Friday, July 18, 2008

Making up

So, for the lack of baby in our life, we decided (quite on impulse actually) to purchase this. A Sony Alpha DSLR200.
Josh said he really wanted one because he was jealous of all the nice pictures people have on their blogs. I just wanted to spend money because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Let me just tell you the story. So Josh works during the day and I like to hang out and do stuff with him in the evenings. I convinced him to take me to Mic Mac to look for dresses for our still unarrived little girl. I tell you, it's hard to find nice Sunday clothes for a newborn. I was actually getting kind of ticked but that's another story. Anyways, so we walk into the mall entrance where Black's photography is right there. They have their SLR cameras in the window so Josh just takes a peek. We find one we think is nice (but really, we have no idea, since neither of us know a thing about photograhy and stuff). We walk out of the store, Josh with his tail between his legs because he's let down that we cant buy it for money reason. Then we go to Babies R' Us and I am looking around at their outfits and asking Josh which ones he likes and I have to ask him like 50 times, finally he's like "Julia, I can't focus on you, I am trying to work out money so I can justify the camera!" And I am thinking in my head "this kid is a nut case!". So yea, I finish at Babies R' Us (purchasing nothing because I can't find anything I love) and Josh says "Let's check the Sony Store and see if they have a better price. That lead to Future Shop and Best Buy. Finally, after 2 hours of humming and hoeing in Josh's head he decides to do it. So we do. It was thrilling really. Neither of us know how to use it yet. We took a few shots last night (this belly shot included), but we don't know all the technical stuff. There are so many buttons and oh my. Maybe one day I could take a class or something. Anywho, until the baby comes, this is our new toy.
P.S Josh graduated back in May from St. Mary's with a BSc. We finally got it framed and I wanted to post a picture of it because I am just so proud of him.


The Bing's said...

Ohhhh i am so jealous...I want a camera like that so much but I just can't justify it!!! My Camera is still working for now... bummer!! Can't wait to see all the beautiful pictures of your little girl when she arrives, can't wait to come see you in the hospital I have a little something for your little girl...fingers crossed it's really soon!!! Oh and yeah for josh for graduating that's how our degrees look too!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully baby comes soon!! See doctors really shouldn't get our hopes up of going almost jinxes you I think. Camera looks great. I loved getting a fancier camera (good boxing Day sale)and I am sure it will take lovely baby girl pictures. Gap had some cute dresses on sale in Halifax Shopping Centre by the way!

The Nielsens said...

still no baby Lyla??? what in tarnation! At least you know more of her personality now...I'm sure she will take her sweet time for the rest of her precious life. don't rush her...i know for my husband at least it makes him take EXTRA long just to drive me nuts. I like this baby already! she's got a mind of her own!

ps lovely camera! good buy!

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

congrats on the new baby (the camera that is). I heard that sony is the best.
You belly shot picture...i know I said this on facebook, but you do look amazing.
Can`t wait to see that little girl of yours.
You should come to mexico for dresses, they have dress stores just for girls, EVERYWHERE. THats no joke.
Anyways, good luck on the delevery, and tell Lyla I said hi.
Love the name bytheway.

Rob said...

woohoo. yeah, that camera seems like a good buy. it's got more zoom than our rebel, and it has a bigger lcd screen, and more megapixels. all the reviews are good for it. oh, and the ISO on yours goes up to 3200, where the rebel stops at 1600! anyway, so it seems like a good camera. the only drawback is the lenses are expensive, though it is ocmpatible with mionolta lenses. but yeah, have fun with it. get creative.

Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

Very exciting about the new camera......I really want one like that as well. Love the pic.....can't wait until you are not preggers anymore!

JO said...

you guys are too funny. I;m glad you got the camera, it will be worth every penny when you are able to take millions of pics of that pretty Lyla

Ashley said...

I am pretty jealous...I need a new camera...I have a crappy one so I never take any pictures!
Josh's degree looks great framed! I am glad you go that done! I really need to do mine soon! It's been long enough!
What kind of dresses are you looking for, I am willing to look around for you!

Just Rhonda said...

oooh that is exciting!!!! READ your manual and you'll learn A LOT!!!

Colin C said...

I also hear good things about that camera. I look forward to seeing your results.