Thursday, September 11, 2008

I made a friend, and a trip to the coast

So, it's been pretty interesting living here in the valley. I have found that the hardest thing is not having my friends around to hang out with. There are a few people my age that go to the Greenwood branch, but none of them live very close.

Lucky for me, Josh made friends with some people at school and one of them is a girl and she lives accross the street and she's super nice. Her name is Stef, and I am proud to call her my friend.
Last night Josh's school had a bonfire on along the Fundy coast and Lyla and I went too. Stef was there and so it wasn't totally boring for me. Plus, she likes babies, and is super great with Lyla.
Anywho, Josh took a picture of me and my new friend.He also took some great shots of the view on the coastline (this one is just one of many, you all know how long it takes to upload pictures sometimes). It was a nice evening and it wasn't even too cold. I was glad to get out and socialize, and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold.
So that's all that has been going on lately. Oh, Jes met me in Berwick today to go to Wheaton's and then to the fabric store. It was nice to see her and I felt special knowing she traveled all the way out here to visit me. Thanks Jes. Anyone else want to come visit? Apple time is upon us...don't be shy.


The Buxtons said...

Seriously! We want to go apple picking sometime and don't know where to go...let's arrange an apple picking day and we'll come up for sure! Thanks again for those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Beckey! I would love to go apple picking and would love to have something to do when I'm on maternity leave. A trip to the valley in the fall would be lovely! Glad you've made a new buddy!!

Drennans said...

Oh yay...I'm glad you made a friend. she looks like a fun one!

Let the party begin... said...

It's nice to have friends even one, especially when you've left so many behind in your old ward. The pictures are great. Have fun picking apples. I usually get about 80lbs and can apple pie filling for the winter.

Amanda said...

Hey pretty - What beach were you at? It looks like Hampton Beach, which is where my cottage is!!
Anyway the pictures a awesome and your new friend looks like a keeper. Love and hugs.