Friday, February 22, 2008

The runaround story

I honestly don’t have too much new to report. Just working and sleeping and eating and ya know. I figured I would post tho, since I am bored.
Actually, I kind of have a fun story, that is more of a rant. Oh, it just gets me going just thinking about it!
Ok, so as some of you know, I am in my 20th week this week, and normally this is the time you go for an ultrasound. Well, fun stuff: my ultrasound isn’t even booked yet.
Here’s the story.
On January 14th I called my doctors office and spoke with the booking nurse because I had yet to hear about an ultrasound. I thought it was a little weird, because most people I know said they knew way in advance about theirs. So the nurse said she could re-fax the requisition form thru. I said I didn’t know if the doctor had even filled one of those out, so not to worry because I’d see her on Jan 28th. So I did see her then, and she said by someone’s error the form was misplaced or something so she filled out a new one and faxed it that day. That was a Monday. She said I would know by that Friday. I didn’t hear anything all week long. So the following Wednesday (Feb 6th) I called back to speak with the nurse, and she said not to worry, it wasn’t a big deal and she would call me when she heard something. I was a little annoyed with her, as I think she was with me for calling. But whatever. So I let it be again until Feb 18th. I still hadn’t heard anything and the week of the 25th was fast approaching. So I called and spoke with the same nurse who said “um, like I said before, we’ll call you when we know” and I am like thinking, it’s not normal not to know this far after faxing the form, and it was only 2 weeks before I was supposed to go and I thought it was odd. She just thought I was crazy. So I waited some more. Anyways, Kevin C was over on Wednesday evening (Feb 20th) and he said I should just call the ultrasound department at the hospital myself. So I did. I spoke with the booking desk and she said I was not booked in, and they didn’t even have a requisition form for me! Oh man, I was soooo mad. I was like hot in the face mad. So I spazzed out at my desk a little, just so mad at that dumb nurse who made me feel like I was being stupid and so I knew I had to calm down before I called my doctors office. Then I didn’t know if I should call at all or just wait until my appointment on Monday or something, but you know what, I am not really a sit around and wait kinda gal (obviously. I think this is a good thing, because if I hadn’t taken the initiative than I’d still be here a year from now waiting for my nurse to call). Anways, so I called back later on and thankfully it was a different nurse that answered and so he was way more understanding and said he would fax thru my form again and write ASAP on it and such. Now maybe he just said that, but I am hoping that we’ll hear early next week about an appointment. But yea, I think this whole ordeal was so stupid. I mean, why wouldn’t that nurse have checked up on my status at the hospital? It wasn’t like it was hard. I know I am a little bit of a crazy pregnant lady, but you know what, it’s my first and I am a patient and even if I am crazy, it’s still their job to give me 100% care. Heck.
Ok, I am done. Thanks for sticking with me thru that!
Anyways, I hope you all have an awesome weekend. We’re in for some snow tonight, but sun tomorrow, so that’s good. Yay. Good. The end.


JO said...

Hopefull that ultrasound mess gets figured out. Call me a nerd-but it was one of the most exciting days of my life :) You have an exciting day to look forward to.

Just Rhonda said...

hope you get that figured out soon. I'd be anxious too. And it's the squeeky wheel that gets the grease. So KEEP at them!

The Buxton's said...

sorry you are getting the run around! They are usually on top of it there! Now you just need to rant about your Babies 'R Us deal...stll haven't heard that one! lol

Drennans said...

Like I're a mama now..fight the fight!

Claudine said...

Whoa! That's a serious piss off!! I hope things work out and I look forward to seeing those pics of the little one! You look great and it's ok to rant about those kind of things! That's totally not cool...but you always!

Kristine & Davis said...

holy cow that is crazy, my nurse told me she was going to book it and the hospital called me like the next day and told me the date (which was like the week after that)
that sucks that that happened to you, sorry man.
You will see that baby in there soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

That sucks! Keep harassing them, they`ll book it just to shut you up that way! Irresponsible of the receptionist though.

The Bing's said...

You'd already told me the story, but reading it again made me mad for you again. Hopefully you'll hear from them sometime this week, because I know we all want to hear about how it goes!!!