Monday, April 20, 2009

The countdown is on

Only like 6 weeks until we move back to the city. Yay. Only bummer is that many of our friends will be gone forever, back to Ameri-land. So sad. We will truly miss you. Except you, Jake R. Haha.

So today Lyla had her last neck physio appointment. She is all good to go. I was glad to get the ok, even though the last 3 times we went was more for fun than to really get anything checked out. I've become friends with our specialist and we have a playdate (her son is one) for next Wednesday. I wish she lived closer (she's about an hour away) so we could hang out more often.
I also started going to this thing called "The Community Kitchen" (which sounds so "food-stampy" but it's just this group the local Baptist church put on for Mom's that live around here. We go Thursday mornings, drop the kids off in the playroom and then they have all the supplies needed to make a supper for the family. So last week we brought home a casserole, and this week I think it's Chili and biscuits. AND it's free! So good times all around. I finally met some mum's around here with babies. I wish this would have gone on last fall, I wouldn't have had to be a loner this whole time.
So as some of you noticed, I posted pictures from easter and my bday on Facebook, it's so much quicker than loading on here. But here is one of my sister and I celebrating our b-days ( 2 weeks apart...oh, and 3 years!)
And here is a cute one of Lyla in her Easter sunday dress. I was waiting for Josh to edit them all, but he's been busy with school so I got tired of waiting.
As I was telling Sonja, I have one of the kiddies on Sunday for those who stuck around to get the picture done, but it didnt go so well. I'll send it to those involved when Josh gets around to it.
I guess that's all I got to say. I am just trying to get over this stinkin cold that has had me down for the last 4 days. It really kicked my butt this time around, but Lyla didn't catch too much of it, which I am grateful for. How about all of you? Did you get the spring bug? (No, not the good one that makes you want to clean, but the nasty cold one!)


the farlanderz said...

yeah! the blakeney's back in town -

Anonymous said...

excited for you to move back here! love lyla's flower :) super cute!

JO said...

community kitchen? what? how cool that you get a free meal! I am excited you are moving back and that we will be neighbors!

Ashley said...

I am countin down with ya!! Exciting!!!
PS Your head bows/ flowers just keep getting bigger and bigger!! Your too funny!

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

I went to one of those down in Lethbridge (AB) ... it was fun... and the totally free part was great too. This one was in a church as well... We (LDS) should jump on that train too.

Here in GP we have a Parent Link Centre that has programs for Moms & kids (free as well)... good chance to get out of the house & meet people... I plan on taking full advantage of their services in about a month or so (YAY!)

Good luck with your move back to the city. I'll try to keep in touch more. I know I always say that.. but I do wonder how you guys are doing & love to keep up with your blog, etc.

p.s. Totally had the cold, have it again (in conjunction with an ear infection & the bladder one too ... yippee!!!

Donny and Karlee said...

I can't belive it's another year down! Seems like just before you get ready to move somewhere all of these fun things start popping up! The community kitchen things sounds pretty cool! Don't go joining their church or anything though!! :) Sweet picture of you and your sis! I love that!

Let the party begin... said...

The community kitchen sounds like fun...I wish we had something like that. glad to hear that Lyla is doing well and an early welcome back to the city.

The Abarca's said...

fun...good luck with the move. Again another great pick of Lyla.

Mabyn said...

I can't wait till we're back in NS and we can hang out...I hope there's a community kitchen type thing in the area cause that sounds like a lot of fun actually. I totally understand the whole not meeting people until right before you leave thing seems like that always happens to us right before we move to a new place, which is annoying.

p.s. I love Lyla's flower headbands!

Nathan & Caverly Smith said...

Hey Boss Lady!
I was told by Gina Connell over here at Extreme to tell you to check your Extreme emails. She's sending something on over about "Kids &C Co.".

It was awesome to see you guys today! Thanks for stopping by!