Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I told you all that Lyla showed no signs of rolling over... Wrong-o. She accomplished this awesome task on Sunday, rolling from her back to her front. My sister, mum and I got to witness. It was so amazing...and then I shed a little tear because she's growing up so fast. Gosh I love this little girl. Here's a picture of Lyla after she rolled. I think she's like..."so what now?"

In other news, we're in the city this week, visiting all we can before going back after the Hallowe'en festivities end (I have pictures of Lyla and a pumpkin but they are on my home computer, check them out on Facebook). I got to go to church on Sunday for an hour to see some friends, and then to a little potluck put on by my friends Leah and Dave. All the kiddies got to wear their costumes. Lyla gave hers about a 10 minute test drive before puking on it! Hopefully we have better luck on Friday. I will post pictures of her costume after Friday. I made a cheese ball spider and I think it looked pretty darn good. It's simple. Cream cheese, shredded cheese and roll in poppy seeds.Monday was a relaxing day with my mum, we just watched t.v and chatted, and picked my brother up at the airport late that night. Here are a few pictures to show how much fun Lyla is having with my mum. She fell asleep with her twice when mum wasn't even trying. This one shows that mum was going to lay her down to change her, but Lyla was asleep before she even hit the couch. And this one is when mum went to burp dice.Oh, and I bought my first pair of jeans since having Lyla. It was not fun trying them all on, but I found a pair I liked (thank heavens) and now I just need to get them hemmed.
Tuesday was a rainy day, and I wasn't feeling the best so we laid low again. I love visiting because I can just hang out all day long and not feel like a slob.
Today, along with Nancy, Leah and Jo, I went to the Reel Babies at the Empire Theatres in Dartmouth. They were showing HSM3. It was so cute, not a disappointment at all (how could it be with dreamy Zac Efron! Haha). Lyla was such a good baby the whole time, not making a peep. She loves t.v just as much as me. For those of you who can, you should go. They have change tables, wipes, diapers, toys, bottle warmers. It's all very cool, and you can win prizes too. I am going to try and do it once a month, just to get out (Bayer's Lake and Dartmouth are the only theatres that do it, boo New Minas). Let me know if you're interested and next time I'll let you know about it.
After the movie we ordered some pizza and went to Jo's for a photoshoot compliments of Helene. She's a little photographer in the making and I am so looking forward to seeing how the shots turned out. She was so good at giving direction and put up with my whiny baby too. Thanks friend!
I guess that's all that's gone on so far this week. Josh comes up on Friday for Hallows Eve, and Lyla and I miss him, so we're getting excited for that.
Hope you are all well. I'll post pictures from the shoot when I get them. Love.


Anonymous said...

reel babies is really cool...i was just a little afraid of bringing ethan and karington...maybe next month...let me know if you go again! i'll have to get her to take my kids pics

Jaci said...

man, i wish i could join in on your girls' days out! glad you are having fun!
yay for the rollin' action! she's growing up for sure. i totally know what you mean when you said you shed a tear over it. I feel that way all the time. stay little babies!!!

JO said...

I had so much fun with you and can't wait for our next outing.

Anonymous said...

What is Reel babies?! Sounds like something they should have in UT! Cute pictures:) Love the spider!!!

the farlanderz said...

I think you should spend one week a month with us in halifax...I'm sure josh won't mind.