Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back in the valley

Eyes: fine (after some drops that open the pupils, and a few tears for being held down, we're all good!)

MRI: clean, best news ever
So what's wrong with Lyla? No idea.
But we're happy that this weeks tests were all good.
We see the neurologist again on the 4th for another EEG.
I think it's just that Lyla is so smart her brain can't keep up, so her eyes go funny :)
Thank you all for your prayers. I know it's helped us stay strong thru all this silliness.
In other news: we move back to Halifax in 11 days!!! Who's stoked? We are. It's too bad that the valley weather is showing up now that we're leaving. Here is how Lyla enjoys her warm mornings while mum cleans the kitchen.

So that's all we got. Nova Scotia is in for some nice days this week, so pull up a chair, open your door and breathe in the goodness. To all of you folks not in N.S...I hope the sun is shining your way too.


Just Rhonda said...

So happy for you that the MRI was clean!!!!! Enjoy the valley before you move home! we're packing up this morning. crazy!!

Travis and Beckey said...

Hope they figure out little Lyla! But a clean MRi is definitely a great thing! Can't wait for you guys to move back!

Adam and Sarah said...

I'm glad things went well with the MRI. We've been thinking about you. Love the picture of Lyla in the chair looking outside. :)

The Abarca's said...

I am glad that Lyla is so far so good...I bet your getting excited to move.