Friday, June 8, 2007

Baby fever, I need some medicine to get rid of it.

So you read the title right, I have baby fever. I felt it coming on for a bit now, but I tried to keep it under wraps, but now it’s full on…intense. I thought for sure that nursery would keep me grounded, but no. So I resorted to full on newborn baby visiting and infant babysitting. It was an experiment of sorts, to see just how much I could take before cracking. Tragically, the results were less than what I had hoped for. For fun I am going to make this post in sort of a “science experiment” way. Let’s see if I can remember the layout.

Title: Operation no baby
Objective: To increase awareness/stress of subject of having child/children around under her supervision.
To decrease the desire of subject to have a child of her own.
Materials: Babies, diapers, wipes, bottle, and siblings of the babies
Hypothesis: It was predicted that after spending “quality time” with babies, the subject (Julia Blakeney) will want to run far away from babies and have no appetite for a child of her own for years to come.
Procedure: The first part of this experiment was conducted at Kathy Nelson’s house, under the watchful of Kathy herself. The subject (moi) went with Karen to visit the new baby Georgia. We took turns holding her and also hung out with Kathy’s girls, Jessica and Sarah (coloring and hair detangling involved). Hours spent visiting: approx. 2.5.
The second part was conducted at Kelly Veinot’s house, sans parents, with the help of Josh. The subject (me again) went to babysit Morgan and Emma while Kelly was out and Rob was working. Baby needed to be fed, changed and cared for. Older child needed to be fed and put to bed. Hours spent visiting: approx. 3 hours.
Observations: In both situations the children we were behaved. They listened and were helpful and loving towards other children in the room. Subject did not feel stress or strain during experiment times. She also felt comfortable in the presence of diapers and poop.
Conclusion: Baby fever did not end. Subject actually had fun and felt a stronger urge for child then when the experiment commenced. She volunteered her efforts regarding childcare once again and will be returning to assist Kelly on Saturday. Experiment was a failure.

Seriously tho, am I not the biggest dork? So yea, I love babies. Let’s get it straight though, Josh and I will not be having kids any time soon. We just like them. End of story.
I'd like to post some pictures of this experiment, but the flippin' internet wont let me right now. I promise they are on the way. Thanks to the mums who let me hang out with their kids :)


Anonymous said...

You should have spent the night with Ethan when he would only sleep for like three hours at a time (up until like eight months!!)...that would have perhaps helped your experiment to be more favourable!! Of course now he sleeps a bit more and is super good!

Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

I always tell anyone with "baby fears" that it is so different when they are your own, you tolerate so much more than if it's someone else's child...I say go for it when you are both ready! It's great!

chantelle brade said...

Julias got baby fever....Julias got baby fever. (SONG)
You will be a great mom I know you will.
Your time will come...just you wait and see. hahahhahah

Karen O'Hearon said...

Oh my goodness you are the funniest person in the whole world!!! that was awesome!!! I'm always so glad when you post!!! Have a great weekend...hope the "baby feaver" cools down!!