Friday, May 9, 2008

It's official

Drum roll please.
My last day of work is May 16th.
My doctor wrote me a note citing complications due to pregnancy, so EI and poverty, here I come.

Actually, I won't lie. It's kind of sad to be done work. But I am glad that it means I can finally nap during the day (since I don't sleep at night). Hopefully this will bring back some sanity before the baby comes. Oh, and my perscription for my oxygen levels is helping a bit, hopefully with more time it will get better.

Ah, the joy of pregnancy. I know I complain about it a lot, because to be honest, I don't like being pregnant at all, but I am excited for the finished product. She's going to be just the greatest little gift ever.

Hope you all are doing well, and enjoying the peeks of sun during the day.


Anonymous said...

That's great that you're almost done! I don't like being pregnant either so you're not alone. At least you'll be able to relax and hopefully take some naps!

Drennans said...

I hope they have a big bash for ya! Or at least a big massive cake like I got!

Jaci said...

Wow! that is great! Happy zzz's to you. Sweet dreams.
I am very envious that you are done! ;)

Claudine said...

Congratulations on ending in like a week!
I hated being pregnant too! I wanted to kill those women who came up to me and told me how easy it was for them and how they absolutely LOVED being pregnant.
You've got a pity crowd with ya babe!
And oxygen? Are you serious? Wow! I'd love to be on oxygen everyday! It would give me something to uh BREATHE for!!
Love ya lots and can't wait till July 18th!

The Wentzell's said...

Hey I'm part of the HATE BEING PREGNANT croud. Your not alone my friend. Pregnancy and me don't mix well but I do enjoy the kiddies afterwards when it's all over and the body has healed up nicely. This will all be a memory soon enough.

JO said...

I bet you are so stoked! I am happy for you. We will have to go on some walks and other cheap activities :)

Just Rhonda said...

Another here who doesn't like being pregnant. But once you hold that new little one it is all worth it! Hope get some rest and that your feeling better!

The Nelson Family said...

I hear you on not loving pregnancy...been there....done the t-shirt. It's always hard when you near the end. Sometimes I wonder though if I would have loved it had I had 6 lb babies instead???? So feel free to come visit while you are off work.....the kiddies and I are always around and would love to see you!!! Try to get lots of rest now......