Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the highlight of my day!

Ok, so it's valentine's day, and I am going to write you about the highlight of this lovers day. I got to change the slushie machine. Ta-da...the most exciting part of my day! And to make it better, I mixed some flavors together, creating a lovely combination of cherry and banana. It's actually, I wont lie, the worst tasting stuff ever. Cherry is the only flavor I like, and we ran out, so I had to put them both together. I was not happy about that. Also, because of this flavorful change, I had to make a sign, so people would know what they were getting themselves into when pouring a nice cold glass of sugar.

Talent beyond compare I know. Could you guess that I work at an advertising agency, ripping of other companies illustrations?

In other news, it's 12:30 and so far 4 deliveries of flowers, none to me of course. Don't get me wrong, Josh is super, but cut flowers are not his strong point. Kissing however, is! Haha, I am sure you all wanted to know that. Hopefully, if the weather holds out, Josh and I, along with Chad and Ashley, are going to the movies. That is all we can afford right now, seeing as a new car is in our near future. Another thing in my near future: delivering the mail. I got to get to that. Ciao


Josh Blakeney said...

well what can i say , yes it is true i did not send Julia flowers at work today, and yes it is true that i am a cassanova whenit comes to kissing. but the whole flowers thing it is not that i did not try , it was that they are to expensive to send and since we are trying to save money and JULIA put a price cap on valentines i decided no flowers would be a good idea.

chantelle brade said...

Just think there is always next year and the year after that. Maybe the flowers will show up when you least expect it. Enjoy the movies.

Karen O'Hearon said...

Hey I hope that you guys got to make it to the movies last night...what did you end up seeing? I think I would totally take a car over flowers even on Valentines day...i hate the bus...hahha! Brandon talks about getting rid of his car but I always fight back telling him it's not going to happen!
Happy Valentines day!!!

Drennans said...

I'm just trying to figure out the best way to display a cackle at the fact that you have to do the slushies and NOW have to do the mixing! Hee hee hee!