at the same time it's like she's always been here. I just wanted to post a little list of what my baby genius can do (I just think she's so talented!) I am going to print this right off and put it in her baby book, so I don't have to do it twice. Oh, so smart.

Anywho here are my lists:

babble up a storm
mimic Josh and I when making noises
entertain herself while I do housework
grab toys held in front of her
sleep 8-9 hours thru the night
blow bubbles with her spit
eat 7 oz bottles in one sitting
hold her own 4 oz bottle
soothe herself to sleep
lie on her tummy and prop herself up
respond when she hears noises around the room
sit in a bumbo
put everything in her mouth
hold her hands, fingers interlocked (very reverent eh?!)
give Josh and I a reason to smile everyday

to hold my fingers and pull herself up to sit
sit on her own (briefly before tipping over)
hit toys to make them sing (cause/effect)
support herself on her legs when holding her up (she would much rather not tho)
hold her head up straight instead of sideways, she loves a sideways world.
no sign of:
rolling over
stopping the spitting up of foodWe're so proud of our little one and can't wait for each day as she learns and accomplishes more. Happy 3 months Lyla!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Deux Ans

That's two years to all you non-french speaking readers! Josh and I have been hitched for two years today. We're pretty happy we made it this long, it was touch and go there for a while..haha. Joking!!!
To celebrate, we went to OPA in the city on Saturday for lunch and then got a hotel room for the night. The best part was that we were asleep by 10 pm. We are soooo old. My parents took Lyla for the night, so we thought we'd take advantage of the sleep time (yea, she does sleep thru the night, usually 11-8, but you know, it's not the same as getting away!)
I have a few pictures from our day, but I don't know how to crop and edit, so I'll just post one for now.
Also, Beckey was asking where I was for the past little bit. I went to New Brunswick this past week to show Lyla to her family on my Mum's side. It was nice to get up there, even if Josh couldn't come, but I was glad we went before winter comes. I have some pictures of that too, but I'll put them on facebook.
On Sunday on our way home from the city we went to Stake Conference in Kentville. Afterwards we got some family pictures outside. Too bad it wasn't nice and warm out, we only had time to take a few. Oh wearing a bow, but Josh hid it on us before pictures. Jerk! Lyla's over 12 lbs now, and is about 23 inches long. She can babble like no one's business and giggles (only when Josh isn't around!). She is doing well holding her head up, and before I mentioned that she was going to see a specialist about working on her neck muscles, but I don't think we'll need to once she is assessed (which she hasn't been yet...sigh). Like I said, she still sleeps thru the night, usually 8-9 hours at a time, with 2 naps during the day. She's just so good and I love her to death. I know I am bragging, but I am just so proud of her all the time.
I guess that's all that's going on here. This week I am going to be working on her Hallowe'en Costume. It's a surprise, and I am sewing it, so I hope it actually works out. We're going to be coming to the city for the festivities, so get your kiddies dressed up and come on out with us!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good weekend

So, as you all know, we went apple picking this saturday. It was so much fun. I was so thrilled to see a bunch of you, my halifax friends. It reminded me that I missed living near you all. Only 9 months until we're out of the valley tho :)

I just wanted to post some picture of apple picking, I also have them on facebook should you feel the need to view more! P.S The lighting is bad in some of them. We're not professionals!
Oh, and yesterday was another lovely day so we went for a hike up the north mountains. Josh showed me to this lookoff, which was over all the town. It was awesome. And we had bundled Lyla up in a little warm suit (thanks to Beckey for that). She just looked so cute. I love her.Today is another sunny day, we're pretty darn lucky. Feel free to come visit anytime, and we can enjoy the sun together.

Friday, October 3, 2008

So you know

Here are the final details for tomorrow.
It's supposed to be sunny with clouds, 13 degrees.
We're meeting at Noggin's Farm at 12 noon. To get there go on the 101 to exit 11 (Greenwich, Port Williams, Canning). Turn left at the stoplights. They are the first farm on the right. It should take you around 40 minutes to get there (says Josh, I know nothing about timing).
The cost is 8 dollar per adult (12 and over), 6 dollars per child (3-11), and free for kiddies younger than that. This cost covers admission to the corn maze, the wagon ride to the apple orchard, and the barnyard funzone (tunnel slides, tire mountain, hay horses, corn and sand box). The apples are 10 bucks per bag (each bag is about 20lbs). You can also pick your own pumpkins, squash and herbs. I don't know those prices. Sorry.
I think that's all I have to say.
Hope you can make it. We're going rain or shine (unless it's like super super raining and gross). If we don't end up going, we'll post it on here. Or you can reach us on our cell phones 209-2292, or 880-9029.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

They're getting bigger...

Check out the bow I made for Lyla yesterday....(for some reason the picture loaded sideways...not sure why/how that happened)Look a little larger than the ones I started with eh? And I love it.

I made 4 bows yesterday...intertchangeable ones (proud Melese and Amber?) and the other day I made this black one. I think it's so cute but I dont have anything for her to wear with it. Why don't they sell black baby clothes? They should.
In other news, Lyla is now 10 weeks old. She had her dr. appt. a week ago and she weighted in at 11 lbs 5 oz and 22.5 inches long. She did very well with her needles (better than me) but it threw her for a little cranky loop for a couple days. She's back to her schedule now, but I was worried there for a while. Poor thing. She has a little problem with her neck and has to go to physio, but Dr. Robinson said it's not a big deal and it will be an easy fix. I sure hope so. Lyla doesn't know anythings wrong tho, it doesn't hurt her or anything, she just favors one side and needs to work the muscles on the other side more.
What else can I tell you? Oh, Ashley and Chad were up this past weekend. It was Chad's b-day and so he and Josh went golfing and Ashley and I hung out. Also the Veinot's came up from Yarmouth for a wedding and so they stopped in for a visit. It was nice to see friends again. I just miss you all so much. I am pretty stoked about apple picking this weekend. Mainly because I get to hang out with a few of you. Hope you're looking forward to it as well. It's supposed to be sunny and 14 degrees. Fingers crossed :)