Thursday, March 15, 2007

From congrats to peanut sauce...

Firstly, I have to send out a HUGE congrats to Karen and Brandon. If people don’t know why they deserve this, head on over to Karen’s blog and check out the good news. Or, keep reading, and I am sure you’ll get what I am talking about. Karen, I have some words of advice for you, not that I am a super hero wedding planner, but honestly, have fun. Whatever you are doing for planning, or when you are organizing something or whatever, just have fun. I found myself getting stressed out a lot (it didn’t help that Josh was in Texas at the time) but there isn’t a need for that. You are only engaged once and so make it worth your while. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from people who offer. When you feel yourself getting frazzled, remember the feelings you had when you got engaged. And if that doesn’t work…counting to 10 is supposed to. Again, Karen, if you need any help at all, call me and I’ll be there.
Hmmm what else happened this week? Josh and I went to the valley for an overnight retreat. It was nice, I wish we would have gotten there a little earlier than we did (9pm) but it was still nice. We stayed at the Tulip Tree. It was so cute there, and the breakfast was amazing, with fresh fruit, pancakes, warm scones and cereal. We went to church in Annapolis and I have to say, I am glad we belong to the Halifax ward. It was quite small there, and I just like having a big group of women in Relief Society, so it wasn’t quite for me. We didn’t do too much else this week. Josh has had quite a bit of homework lately, so I’ve just been watching movies at night and going to bed while he does that. We did have a nice supper on Tuesday with leftovers on Wednesday and Thursday. I love this recipe of Jewel’s (Josh’s mum). If anyone likes curry, I would recommend it. I don’t have it right here, but if you ask me for it, I’ll post it, or send it to you. On Monday I went for lunch with Pam and Lisa, wait that may have been last week, but it was fun whenever it was. I miss working with them at Stats, but I don’t miss the actual work.
I am very excited for tonight; GREY’S ANATOMY is finally a new one. I hate that it is on so late (yes, 9pm is late for me), but there is no way I’ll just tape it and watch it later. I think I am going over to Adele and Jessica’s to watch it. If anyone likes a little spoiler, you should go to and watch the preview. Oh, and Jess is having a Murder Mystery party that’s coming up soon so I am excited for that too. Hopefully Josh will be able to come (poor guy has to work…one shift a week!!!).
I am going to lunch today with the admin team, as David (my boss) is leaving us tomorrow. I think we are going to the Argyle so I looked up their menu and everything looks so good I don’t know what I am going to get. I really like things with peanut sauce (I think I love peanuts and stuff so much because I could never have it when I was younger because my sister is allergic), so I may go for the peanut chicken thing.
I keep thinking that today is Friday, so the weekend seems so far off when I realize it’s only Thursday. Anyone have any ideas on what to do to make the time go by faster? I already look up Perez Hilton and his gossip like 3 times a day, thanks to Ashley. Oh, and I email people like crazy, and I wont lie, I do check Facebook sometimes too. But does anyone have suggestions? It needs to be something that can be easily interrupted so I can work as well (maybe!).
I got an email from Dustin who is in Korea serving his mission. He is having an awesome time. But I was looking at his pictures (below) and some of the food he eats… I am not so sure about… he’s a bigger man than I for finishing his plate.He sent me a video of him fooling around and if I knew how to post a video I would. I’ll see if Josh can teach me. But I mean look at this stuff... I just am not into fish.
But, that is all I got. Hope you all are having a good day. Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend!


The Nelson Family said...

I love reading your blogs.....they are always so fun and entertaining. If I knew how to pass time I would surely tell you....if you get any great ideas please let me know....the next 10 weeks can't go fast enough. Grey's was AWESOME tonight....full of lots of craziness!!! They need that show on atleast twice a week...have a good one.....

Karen O'Hearon said...

I have two hands raised for the weekend...even though I have so much work to do this weekend. i'm going to try to get a new post up hopefully be prepared for some reading.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the sweet things you wrote on your blog...I'm really going to try to enjoy myself during this whole engagement...we'll see how long I can handle that...hahah.

I really canm't wait to be finished school so that we can hangout...i was so bummed that I had to go back at study when you called the other night...soon enough I will be free and we are going to hangout!!

Hope you have a good lunch at the Argyle...we had our christmas party there for roots and it was pretty yummy!!

You are the sweetest person ever julia!!! Love ya!!!

Ashley said...

Hey, I am posting a comment, but it isn't on the last posting...I really like the picture you added. I think it is so cute!