Friday, March 9, 2007

My entry turned into a rant!

Hey dudes! How is everyone doing today? I am doing fine, mainly because it’s Friday, but also because I love my hubby. He is just the cutest. This week he picked me up from work a few times (gosh I love having a car), and one of those days he bought me flowers. It was a total surprise, as most of you know from my v-day post, seeing as Josh doesn’t really like buying flowers. He bought me the same flowers that he did when he proposed to me. It was very nice of him, and it made my day.
Also, I am excited because my birthday is coming up and guess what that means…no, it doesn’t mean I inherit some awesome amount of money. But it does mean that I have a good reason to ask for a gift! Generally I ask for no reason at all, but it doesn’t quite work out! See, I really, really, want a digital camera so I can take pictures so I can have some fun ones for my blog (like Karen does). Josh has one, but something it up with it because I can’t get it to work very well. Plus, I want my own. Then I’ll be able to tote it everywhere with me and be all like cool, snapping pictures all over town. People will be like “oh, here comes Julia with her flippin’ camera!” It’s gonna be awesome, well, if I get one. Fingers crossed (dad…).
In other news…there isn’t too much news. I can direct you all to Kristi Drennan’s website though, she always has “fun” stuff going on! Wink wink! Oh and always check out Karen’s blog, she is such a little…blogger. Josh also has a school blog going on; its part of his mark, so he has to post new stuff all the time. You could always visit there, and leave a comment, just to make him feel special.
Um, what else…I am going away this Saturday night with Josh and his family. It isn’t anything special like I had originally planned though. But I guess it will be ok, since Josh will be there. We are going to the valley, because Josh and Barry have some stake business to take car of. Sunday evening I have been asked to speak (only for like 5 minutes) for the YSA Fireside. I am sure it will be a good time, I miss my young single friends.
Now, lets talk about Facebook for a second. It’s more of a rant actually. Now, here is my concern with this little “lets find our friends” website. Ok, people go on about how they have like a ka-ba-zillion friends blah blah blah, but seriously, can you call them your friends? Do you even know half of them? Probably not. Probably some of the people on your list are just there because your boyfriends best friends sister introduced you to someone one time in grade 3, and now you are all like “oh, I know them”. Well I got news….no you don’t. You probably didn’t even remember their name until some explained who they were. Attention all Facebook whores: these people are not your friends. Another thing, and this is more of a “Julia is totally computer retarded”, but I have no clue how people can be on Facebook all day. There really isn’t that much to do there, or is there? I will check it from time to time during the day, but I don’t spend hours, I don’t think, on updating and adding and stuff. Although, I will admit that yesterday I learned how to tag photos, so that did take a good ½ hour. I don’t know, I just think I am blind to the idea that I am in fact going to become a Facebook addict as well.
Oh, and one more thing about this: STOP sending me updates about Facebook to my email. There is nothing worse than opening my hotmail and seeing that I have 22 new emails…all from there. And you only really need one to click on the link and then you’re all good to facebook it up. So then I have to go back and delete all of these msgs that are not necessary “so and so wrote on your wall, and he or she tagged this”. Yea, see, the thing is, Mr. Facebook, that I will see all this the next time I find five minutes to log on and check. Please stop harassing me!
Ok, I am done. Now I have work to do…no, for real, I do.

P.S Fedex and I do not get along!


chantelle brade said...

Your so funny. I am glad to have you as a FRIEND.

Just Rhonda said...

Hahaha. I've never been on facebook, but it sounds like I might need to. :) I need some more FRIENDS.
And happy upcoming birthday!

Anonymous said...

everytime someone does something to affect your facebook, it sends you an email to let you know. you dont even have to open them. just delete all of them and go on with your merry life. i dont even look at them anymore. but it happens to everyone...all that tagging you did, sent an email to all the people you tagged everytime you tagged them. same when you comment on pictures. its the joy of knowing whats happening...aaaalso, just so you know, i actually do know, very well, every single person on my facebook!! i dont see the need to have people on there i dont know. i dont care what they do with their lives, and im sure they dont care about mine.