Friday, June 8, 2007


I am so glad that the internet finally agreed to let me upload some pictures. So here they are :)
How cute is this? Sarah and Georgia are both so precious. Sarah is such a little helper. When this picture was taken Jessica was at the table working on a project cause she was student of the day!

Me and baby. Karen caught me mid sentence. I was probably saying how cute "G" was. She was awake for some of the visit too, which excited me (as you can see in the picture below).
And then auntie "Ka-ka" got to hold the "new toy". Karen is going to be good with kids, wink wink. I think she and Brandon should get right on that, so I have another baby to borrow.
Now for some pictures of the MacLean Veinot girls. Morgan just loves Emma. When Emma talks Morgan gets all smiley (though it doesn't look like it in this picture, I am not lying).
So, I made Josh take pictures of me and baby #2. She's just so loveable and she was in a super good mood the whole time I was there.
Tee hee hee. Look at the hair...she's gonna have curls like her pops.
I am more into her than she is to sad.
Even Josh had a good time with her, tho he isn't suffering from this baby fever thing. Thank goodness really, one of us needs to remain level headed!
And more Emma. She's so funny. The stuff she was saying to Josh last night was hilarious. If you're ever talking to me, remind me to tell you. It's priceless, but I am lazy and don't want to write it all out. :)
What a joker! It's either a funny face, or jam on the face (she had it on her cheeks, but you really can't tell from this picture).
And some last ones of Morgan. Look at those blue eyes, just like her big sister.
Want to eat her right up eh?
The end. See, hard to resist.


The Nelson Family said...

I can't believe that I was slow on reading your blogs....when I checked earlier nothing and now I check and have 2 to read. Love the pictures from the visit!! It was a fun time!! I will post pictures of Georgia in her dress once I put her in it. We are working are way into real clothes this week and it's lots of fun to dress her up. It's a good thing I have some slef control at stores or else I would be broke by many cute girl things you can buy. It might have been less tempting to buy new clothes had she been a boy!! I'm off to cook supper.....anytime you need some more baby loving you can c'mon over......we'll break you down eventually and then be able to play with your baby!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Karen O'Hearon said...

That was so fun and so full of pictures!! You are awesome...and I think that you and josh should work on that baby thing not brandon and I...were not even married yet and you guys will be a year this fall...that puts you in the lead!! hahha then I can have another baby to steal!!!! You are too cute Loved the blog!

Drennans said...

Cute pictures! I love seeing the kid updates...I think you're really getting baby fever now!!! And can I just say how big Morgan is getting!! She looks so much like weird! Ha ha! I'm coming home on the 19th YAY so I can't wait to see all these babies!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil and I had only been married five months when I got pregnant so really I think that you and Josh are behind in the game...Phil wasn't too keen on being a dad right away but now he loves should tell Josh this...if Phil can get soppy about babies then I'm sure Josh can!