Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look who's 3 months today!

I can't believe it was July 22nd, 3 months from today, that Lyla joined our little family (in a less-than-ladylike way). I feel like it was yesterday, and at the same time it's like she's always been here. I just wanted to post a little list of what my baby genius can do (I just think she's so talented!) I am going to print this right off and put it in her baby book, so I don't have to do it twice. Oh, so smart.

Anywho here are my lists:

babble up a storm
mimic Josh and I when making noises
entertain herself while I do housework
grab toys held in front of her
sleep 8-9 hours thru the night
blow bubbles with her spit
eat 7 oz bottles in one sitting
hold her own 4 oz bottle
soothe herself to sleep
lie on her tummy and prop herself up
respond when she hears noises around the room
sit in a bumbo
put everything in her mouth
hold her hands, fingers interlocked (very reverent eh?!)
give Josh and I a reason to smile everyday

to hold my fingers and pull herself up to sit
sit on her own (briefly before tipping over)
hit toys to make them sing (cause/effect)
support herself on her legs when holding her up (she would much rather not tho)
hold her head up straight instead of sideways, she loves a sideways world.
no sign of:
rolling over
stopping the spitting up of foodWe're so proud of our little one and can't wait for each day as she learns and accomplishes more. Happy 3 months Lyla!


Drennans said...

OH Lyla!! Happy Three Months!!! I wish I could hold you!! And Isaiah wishes he could put stickers on your face!

Anonymous said...

Where does the time fly! happy 3 months Lyla!! 8-9 hours of sleep you lucky girl

Anonymous said...

she is stinkin cute...good job!

The Bing's said...

Happy 3 month Birthday Lyla... such a sweet list of great things written by your mommy!! Loved all the new pictures of you, make that mom of your post more soon!!!

Donny and Karlee said...

Three months?? What? That is probably the worst thing about being a mom... they grow WAY too fast. Before you know it she'll be three years! She is so cute, and yes, she sounds like a very smart little gal! You should be proud!

JO said...

look at what a good mom you are. Good job at keeping tabs on what she can do. she'll love to look back on that.

Beckey said...

Wow, she is getting big! Hope we can see her tomorrow in her costume!!! And...big girl for rolling over!