Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa comes to Greenwood

And I wont lie. I think he may have been the real thing :) He was an awesome Santa. Real beard, real hair, real glasses, real belly. Oh man it was magical. I think I was even more excited than Lyla.

I just wanted to post a picture of her sitting on his lap. She didn't cry, which was awesome, but we couldn't get her to smile either. Maybe next year?!
Anyways, I hope you all get your kids out to meet Saint Nick before this Christmas, especially all the new babies of this year.
Also, as promised, here are a few pictures of Lyla's first bites of rice cereal. No, she is not 6 months yet, but it was the right time for us. First one I believe she is saying (to quote Britney Spears) "Gimme gimmie more".
And this one, with a little more class "Please sir, I want some more"
Anyways, there are plenty more of Lyla and her time here in Greenwood, so check them out on facebook.
In other news, Josh finally got released from his Stake YM calling. Now he just has the YM President one here. I don't know that I like this one any more than the last, but I am his wife, and I support him haha.
I just got called to RS Secretary today. Not a hard calling by the sounds of it, but they ask a lot less of that calling down here compared to Halifax. Maybe I'll offer to take on a bit more (since I hace the extra time!)
Well, Christmas is nearing, and we put up our "christmas tree", a la last year, can you rememeber what it looked like? Look it up. I would love to go on about more of our going on's but Lyla desires some prunes, so I am off. See many of you soon :)


Sharee and Court said...

She is getting so big! how fun!

JO said...

what a cute picture with Santa. I love her outfit. She looks like she is growing :) Love the rice cereal too, I need to give it to Sammy on a daily basis but I'm just so use to giving him milk all day. RS Secretary..whoohoo! Congrats, I'm sure you'll do great.

Jocelyne, Greg & Co. said...

Cute pictures! That Santa definately looks authentic. We've actually never taken either of our kids to see Santa. Poor Job, he has no clue.

Anonymous said...

What a great Santa! No need for a smile for the first year with Santa...I haven't gotten one at all this year with Ethan...good luck with your new calling!!

The Bing's said...

Such cute pictures... no smile is better then crying in fear with cute!!! Looks like she was enjoying the cereal a lot!! Have fun with the new calling, I loved it when I was in RS!!!! You'll do great!!!

Let the party begin... said...

That was a terrific Santa and Lyla was just taking in the moment, lol! I agree with Karen, at least she wasn't screaming her head off. I'm secretary in primary and I must say I enjoy being secretary more than the other callings. Have fun with yours.

Just Rhonda said...

She IS Getting big!!! We started Eli on cereal too. And the picture is CUTE!