Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tired little teddy bear

I am so lazy, I don’t even want to do a post. Yawn! I think it’s from all the sun I got on the weekend. It was awesome! See, Josh and Chad had to go to this youth camp so Ashley and I had a sleepover. We hung out on Friday night, going out for supper at Your Father’s Moustache and then going to see No Reservations (Catherine Zeta Jones, Aaron Ekhart). The supper was tasty and the movie was super. But hello, I wish someone would have told me I needed to bring the Kleenex. I cried a few times throughout the film, and I had nothing to stop my tears!
After the movie we came home and dyed our hairs! Ashley stuck with ol’ faithful and I went a little darker than normal. It took some getting used to, but now I like it. I wish I would have taken some pictures, but we were too caught up with fumes!
We finally made it to bed around… well I don’t know what time it was, but I was super tired. We got up around 9 the next morning and decided to go to the beach cause it was so nice out. We tried calling a few girls to come out to play, but no one was available so it was just Ash and I. We stayed for 2 hoursish and decided that was enough heat for one day. Looking back now, I am glad that’s all we stayed for, cause I got home to find out I got burnt (even tho I was wearing sunscreen). To cool myself off, I decided to go to my parents place and take a dip in the pool. Josh came out later in the evening to join me, he was all sweaty from the youth activities that took place in an un air conditioned building (and they were wearing their suit and ties!). We went home that evening and zonked out quite early (we’re like old married people). We had been so tired, that we slept until like 9:30 and realized we were going to be late for church, which I hate. No, I don’t hate church, I hate being late for church. So we did the whole church thing (oh nursery, how I loathe thee. Actually, this week wasn’t that bad at all, ‘cept for the ants) and came home for a Sunday afternoon rest. Sunday evening we went to my parents again for some pool time and had a nice supper with what my mum feels was the best corn on the cob ever. We made it home early (in time for another show that Josh is in to, Big Brother) and then went to bed. Tres excitant, je sais!
So that was that. Nothing to big happened, but I was just so happy to get to the beach. I can’t believe tomorrow is August 1st!!! I feel like life is just flying by.
I can’t just post and not leave a picture (Melissa….you are the worst for this!) so here is one of Morgan enjoying some good ol’ baby food. She looks so thrilled eh?I am so glad that Rob works in the evening and Kelly and I can hang out.
Hope you all have a great week and if something fun pops up, I’ll post again. Ciao


Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

You need to post a pic of your new hair color! I also hate being late for church, if we are late we stay out in the foyer!

chantelle brade said...

well you didn't call me...sniff sniff.
Actually i had to work, it sucks working on the weekend. and then i have a week day off and noone to go with me...becasue they are working.
Its a crazy cycle.heheheheheheeh

...Donny & Karlee... said...

what beach did you go to? We had ants in the primary room as well! What's up with that? I'm getting over my sunburn finally! It was a bad one.

Ashley said...

I too hate being late for Church, that morning Chad and I slept in till 9:30 as well. We got there just in time! I'm glad we dyed our hair, my grey's were starting to show! I dont want to get old!

Drennans said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to the beach. Mind you I don't really like wearing a bathing suit...especially now so I don't know how much I'd go. But STILL. I also wish I was around to take advantage of your parents pool! That picture of Morgan is so cute!