Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And my kid is 15 months old.

She can:

say lots of words (mum, dada, what's that, tickle, ball, baba, hi, bye)
go up stairs, and about half way down
answer yes and no questions by shaking her head
brush her teeth (tho i get to them before i let her have at it)
feed herself with a fork, but prefers her fingers
help put her shoes on
help mum get her dressed
crawl out of the tub
get out of bed in the morning to find mum and dad getting ready for work

she loves:
to sleep
mum and dad
playing games
eating ice cream
bath time

she dislikes:
car rides
being told no
being ignored


Anonymous said...

Go Lyla!

Nelson Family said...

she's got a good jump too! She definately an energetic little girl, no wonder she needs so much sleep!! I love how she shrugs her shoulder and says "what's that?".

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

Where does the time go? Can't wait to meet her. Any idea of when would be a good time to meet up?

Sharee and Court said...

Yay! I am so glad you updated! But, um hello? Where are the pics? Haha JK. Miss you!!!!!!!!!

Just Rhonda said...

aw sweet Lyla!!!!!

Ariel said...

are you sure she's 15 months? I thought she was just 2 weeks older than Becca, and unless I lost a month somewhere, she's only almost 14 months:)

Anonymous said...

this post makes me so sad that i am missing all of this. i hope she remembers me when i get back. and that she will perform all her cool new tricks for aunty like a well trained monkey. :)
love you bug.
and you too julia.
and ok, josh, you're not so bad either.

Richards Family said...

She is too cute! Wow time goes too too fast. We miss you guys tons and if your ever in Kansas your always welcome!