Friday, September 7, 2007

Extreme took over the Hill- Pictures

Hey, ok, here are the pictures from the 10 year party (I know Kristi will be the only one to know who these people are, but still, some good pictures). The only think the photographer forgot to get the gun and cannon firing, but I think it’s just ‘cause his flash wasn’t strong enough to get it out in the dark. I was a tad upset, but it is in my mind, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was cool.
So ok, to start, this was our greeting party. They do not smile…we tried!!!Enlisting (signing the guestbook).
Food! The first 3 shots look like the photographer was trying to get some stock photographs in for his own collection… The 10 year talk by Paul, accompaniment by Andrew and Shawn. Happy boys! Happy crowd. SQUID! “Happy” crowd. The Extremists…last ones standing.
So yea, good time had by all. I only saw about 1/2 the people into work the next day (people were l-o-a-d-e-d). Guess there are major benefits to having a mormon girl as your receptionist!!!


chantelle brade said...

looks like there was lots of fun and food...the makings of a great party.

Claudine said... the pic with you in it looks like one of those adds they got going for successful people!
Love the hair!
I'm totally glad you got to see SQUID! I love them too! You don't get to see those kinda acts out here in I really should move back!

JO said...

Looks like fun, Can you believe I am actually commenting on your blog? You probably thought it would never happen, right? So I have never heard of squid, I guess you will have to fill me in

Jake and Melese Sorensen said...

Julia, we need your email address so we can get those pics to you. Sorry it is taking so long, Jake AND MEL

Just Rhonda said...

i looooove that first picture. It is coooool.

Ashley said...

your hair looked hot! Love the color!
Squid is awesome..Sounds like fun...way to go Mormon Receptionist!