Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A quick update

Things going on in our lives:

- we're moving to 150 Harlington on June 1st. Excited about being back in the city
- we bought a leather couch and loveseat. dark brown. will be deilvered the day we move in
- i go back to work first week of june.
- recently taught lyla to wave bye. now added to her repretoire of clapping her hands and saying yay, shaking her head no, saying dada, and holding out her fingers when we say "kiss your finger". she also crawls, sits from lying down, and walks along the furniture. oh, and she has 6 teeth, loves to feed herself. makes funny faces (as per picture below) and then laughs at herself.
- i just turned 25, had a nice bday party with Josh's school mates. way fun.
- lyla will be 9 months soon enough. where has the time gone?
- went to see the easter bunny here in greenwood. he was creepy, but lyla didn't cry!
- josh bought a new lense for the camera. don't know what it's called, but aparently it's good for portrait shots. i wouldn't know either way.
Ok, so when i started this list i was sure there was more going on. Maybe there is, but Lyla is being fussy, so i can't think. Whats going on in your lives?


Just Rhonda said...

cute picture. is the lens the 50 mm 2.8??

The Bing's said...

I am sooooo excited that we're going to be neighbors!!!! Can't wait for you guys to be back in the city!! Hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

So exciting that you're moving back...excited to see your new couch set. Hope you had a great birthday!!

Let the party begin... said...

Happy belated birthday and that is such a funny picture of Lyla. Congrats on moving back to the city and I hope we'll get a peek at that sweet-sounding sofa set!

Chantelle and Oscar Abarca said...

love the picture...Happy Belated birthday. Congrats on the big move.

Travis and Beckey said...

Happy late Birthday! I'm excited for you to move back!!!

melese said...

Cute picture of Lyla! I can't wait to be neighbors!! Happy B-day to you!! Let's for sure get pic's of the kids on Easter. Great idea!

Sharee and Court said...

I love her hair! It is so funny! It looks like a picture of Brady that I just posted

Sharee and Court said...

Her facial expressions i mean. :)

Ariel said...

Happy belated birthday!!
Im slightly jealous of you moving back to the city, I wish I was..any city! lol

Rob said...

What lens did ol' josh get? was it the ak 144-90th with 3ft-6 capability?

hahaha, just kidding. I made that lens up. but anyway, hope you guys are well. cute pics of lyla. does she let josh borrow the earings?

Dudley said...

Sorry we missed your b-day but heard you were at your mum's.
Cute picture, will be very nice to meet here. I liked the one where you were looking for the babysitter.
Talk to you later and hope your all good.