Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Holidays

So, I suppose it’s time for a little holiday recap. Brought to you in part by the letter Q (it never gets its just recognition) and the number 25 (I love this number, no idea why).
Let’s begin on Christmas Eve where we went to Josh’s parent’s house for Chinese food. The food was super yummy, even tho I totally didn’t eat a lot. I was trying to be more of a “keep what you eat” down kinda gal, so once I started feeling sick, I gotta stop. Baby needs its beef and broccoli! Then we went to the Nativity Pageant and even tho it was super freezing out, it was a nice time. I love the mingling part afterwards too. I got to chat with Keah and Karen, whom I don’t get to see often so that was nice. Karen and I captured it on camera, of course. Don’t we look so cute in our winter apparel? Josh and I made it home around 9 pm, and hurried to bed so Santa could come. I was so excited that I was up by 6 am on Christmas day. I laid in bed until about 7:30, couldn’t wait any longer, and jumped on Josh until he conceded. We did the whole opening presents from each other thing. Josh got me some cute clothes that I can wear with my growing tummy, and some books and stuff. He’s a very good present picker outer, I always love what he gets me.
We then made our way to my mum and dad’s house for a day of feasting and funness. I think you can all agree that the best place to be over the holidays is at your mum’s house. You can eat as much as you want, because calories don’t count. You can lounge and gossip and just enjoy each others company. I just love going there. I feel like it’s really Christmas when we walk into their house. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that Santa leaves us tons of goodies and presents either. We are totally spoiled rotten.
We had an early supper so we could get back to Josh’s parents house for a few hours (since they won’t let us open gifts before the actual Christmas day). My mum made the best food, and I didn’t even throw it up. No wait, I did. But still it was worth it!
By the time we got home that evening, Josh and I were totally tuckered out. I don’t even remember what we did, but I think it involved me popping in a movie and falling asleep.
Over the next few days, in which I did not work at all, yay, we got to visit friends and play Wii (which I am in love with and plan on buying one as soon as flippin’ Future Shop gets some in). We got to eat leftovers and visit with my brother who was in from Toronto. I even convinced everyone to get in a family photo. You can tell by the results that no one was overly excited…but at least half of us faked it! I don’t know what’s with my family hating pictures. And then I marry Josh..the Anti-Smiler! On New Years Eve we were invited to Doug and Jessamyn’s for some good ol’ fashioned gaming. We played board games and video games and it was awesome. Tragically, the girl team lost and we owe the boys supper. Actually, I don’t think it’s that bad because I wont mind cooking with friends around. And there is that whole “if you cooked, you don’t have to do the dishes” rule. Nice. Claudine was nice enough to snap some pictures of our good times. Josh and I played boxing and she even got that on video. I don’t know how to put a video on here, so just imagine. Oh, and I won, so picture that too! Jessamyn, Kristine and I whooped the men bums at Settlers. Sadly we all lost to J.J and Sheldon in Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit.

Oh, I also got to visit with friends from my school days. Jess and Gill were both back in town for the season and we got together at Adele's place for a nice lunch. I got to tell them my news and we we're all giddy talking about Baby B. P.S We are pointing to my belly...sorta!

Oh, another thing too. I got to make a Gingerbread House on the 23rd and I was really excited, even if the grinch I live with didn't want to help. So, yea I made it all alone. I thought I had done a really good job, until 2 minutes after I put it on display I heard some cracking, I turned around and my house was falling apart. It's ok tho, it was nice for those few minutes it was up.
All and all, it was a super nice holiday break and I was sour to have to get back to work. I just keep counting down the days until maternity leave (178, in case you were wondering). Hope you are all recovering from your festivities and that the New Year brings more fun (if that’s even possible).
Oh, side note: Ashley Quist, you best be having the bestest day today. You’re 24!!! Yay!


Ashley said...

Hey, thanks for the birthday shout out! And I have to agree that the letter Q isn't recognized enough! lol. Sounds like you had a fun and full holiday vacation! Dang work gets in the way of fun eh? well in 178 days you wont have to worry about going to work, your work will be at home with you! ;)

PS...i like the little count down on the top of your blog...cute.

The Buxton's said...

Your gingerbread house...was really cute! I thought for sure you would mention the skating when Josh broke both of the blades off his skates! That was hilarious...sorry Josh, don't be mad I mentioned it!

JO said...

Looks like you had a fun holiday, I was a little sad to hear that you weren't able to keep all of your food down. All your photos are so cute. I still can't believe we didn't see you guys...we sure do miss you.

Drennans said...

Well that gingerbread house is a sad state of affairs. And I laughed...right out loud. I loved that picture of you and your your boob!!! It's totally your boob. That baby is not in your boob! Though it will be permanently attached that's for sure!! I saw your wii video. that was a laugh out louder!

Anonymous said...

Throwing up xmas dinner is never fun...what can you do. I was also sad to have to go back to work (not that I really had time off but I know have to work 5 days in a row again)....blaw work...yeah mat leave!!

Alex & Kellie Lambert said...

Oh Julia! I am sooo excited for your little bun bakin in the oven. I look forward to reading all about it on your blog & hopefully getting a phonecall in here & there. And hopefully I'll be following in your footsteps soon enough. Love you lots!

p.s. Also a fan of your countdown!

...Donny & Karlee... said...

Good recap! It looks like a fun break! The gingerbread house... holy! That is funny. I love the picture of you girls all bundled up. You look super pretty in it!

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