Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Work and Play

So, we (Extreme Group) just got back from White Point. Translation: one major stress in my day to day work is over! Yay.

I am hoping to get some pictures soon.
It was awesome. Our meeting was wicked. My massage was awesome. The party that night was stellar. The cold I took with me couldn't keep me from staying up way past my bedtime. Gosh. I love my job, and my bosses and my co workers. Ice Awards are next, bring it on.

PS. No one understands me at this point, except Kristi, Lynds and Cav. But that's cool. 


Visible Voice said...

Love the whitepoint days! I was the dork feeding the bunnies the whole time and giving away my free beer.

Ice Awards.......makes me sick to my stomach thinking about that...Ha ha have FUN!