Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer time lovin'

So it was such a busy week, and great weekend that I have lots to write about. Tragically, I don’t have all the time in the world so I’ll re-cap the highlights.
This Monday a big ol’ group of us decided to have family home evening. We went to Ocean’s 13 and then to Second Cup. We had Chad, Ashley, Jason, Meaghan, Katrina, Whitney, Dan, Josh and I. I am sure the people at the café weren’t to happy about us all in there, but whatever. We were good and put our seats back when we were done. I got a Skinny Chocolate, quelle suprise, and it was yummy as per usual. Clearly, since there are like 3 straws in the cup, there was some sharing going on, and they all loved it too.It was a nice time to just sit and relax and talk. The movie was good too. I loved the other two Oceans movies, and this one was just as good. I recommend it for sure. Plus, worse case, you have to look at Brad, George and Matt for a few hours, sigh!
The rest of the week is a blur to me, all I remember is it rained and I hated it. I don’t remember doing anything too much, but I could be wrong (my memory is disgusting I know!). Kristi is in town for a bit, and stopped by work on Friday afternoon. We went out for some lunch and stuff. It was good times. It was sunny out, which I hope can be my excuse for why the picture looks overexposed.Friday evening I was supposed to hang out with Amanda before she moves, but it didn’t work out, so Josh and I rented Click (Adam Sandler). It was ok, but not really my type of movie. We both fell asleep before it was over, confessions of the working-class heros I know.
Saturday was so rainy and gross I didn’t want to get out of bed. Thank goodness for fun times at Kristi’s baby shower. Ashley and I went together and we had a nice time. As always, I am in my element when I am mingling and baby stealing (it’s become somewhat of an art you know). Ashley is a baby stealer too, so we can't point fingers soley at me.After the shower was over (Tanya and Karlee, you did a great job planning, it went super well) Ash and I went to Old Navy for a bit and then I dropped her off and went home for an afternoon nap. I had to pick Josh up from work at 7:30 so I picked up some groceries before and then got him. We are in the midst of furniture shopping, so we stopped by a few places to look, but nothing jumped out. We, thank heavens, made it home for Flip This House, Josh’s favourite show, and then went to bed.
Sunday, as normal, we went to Church. We had a week off from nursery and I got to go to Relief Society. It was so nice to be with people that can speak and NOT fight over toys (tho maybe if we had toys in R.S that would be a different story). I got to be mummy to Morgan for the hour and it was so fun. She’s such a good girl. And Kristi had Hunter, so it was like baby city. Good times in the Maritimes there. Sunday evening we had our new friends, Whitney and Dan Rock, over for supper. Josh was, as always, a superhero with the bbq-ing. Then Ashley and Chad called and we went downtown for an evening stroll. We all forgot our cameras, so dreadfully I have to report that I have no pictures from that. To end the night, we had a few rounds of the Newlyweds Game. Josh and I won both times, thank you very much! We’re in love.
And today is Monday, and guess what?! It’s sunny! I am peeing my pants over the fact that it may be sunny all week. That would just be stellar eh? Either way, grateful for the sun today. Thanks for checking in, leave a comment and I’ll consider being friends with you forever. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps I could interest you in a slushie?
PS. Beckey Buxton is a doll. She bought me UNO cards (I’ve never played before), so just to let you all know, I am brushing up on my skills…Jealous? Thanks Beckey!


Ashley said...

I'll be you friend...and fellow baby stealer!
Yesh last night was a pretty fun time. And so was monday, we will have to do it again soon. Some other people showed interest so maybe we can make it a bigger group!
Have fun in the sun today/night.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great week!! Of course it's sunny in NS since I'm in Virginia...nice and hot though checking in at 33C. We should try and all get together for a girls night or something before Karen becomes MRS.BING

Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

I just hope you like the game, we love it. You'll have to play it with Brooklyn when you get the hang of it. She even heckles you if you are losing, she knows lots of strategies, it is fun to play with her and she is only 6!

Karen O'Hearon said...

I see the baby feaver is still going strong...maybe the next baby shower will be for you...just teasing. It looks and sounds like you've been busy but still having fun! I can't wait to have you guys over for dinner when we are neighbors...I'll learn how to cook before we invite you don't worry!! I'm so bummed I'm going to miss Katrina's b-day dinner...I love girls night...we need to have another one soon!

Anonymous said...

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