Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hey folks, so here's the story (you're going to laugh by the way). I think my sister and I are going to sign up for a marathon. Whats more fun is that we run it in Athens, Greece.

I am so excited at the idea of this. Its for Joints in Motion (for arthritis) and it's a super cause. I personally don't know anyone who is suffering from this horrible problem, but I know the money raised will go towards finding better treatments and possible cures. I am so excited at the prospect of doing this, especially with my sister. The only downfall, and it's a big one, is that I have to raise $6100 in order to be able to run. It's a huge task, and hopefully both my sister and I can do it. So, we haven't signed up yet, but if anyone knows of fundraising ideas, would like to donate, or knows someone super wealthy who would be willing to help my sister and I out, it would be much appreciated. When I find out more about this (if we decide to do it) I'll post updates on it. Training begins in May, and the event is in November. Can we do it?


Nicole Pestill said...

Oh darling dearest...OF COURSE we can do it!!!

chantelle brade said...

hahahaha, I can see it now. Go Julia Go. Good Luck!!