Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fun times

Hey guys,

I know, I am so bad at this posting thing. I always get mad when I check other people's blogs and there are no updates, but then I don't update mine. I am a hypocrite. Sarry.
So anyways, I think my excuse for not posting is because I have not been using my camera (no batteries...) but the other night Jo, Curt, Josh and I went out to supper and Jo brought her camera, so she is sharing her pics with me. So, here they are.
We decided to go to Brewdabakers for supper on Saturday night after Josh got off work, and after I got my hair cut with Ashley (good times Ashley, you're foxy). We partook in some voodoo sticks and I had a salad. Curt had the most expensive meal of the evening with a big ol' steak. Yummy...It was fun times to get out of the house, even if it was pouring rain. I love my new Utah friends, you too Melese and Jake (supper next time for sure k?) and am glad that they'll be here for a few years! Ciao for now.
PS. I leave for Utah in 3 days and I pee my pants a little when I think about it :)


Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

You are too funny (the "pee your pants" thing)!

Sounds like a good restaurant! Is it pretty good?

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see you!!! I love the new haircut... you are looking HOTTT like a tamale!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, you'll love it!! Have fun going to the SL temple!! It's so cool!! Shop lots, and I wish I could go too :(

chantelle brade said...

I would have like to have seen that one...hahahahaha.
Have fun in Utah. take lots of pics.

Ashley said...

so jealous you are going away!
Thanks for dragging me along to get our hair cut! Your's looks great you and your bangs! I really like me, i will definitly be going back to that girl! Looks like dinner was fun!

The Bing's said...

Hope you have an awesome trip to Utah...I'm so jealous your going to have so much fun...tell me all about it and everything you buy!!! Looks like you guys had a funtime at dinner...the hair is awesome, it makes me want to get a haircut so bad because I need it!!!! looking great as always!!

Just Rhonda said...

Are you going for conference??? That'd be fun!!! Take lots of pictures!