Wednesday, May 19, 2010

help from the bloggers of the world

if you are a blogger, then i have something for you.
it's a little questionnaire.
a friend of mine is working on her masters and is researching blogging. she asked me to fill this form out, and i said i would, and also give it to all of those who would take 2 mins to fill it out.
so, if you are interested, leave me your email address and i'll send it along.
i love filling silly stuff like this out. it's fun.



The Full Nelson said...

I'll fill it out! Heck I even talk with the survey people who call (at a decent non dinner time hour!).

Ashley said...

hey..i'll do it.

Nikki Nielsen said...

send it to me!

The Conner Clan said...

send me one!


Claudine said...

I'll support your friend.

Sounds fun!

Robyn said...

sure, I'll do it.

Just Rhonda said...