Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Numbers

81 days until Baby B is here! Feels like a lifetime away, but not so much.
70 days until I think she’ll actually show up. Wishful thinking.
2nd last prenatal class tonight. Labour and Birth.
75 hours of work left? Maybe 150.
42 squares left to cut out for baby’s rag blanket that I plan on making.
37 stairs between me and the nearest bathroom. Not fun. Especially in emergency situations!
30 points, between my hemoglobin levels and “normal” hemoglobin levels.
7 times I’ve been kicked in the ribs since I started this post.
100% sure I love this kid unconditionally.


Anonymous said...

Your funny! I think everyone's hemoglobin levels end up low. Mine are low normally so they end up really low during pregnancy. Hope you're right about going early, that would be nice!

Oscar and Chantelle said...

you are so first I thought I was reading a mastercard commercial. I can't wait to see your new bundle of joy, got any names picked out yet?

JO said...

what a cute post. Before you know it baby B will be here. I hope she comes a little early so I can be sure to see her.

The Bing's said...

Julia that was too adorable...your such a cute mommy to be...everyone said that after you'd left yesterday. I was so glad you and dan stopped by to visit yesterday!! too fun!!!

Donny & Karlee said...

So Cute!! Keep me updated with the work situation... I can plan some fun things for us to do while you're off... relaxing fun of course! Let me know if you need anything!!!!

Ashley said...

that was a cute post!
Very unfortunate that you have to go 37 steps to the bathroom.
I hope you get out of work early!
Fingers Crossed!

Drennans said...

well I just love that! you crazy cat!

Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

SSOOO cute make me laugh! Your going to be such a cute, awesome mom!

Just Rhonda said...

this sounds like a scrapbook page. :) Totally cute. And I might have to make my own list of numbers. :)

The Buxtons said...

That just reminded me of a Visa commercial (or is it Mastercard?) You are too funny!