Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pregnancy Tag

This comes from Rhonda. Cute things to think about. Enjoy.

5 Things that make my stomach turn.....
1. when josh spits in the sink when brushing his teeth
2. pretty much all food from restaurants (tho I eat it anyways)
3. the smell of garbage (especially after I cut up fruit and put it in the bag)
4. needles
5. the smell of broccoli and onions together

5 Things I Absolutely Love/Crave.....
1. cinnamon buns
2. double cheese burgers from McDonalds
3. sleeping for 3 hours or more at one time
4. when Baby rolls over
5. candy of all sorts

5 Things I worry about....
1. my water breaking in public (tho statistics show it’s not that common)
2. josh never being attracted to me like he was before I got pregnant
3. not knowing what to do with the baby when she cries
4. moving very shortly after baby comes. Stress!
5. not being able to breastfeed

5 Things I Am Excited About....
1. meeting Baby who I’ve known for a long time now, but not at all.
2. getting my body back to a somewhat pre-pregnant shape
3. introducing the baby as my very own daughter
4. getting to have a more comfortable sleep, with no jabs to the ribs or head buts to the cervix!
5. not taking all kinds of pills like I do now to regulate everything baby throws off wack.

5 Names that I love...
1. Lyla
2. Lyla
3. Lyla
4. Lyla
5. Lyla

If You Don't Know What You Are Having What Do You Hope It Is....
We know it’s a girl, but I hope that she is healthy and beautiful inside and out.

Pregnant People I tag....
So lets say:
1. Sonja Nelson
2. Amber Richards
3. Melese Sorensen
4. Jaci Udy


Gillian said...

That's a cute list. It's also good because it answers all those questions we get every time someone sees us.

PS - The crib came from Wheatons (http://www.wheatons.ca/) in Lower Sackville. Solid Birch and made in New Brunswick or something.

Just Rhonda said...

GREAT answers. (And yes I totally meant you!) Don't worry about knowing what to do. You have a momma around and a mil around. And it'll come out in you. I promise. God put that mothering thing inside of you. Just relax and enjoy the baby!

The Buxtons said...

So fun to read! I loved being pregnant!

Ashley said...

I am excited for you to have the baby already! You will be such a good mom! You will know what to do when the time comes!

Kristine & Davis said...

Dont worry about ANY of that stuff that you are worried about! Mothers intuition is hard wired in, you will be just fine!!
I love that name too, Lyla (I wont use it though its ok)she is going to be so cute! Cant wait to meet her!

Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

Very cute! So is it safe to say that Baby B is going to be named Lyla.....j/k! I love that name...I have a friend with that name but she spells it Lila! Can't wait for baby to arrive!

Kristiane said...

Wow, I'm super excited for you! Lyla is a very cute name! Hope all goes well!