Monday, November 5, 2007

Love him!

So, the other day at church we were in nursery and I just had to snap this picture. Josh is just so cute with the kids. They all love him, and for some reason flock to him when he's reading a story. If you ever get a chance, pop by the nursery and see him in action!

In other news: I am behind on my blogging, I know. I am just so lazy lately. But it's been a good week. Got to hang out with friends a lot, and I just want to thank Melese and Jake for letting us come over and hang out while our power was down. You guys are great, thanks so much.
Hope you all are with power now and that the storm didn't hit you too hard :)


The Buxton's said...

Josh is way cute with the kiddos! I won't tell you today that you need to have one of your own...I'm sure you are tired of that! LOL (You do know I am kidding when I tell you those crazy things I hope!)

...Donny & Karlee... said...

That is a WAY cute picture! I'll have to pass on the good word and maybe Josh can stay in there for a while!! He's too good to be anywhere else!
I'm sure glad that Jake and Melese let you go over there too. That would have been a sad day for us all if Josh wouldn't have gotten his shower!! ... ;)

JO said...

I must admit Josh is so funny, I just crack up when he says some of the things he does in nursery. The kids do love him, I will always remember when he told them that a cross between a Josh and a duck is a juck.

Richards Family said...

You guys are so awesome. Thanks so much for being so good to my little girl. She loves nursery and I am sure it is all because of Joshy!! She doesn't care about toys or snacks it is all Josh! J/K

Claudine said...

That pic is awesome Julia! If he's in nursery..he's gonna want some kids soon. PREPARE!!
You guys are a really cute couple! I love how much you guys are so into one another and do the cutest things for each other. You're marriage is something that a lot of couples would want! Congrats to you and for finding the most wonderful man!! So super!!

chantelle brade said...

looks like he is a natural born daddy...hehehheheh.