Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer days

Can I just say that I love the sun? It makes me happy when I wake up and the sun is shining and even happier when I realize that I don’t have to go to work. It’s a wonderful life this homemaker stuff. I was totally made for it. Now, that may change when we throw a baby into the mix, but I don’t think it will.
Josh and I are quickly approaching d-day and getting quite excited about it. I am doing little things here and there to start the process like bouncing on my yoga ball, and thinking positive about the due date. I truly believe that Baby B is going to make her entrance before July 18th, but even if she doesn’t, it’s all good. I mean worse case senario, I go a week over and they induce me and she’s born on the 25th. That’s only 37 days away. I can totally handle that.
I can’t say I loved the whole pregnancy roller coaster, in fact, it may be a while before I want to do it again, but it’s all for the cause, and I am just so excited to be a mum. I’ve set up her temporary nursery (until we move to the valley) and I have her bag packed for the hospital. Mine isn’t done yet, but I did go out and get some things that I’ll need. Mum had a baby shower for me at the beginning of the month and it was nice to see people I hadn’t in a while. We all just relaxed on the deck and enjoyed some yummy food that mum prepared (shown here!)I want to send a big thank you out to Ashley Q for coming with me. She’d already been to the shower the Melese threw, but I asked her to come and I just love her. And of course, thanks again to you Mum, you're awesome.
Tonight Josh’s mom is having a little get together for me as well. It should be fun, I mean food will be involved, so I can’t see it not going well. I just love food. It’ll be sad when the baby gets here and I have to start watching how much I eat. If I had to pick out something I like about being pregnant, it’s that I just eat what I want and don’t care. Mmm.
That brings me to my next topic. Marshmallows. Ok, so I love roasted marshmallows over the campfire. I could eat a million, get sick, and then eat a million more. Usually the craving for these is in the back of my mind (since I never go camping, it’s not like I have lots of opportunity to satisfy myself). However, the other day Jake Richards mentioned that they went camping and had marshmallows and since then, I just can’t stop thinking about them. So I got this idea (and I am sure everyone else already thought of this but I am super not smart sometimes and it takes me a while) to turn on a burner on the stove and use my fondue sticks to roast some yummies. And I did it, and it worked. It was the best day ever. Now I do it everyday after lunch. I try and limit myself to 4, so hopefully that’s not too out of hand! Seriously tho, it’s awesome and I am in love.
Oh, two more little things. Some people wanted me to take a picture of the rag quilt I made, so here it is. I have to say, I am quite impressed on how it turned out and I have been really enjoying sewing other things (burp clothes, bibs, hemming pants etc). I wish I would have gotten into this sooner. Last thing. I love opening the windows when it’s sunny out. It’s so refreshing. However, one of the windows doesn’t have a screen and so a hornet got in and I had to catch him before he caught me. (does anyone remember my post about a wasp last year? I caught it and then put a chair on the container so he couldn’t get out?) Well this was a similar fiasco but the bug was on the window so I had to get creative again. This is what I came up with.In case you can’t really see it, I took a plastic container and stuck it to the window with packing tape. It worked, and so I am happy with that. Now if I could just get Josh to dispose of the exoskeletonish thing that remains, that would be awesome.

Anywho, I don't want to end this blog with a complaint, but I just need to ask you all a question.

Please help, if you can. Ok, so, it pretty much kicks my butt. I am up every hour at night taking tums like they're candy and all day I sit and think about ways to ignore the burning sensation in the back of my throat. Does anyone have any remedies that they use (non-medical)? Dr. Robinson said she'd give me a perscription for something, but I am really just trying to wait it out, only a few more weeks left, right? So yea, let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!


The Buxtons said...

My heartburn was out of control with pretty much all of my four kids. With each pregnancy it got worse and came earlier (I had it was Mason at like...8 weeks) Tums was about the only thing that worked for me and I took a lot of them. At night I had to sleep on my left side and that helped, if I turned on my right it was immediately in my throat... Oh how I don't miss heartburn.

The only thing I can say is, as soon as the baby is out, heartburn is GONE!!! So, Baby B is not the only thing you have to look forward to! :)

P.S. Cute rag quilt!

As Lovers Go said...


You don't know me, I found you through Kristi's blog. I am friends with Kiel, Ariel etc. and was baptized in B'water ward 5 years ago before moving to Utah. I HAD to tell you about Zantac for heartburn. It's safe to use when you are pregnant and it has saved me. I was due yesterday and am still playing the waiting game... Try it! It really works!

Anonymous said...

You are truly hilarious!!
PS we need to get together soon and have a sewing day.

Jake and Melese Sorensen said...

TUMS TUMS TUMS TUMS TUMS (I'm singing it) I think cute little Lyla is going to have a ton of hair. Someone told me if you have heartburn your baby will have hair!!!!It was true for Jacer. Thanks for posting the quilt, I've been so excited to see it, way cute. You make me laugh, I miss you guys!! c/ya

Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

Hey Julia.....sounds like you are having loads of fun not working....I love your quilt it is super B will love it too! As for heartburn, I've got nothing.....never had it....really hope based on your experience I never do!

Ashley said...

You are too funny with traping bugs! I did the same thing with a spider in the office the other day and waited till my boss got here to dispose of it.

I am glad you found a way to satisfy your marshmallow craving!
Sorry I dont know anything about heartburn but I can do some research!
We need to hang out again soon!

Anonymous said...

i have always suffered from heartburn even before i was prego with ethan. this will sound weird but sprite really helpped me aswell as drinking YOPS. triscut crackers have always helpped me too. i had stomach ulcers so totally know how terrible it can be (it leads to out of control heartburn). LOVE the quilt too, you need to teach me!

The Wentzell's said...

I use to sleep with a bottle of TUMS in my night stand cause the heartburn was out of control. And we all know how much hair Carter has. Just keep popping them this will all be over soon enough......oh I remember the heartburn......torture.

Richards Family said...

Hey, You know you totally have to come camping with us and have a real marshmellow roast! They taste even better but I am way impressed with your improvising (sp?).
Your quilt is so asorable. I can't wait to see baby Lyla all bundled up in it.

Drennans said...

OH Julia friend...I miss our need to call me because I just don't have your home number!! I just want to talk and talk and talk all about life! PLease please call your friend Kristi. OH and the kicked my tail too...It was so bad that when I was in labor I was like...isn't there something you can hook up to my veins??!! But I see my friend Reta gave you some advice...I basically suffered bad!

Anonymous said...

you know what helps heartburn alot?? (i have acid reflux)
anyways, a spoonful of vinegar! you can use regular or apple cider vinegar, OR salt and vinegar kettle chips (it's not the same, but some ppl can't tolerate swallowing a spoonful)
it works for me!