Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All about Lyla

As it usually is.

I come posting pictures tho, that's fun.
Blogger is being a bit of a jerk this morning and wont let me put my pictures where I want them, so you'll have to use your imagination, pretending that it all makes sense.

Here we have Lyla learning how to climb onto the coffee table we had in front of the tv so she wouldn't get too close, or touch it. This method clearly no longer works.

And here she is helping daddy swiffer. We love her willingness to work :)
At Peggy's Cove a while back. We went with the Keeping's. We love being friends with them. Mostly because they are nice and ask us to hang out with them and stuff. And they let us use their tools.
Eating an Oreo cookie. So yummy. So bad for you. So ok with me.
"Unlocking" the door with mummy's keys. Genius, right?
Enjoying some mini crisps, or whatever they're called. She will sometimes snack on these for hours. Again, not so good for her, but better than her not eating at all I guess. Judge me all you want.
That's all I got. Just wanted to show off my super talented, highly intelligent, overly advanced child. Gosh I love her.


Anonymous said...

We love her too! Apparently she has been observing Hunter climbing on the table. And I thought we were friends because of the P&J sandwiches:)-xo-

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

Can't wait to meet her! She's so cute & looks like she provides you with lots of laughs!

Donny and Karlee said...

She's such a little cutie! I am so glad you got some new pictures on here of her! Tell Josh hi!

Nelson Family said...

love the red and white top she had on. I wish I had know earlier that she could sweep the floors, I'll put her to work tomorrow!

Sharee and Court said...

Oh man! I am missing out on everything! I need to come visit soon. Has to be in the summer though... I kinda don't want to experience winter NS style again. :) So, maybe next summer. Plus then my little rugrats will be a little older and mayb handle the trip a little better. It's a long plane ride...

Anonymous said...

i miss her.
like...a lot.
ok, like insane amounts.
maybe i should come home now.
NOT :p
but i really do miss her.
xoxoxoxoxoxox to her.
and you.
josh, not so much.

love love love

Visible Voice said...

Umm...who is this?? Julia?? Really is that you blogging??? Oh it is you! Sheesh I feel so out of the loop on your life! I'll call ya soon...well I hope I can...I work now and it's a little hard. Oh and I love that she'll eat those treats! I feel like any exposure to different flavors will help in the long run right??? Hi Josh!

JO said...

these are all great photos. I love to see her personality in each one coming through. Sammy also loves the swiffer. He insists to use it while I sweep with the broom.

Ashley said...

she's is so cute! I dont mind if you only post about your little cutie! I love the picture of Lyla and the oreo!

Nikki Nielsen said...

i love lyla! measure her waist and pick your color(s)....green, pink and purple is what i've got right now....solid, or any combo!...i charge a picture of her wearing it! (this only goes for first time friend customers of mine)...until my tutu portfolio is built up...then everyone pays a hefty price :)