Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally, some pictures

I love getting email, and I love when it's from a friend who recently got married. This means pictures! I am sure most of you reading this know Sharee (Sister Martin) who served in the Halifax Mission. She and Aubrey Fullmer were the ones that taught me. Well she got married in December, and she just (finally!) sent me some pictures. I wanted to show a few of them off to you all. Wasn't she so pretty. They looked like they belonged on the top of a wedding cake they were so perfect. She said it was an awesome day. If it was anything like mine, it must have been perfect. I wish I could have gone, but lets be serious, do you think I had the money for that? Nope!

BUT...I am so excited because I am going to get to visit Aubrey and Sharee in September. I have never been to Salt Lake City, and it's like one of my dreams! I know all you "moes" think it's no big deal, but it's a huge deal to me, and I cannot wait.

Also, Aubrey works for an airline down there, and she gets to travel all kinds of places. I am hoping she is going to get a chance to come visit me soon. I have missed them both since they've gone home from their missions. They both were back for visits with their families, and they both came up for my wedding, but that just doesn't seem like enough. I suppose it is my turn to go visit them tho. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can go in September, no problems.
So, now I am just rambling, and I am sure you are all getting bored, so I'll end it here. Thanks for reading, and commenting. Blogging is like the highlight of my day!


Karen O'Hearon said...

Oh my goodness she looked so beautiful- definitely a cake topper couple!! Her dress is super pretty that's quite the train she has on it- if she sends you more pictures I'd love to see more. I'm such a wedding picture junkie, I love looking at everyone's wedding pictures. I love reading your blog it is always too funny and too cute- keep up the great job!!!!