Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Softball anyone?

I feel bad, cause I know I am not updating as frequently as I should, but I have been forgetting to take my camera places, to capture the Kodak moments, and posts just aren’t as fun without pictures, so blah!
I did remember to bring my camera out when Josh and I played softball with some friends, which was lots of fun. So here are some pictures of that. You’ll notice that a lot of the pictures are of kiddies, mainly cause there were so many of them. We had the 2 Young girls, the 2 Calder girls, the Allred baby and puppy, and the 2 White kids. It was crazy. They are all so cute, I couldn’t help but take their pictures.

Overexposed Kristen (one of my fav. girls in nursery)

Kristen and her daddy, Kevin

Big sister Monica (Kristen’s sister)

Gracie’s all smiles (Chloe slept almost the whole time we were out)

Madison lovin’ the slide (still wearing her helmet from bike riding)

Teeg right before mummy, Kim, gets him with the bug spray

Lookin’ a little lost

Tate and mummy, Karlee

Clearly it wasn’t a parents night out…we basically owned the park with the strollers, kids, snacks, bikes etc. And Dayzee May was too cute, putting up with all the curious kiddies.

Josh and Gracie (he’s totally ready for daddy-dom right?)

So after some funness on the playground, we got into our game. It was a good time, followed by some sore arms I am sure. I know that I am feeling it in my back today. P.S there are people on the field, not ants, sorry it looks that way.That’s all I got. This week holds some of Josh’s b-day festivities, so I will be sure to get some pictures of that. Thanks for stoppin’ by.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fun time! I'm just waiting for that baby announcement...near future perhaps?? looking forward to Saturday...see ya then

Drennans said...

ohh I miss the kiddies!! Sounds like a good time!

Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

It's fun seeing the kids on the blog that we normally don't see on a blog...make sense? Great post!

chantelle brade said...

oh to be a kid again...so much fun.