Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mon Week Madames et Monsieurs

Hey dudes and dudettes. I don’t have too much to write about this week (tho I always say that and then end up leaving a rant about something!). It’s only middle of the week and I am ready for the weekend. I don’t know why, but this time change this hasn’t settled with me too well. Since it happened, I have been a space cadet. And I haven’t been sleeping through the night either, I feel like I should be a small child. I have had nightmares, and one night a woke up after Josh yelled because I clawed his face in my sleep (I think I was dreaming about something, cause I remember waking up and thinking it was ok that I was hurting him!) Lets see now, what has happened since I last posted…I’ll give you a rundown of my week.
Friday: David Hunt, one of the coolest guys here at Extreme Group, left. We had a little party for him, with an ice cream cake! The pictures below are from that. David is the one drinking the beer out of one of our awards (the two other guys are both execs here) And, the other picture is just some of the cool people I work with. That evening, Josh and I went out for dinner with Ashley and Chad. We went to Jungle Jims. It was the second time we had been there, and Josh decided that he didn’t like their food. I got the quesadillas, and I forgot to ask for no peppers in it, so I didn’t eat too much of it. Their fries were good though, and Chad got the “kitchen sink” and shared his mozza sticks, which of course were most sweet and desirable to the taste (as Josh likes to say).
Saturday: Was nice. As far as I remember, it was so long ago now, I slept in while Josh went to work (it was a nice reverse in role) and then Dad took my sister and I out for brunch. We went to Kempster’s. Tragically, it wasn’t that good at all and for fun, Dad spilt my chocolate milk all over me! Then we went to check out the million dollar home for the QEII lottery home. It was very pretty, for a show home. Not very practical though. Dad said if he won it, he’d keep it for a year and then sell it. It’s at the back of this dirtish road, in the middle of nowhere really. I have come to find I am a “mid-city” kinda gal. I don’t want to live right downtown (plus I cant afford it) and living outside the city is too much of a drive for me on the bus. We do have a car now, but I still take the bus to work in the morning. I don’t like having to think that early in the morning so driving just wont work!
Sunday: We went to church and had our first nursery experience. It was, well…interesting. Actually I didn’t really like it at all. It was the most unorganized thing I have ever done. The kids were cute, but I didn’t know what was going on as far as the lesson and stuff. Josh and I weren’t even told to go to the nursery until the last hour of it…no one had mentioned that we wouldn’t be receiving any direction. We don’t have any manuals and so I hope they don’t expect us to teach a lesson on Sunday! We went to my parents for supper, which was nice. Free food and cribbage with daddy-o.
Monday: Oh back to work. Nothing exciting happened during the day (not that I remember, I’m a space cadet so I don’t really know anything). Bobby Peters came home that evening. I didn’t really know him, but Josh and him are friends, so he was excited about that. I got to see Erin and Jason’s baby, and she’s is growing into a real little person! She was very good, even late at night.
Tuesday: I got to sleep in for a little while longer than normal. Josh drove me to work and picked me up, yay no bus! We had some supper and quality Josh and Julia time. Movie and food. Wednesday: Well that was yesterday, so I think I can remember that! Work was, again, uneventful, which I don’t mind at all! We went to a movie in the evening. Actually, Josh and Chad went to see “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” (I had free tickets from work), and Ashley and I saw “Because I Said So”. Ashley had free admissions to that as well, so it was a free movie night all around. I think Ash and I got the better end of that though, I hardly wanted to see a war movie. Mandy Moore’s movie was good though. I just love chick flicks. Josh refuses to see them in theatre, thinking its not worth the money! I was glad that Ash wanted to see that movie or I would have had to go alone.
And that my friends, is the recap for the week. Stay tuned for next weeks update. Full of fun and adventure I am sure. Ciao.


Karen O'Hearon said...

I love your weekly updates and I love that you remind me when it's been awhile between posts...I've been meaning to alll week and just haven't found the I am roght now...especiall for you!! so check it out!!

Ashley said...

Hey, so I was telling Chad about the movie last night, the part with the dog and the foot stool thing. How did they actually get the Dog to do that? Good times...

Anonymous said...

Hey there...I was just reading your blog, good job on the updates:), and found out some very interesting info about play crib...I am so excited because I love crib! Does Josh play? We'll have to have you guys over for some crib playing. However we do live in the middle of nowhere, even further than teh dream home, so brace yourself for a drive...haha...take care.

Drennans said...

You're doing good with the blog! Man it was weird to see pictures of people at work and me not in them...sniff! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I play crib too... too bad I'm not around to play with you some time. I miss you!