Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rhonda tagged me. I liked it because I got to think about myself for a bit. Does that sounds selfish, I didn't mean it that way.

Rules: Write 6 random things about myself, link the person who tagged you & post the rules. Tag six people. Let them know they have been tagged.

1. I rarely leave my house. I find Lyla too hard to carry around, and it's so darn cold out, it's all just lame excuses to stay inside and play in our nice warm living room all day.

2. I still remember giving birth to Lyla like it was yesterday. I remember the pain exactly. It makes me want to steal my next kid so I don't have to do it on my own again. Everyone tells me I will forget over time. I hope they are right.

3. I overbook myself all the time. I try to make all sorts of plans, but most of them don't end up happening for whatever reason (no car, no time, no energy). It drives me bonkers.

4. I always told myself that I'd be the mum who would wear clothes and makeup everyday, no matter what. I don't. My line of thinking (as we are poor as dirt right now) is that why would I waste makeup if no one is going to see me, and dirty clothes that baby will just get dirty and have to wash more often?! Tragic, I know.

5. I still hate the valley life. I miss my friends, I miss my life. Looking forward to the end of May so we can come back home, or atleast move somewhere better than Lawrencetown. (Not trying to offend the great people of L-Town, just not my thing, sorry)

6. I talk about Lyla more than I even want to. My one and only friend in the valley had a girls night and invited me. They'd all be talking about something and somehow the conversation would revert back to Lyla and her poop, or Lyla and her many talents or Lyla and her something or other. It's rediculous. In my head I kept telling myself to shut up about it, because no one else had kids there, no one was even married, so I was sure they didn't want to hear it, but it was like word vomit. Oh man, I am sure I wont be invited back. But atleast we all know I love Lyla!

Now, I tag:
Ashley Q
Chantelle A
Sharee M
Aubrey F
JoLynne T
Sonja N


JO said...

fun, fun. I liked reading that and I will be doing that tag the next time I post. It just dawned on me that you have been i Halifax this week and O haven't even seen you yet....idiot (me, not you). Can't wait to see you for the team-tag babysitting.

Anonymous said...

you're so funny! I talk about my kids' poop a fair amount's a mum thing you can't help it! I'll have to do that tag soon!

The Bing's said...

what a fun little post I feel like i know you just a little better now!!

Ashley said...

your funny!!
Tonight you will not be overlooking your self! We made a plan and we are sticking to it! can talk about Lyla all you want because I wont get to see her so I will need to hear stories!

Sharee and Court said...

Oh my heck! you sound just like me! I only wear make-up when I have to. Like when I have to go teach piano. and I only leave the house if I have to.

Did you give birth without drugs???
You are brave!! I couldn't even do the contractions without it...

oh and I word vomit about Brady too... I think it's a mom thing. Especially a mom with only one baby. :)

Anyway, I love ya! I miss you so much! Sometime, we will get up there and visit! Brady needs to meet his future wife!

Let the party begin... said...

Julia I think you just validated a lot of moms! Great post!

Nathan - Mandy - Benjamin Hill said...

Julia, We are a crazy amount alike!!! I too do not enjoying "wasting" make-up when no one will see me, and I find myself staying in my PJ's if I am just going to be home anyways... I also hate the fuss of getting Ben all in his snowsuit and into his carseat unless its like a HUGE deal :)... and I too find myself rambling on to single, no kids friends about how amazing my son is... and all that he does :) Including poop! hahaha

Just Rhonda said...

haahaa. You are so a mom. There are tons of things you think you won't do - then when you have kids you eat a lot of your words. :) Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

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