Thursday, September 20, 2007

So excited!

Um, I don't know if anyone else is as excited as I am, but yea, I leave for SLC in like...20 ish hours. I am just bouncing. I can't wait to take tons of pictures and do tons of shopping and stuff. I probably wont post while I am there, so check back on October 1st and see if I've come down from my vacation high long enough to get some pics up.

Side note: Happy Birthday Beckey. I hope your day is wicked good times and that you get to eat some cake. Actually, eat some for your baby too!!! Yum.
I'll leave you guys with a picture we took last night at the Sorensen's. Jake loves his Mac and Josh and I were models for the kooky camera. Oh, and my new adopted son Jace too :) He is precious. Jake and Melese are some lucky parents, oh, and Jace is one lucky kid. Thanks for the quick hang out last nite guys. Ciao


...Donny & Karlee... said...

So, You were in the neighborhood and didn't stop by???!!! hhhmmmmm

I just sent you a HUGE long list on Facebook so I hope you get it! You're going to have a great time. I am excited to hear what you have to say about it when you get back and what things you liked most!!
I like the Kooky picture! We took some of Tate and they were hilarious!

The Buxton's said...

Thanks for the b-day wish! I hope you have a ton of fun in Utah!

I love the pic! We have that on our computer and we have spent hours laughing at that thing! I think Josh looks like Harry Potter in the picture! LOL

chantelle brade said...

Thats an awesome picture...I thought the same thing that beckey thought, that Josh looked like harry potter.
Have fun in SLC, can't wait to read all about it.