Thursday, August 9, 2007

Long Weekend Funness

So I finally felt like it was summertime this past weekend. Not so much because of the weather, but because it was a long weekend and I got to do some fun things instead of just catching up on cleaning, laundry etc. from the week.
It started on Friday night when we went to Karen's last night bash. A bunch of Karen's friends got together to play Cranium and our team won!!! Little Ethan was there and just so cute it made me want one! This picture is of the winning team, we're so awesome.

Saturday morning I did some shopping with Ashley (ok, you caught me, I needed to buy a gift for the wedding, and an outfit). Then Josh and I went to the sealing ceremony (the first one we’ve been to since our wedding last year). After that was over, we went to lunch at Wharf Wraps with Kristine and Davis. The food was yummy and it was nice to hang out with new friends (not that I don’t love my old ones, guys, I love you!). Josh and I had some time to waste before the reception so we went to his parents place and had a little nap (much needed). We went to the reception and it was all fun. Josh is proving to be a baby stealer just like myself. We sat at a table with lots of our friends, so that was fun. And I think my favourite Josh/Julia moment of the evening was when we made out in front of everyone so that Karen and Brandon would have to kiss! I flippin' love my husband.
On Sunday we did the church thing, and it was our week off from nursery so I actually got to go to R.S which is so important to me. I love that hour of church. I love all the sisters, and the lesson is always amazing. Oh, and I got to be Auntie Julia to Morgan, which, of course, was lots of fun. She’s such a good girl, I hope that my kids are as well behaved.
Afterwards we were invited to a potluck at the Allred’s and no word of a lie, the food was the most amazing stuff ever. Clearly Josh loved it...finger lickin' good.

Shaved pork, beans, corn, treats, mmmm. So good. Karlee said she’d teach me how to make the pork stuff. Little does she know, I am not so good in the food department. Well, I am good…at eating it, haha. We went to my parents on Sunday evening to hang out with my sister who is home alone for the week. We spent the night and did some laundry (ok, more like 7 loads or something ridiculous like that) and we had a little midnight swim in the pool, which is super scary when you can’t see the deep end.

On Monday we lazed around (loves it) and then had the MacLean Veinot’s over for a swim and supper. I got in the pool for the second time this season. Emma and Morgan seemed to enjoy themselves, but maybe not quite as much as Pops (Rob). So, to end off the weekend we went home and watched a movie and fell asleep. It was awesome. I hope that I have a few more fun weekends before the fall sets in (like it feels today…um, cold!)
I hope you are all enjoying your summers, whether or not you are on vacation. P.S. if you are on vacation, I am totally jealous and I am not sure if we can be friends anymore!


Drennans said...

Good and fun times!! you need to take a vacation! You probably have some time built up!

Rob said...

Yeah, i think the best part of the swim was when josh and emma were spitting on each other's backs. that is definetly classy stuff. i am proud to have a little girl who spits on people without a moments hesitation. fun time.

Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

Don't be mad at people on vacation...I actually am ready to come home so don't be jealous! See you next week!

...Donny & Karlee... said...

So I love that you guys made out in front of everyone! Now I am really sad we missed the wedding! Karen looked so pretty from what I see! I bet everything was great!